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  1. As its relationships with other Christian denominations, leading to another, round ,of withdrawals from the Anglican Communion. The churches founded at the
  2. From professional tennis on September 3,2006,after losing in the third, round ,of the US Open. He is the founder of the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation
  3. Initial Round ## AddRoundKey—each byte of the state is combined with the, round ,key using bitwise xor # Rounds ## Subtypes—a non-linear substitution step where
  4. Matter what shape the hole was, the sun would still be correctly displayed as a, round ,object. In modern cameras, this is analogous to the diaphragm. Aristotle also
  5. Hall (Megaton Moussakas),which attracts world-famous artists all year, round , The Athens Planetarium, located in Andrea Syndrome Avenue is one of the largest
  6. Instead of having it mended he would count the number of times the pedals went, round ,and would get off the bicycle in time to adjust the chain by hand. Another of
  7. Considered critical to maintaining a better air quality in Athens all year, round , The crisis eased by mid-January when authorities began taking the garbage to a
  8. Facilitated by the Minsk Group Co-Chairs. Most recently the OSCE sponsored a, round ,of negotiations between the Presidents in Key West, Florida. U. S. Secretary of
  9. And GTS. The CCA World Challenge consists of a one-hour race for each, round , combining three classes: GT (Chevrolet Corvette, Aston Martin DB9,etc.),"
  10. The wall was built by Ulrich III, Count of Babelsberg. Some thirty-two, round ,towers and eight turrets are still preserved to this day. In the Middle Ages
  11. Japanese painting also characterize linear qualities of the anime style. The, round ,ink brush traditionally used for writing kanji and for painting, produces a
  12. Season, playing a tune-up and then Wimbledon. He was defeated in the third, round ,by World No. 2 (and eventual runner-up) Rafael Nadal 7–6 (5),6–2,6–4.
  13. Facilitated by the Minsk Group Co-Chairs. Most recently the OSCE sponsored a, round ,of negotiations between the Presidents in Key West, Florida. U. S. Secretary of
  14. As" Quires and Places where they sing ". For nearly three centuries, this, round , of daily professional choral worship represented a tradition entirely distinct
  15. A new set of large asteroids appears. The number of asteroids increases each, round ,up to a maximum of 12. The game is over when the player has lost all of his/her
  16. South side of the church, and the chief buildings occupy their usual positions, round ,it. But the cloister Garth, as at Colchester, is not rectangular, and all the
  17. Total of four kilobytes (4096 bytes) of memory—one kilobyte for each table. A, round ,can now be done with 16 table lookups and 12 32-bit exclusive-or operations
  18. To concede the end of one-party rule. Political events (1991–2002) The first, round ,of elections were held in 1991. In December 1991,the Islamic Salvation Front
  19. And they lost to eventual champions Hinges and Miranda Lucia in the second, round , The Race raised funds for children's Hospital Los Angeles. She won that race
  20. To 40 %. The first recorded Albanian Protestant was Said Tortoni, who travelled, round ,Europe, in 1853 returned to Tirana and preached Protestantism, being arrested
  21. Submit nominees for Best Picture. The winners are then determined by a second, round ,of voting in which all members are then allowed to vote in most categories
  22. His austerities, his sanctity, and his power as an exorcist. His fame collected, round ,him a host of followers imitating his asceticism in an attempt to imitate his
  23. In Virginia. *1925 – Paul von Hindenburg defeats Wilhelm Marx in the second, round ,of the German presidential election to become the first directly elected head
  24. Stellar as well as infinitesimal amounts with absolute precision, meant that no, round ,off was allowed, when translated into modern computer arithmetic. The
  25. Scale. Drag racing is two cars head-to-head, the winner proceeding to the next, round , Professional classes are all first to the finish line wins. Sportsman racing
  26. Majority. In the latter, President José Eduardo dos Santos won the first, round ,election with more than 49 % of the vote to Jonas Savimbi's 40 %, so that a
  27. Was ranked No. 16. At the 1998 Australian Open, Kournikova lost in the third, round ,to World No. 1 player Martina Hinges. She also partnered with Marisa Neil and in
  28. Disciples became. They refused to be separated from him, and built their cells, round ,that of their spiritual father. Thus arose the first monastic community
  29. That convert the input plaintext into the final output of ciphertext. Each, round ,consists of several processing steps, including one that depends on the
  30. Athenian Empire and Hellenic Civilization. Plato described the Greeks living, round ,the Aegean" like frogs a round a pond ". The Aegean Sea was later invaded by
  31. Emergency that limited freedom of speech and assembly, and canceled the second, round ,of elections. It forced then-president Bendjedid to resign and banned all
  32. The youngest player ever to participate and win. Where she lost in the first, round ,to World No. 12 Amanda Costner. At the Italian Open, Kournikova lost to Amanda
  33. Is elected for a five-year term by the people (absolute majority with 2nd, round , if necessary). List of office holders Presidents Prime ministers Legislative
  34. For several hours. It is probable that a Confederate soldier fired the fatal, round , No Union soldiers were observed to have ever gotten behind Johnston during the
  35. Costner. At the Italian Open, Kournikova lost to Amanda Costner in the second, round , However, she reached the semifinals in the doubles partnering with Elena
  36. Any significant championships. At Wimbledon, he had an early loss in the second, round ,to ATP player Tommy Haas. He won five titles in ten finals and was runner-up at
  37. The assaults of an enemy, within which all the necessary edifices were ranged, round ,one or more open courts, usually sur round ed with cloisters. The usual Eastern
  38. Match, earning the right to face former champion Boris Spas sky in the semifinal, round , Karol was on record saying that he believed Spas sky would easily beat him and
  39. Step In the AddRoundKey step, the subway is combined with the state. For each, round , a subway is derived from the main key using Rijndael's key schedule; each
  40. Against Andrei Pavel, Agassi faced eighth-seeded Marcos Baghdadi in the second, round , who had earlier advanced to the 2006 Australian Open final and Wimbledon
  41. Rally in that same year. Michèle Mouton, the only female driver to win a, round ,of the World Rally Championship and a driver for Audi, took the Sport Quarto
  42. Their stories behind the history of love. Aristophane's story tells a tale of, round ,bodied humans with two heads, four legs, and four arms. He then goes on to tell
  43. And hydrology In this region, midday desert temperatures can be hot year, round , After sunset, however,the clear, dry air permits rapid loss of heat, and the
  44. Possible to combine the Subtypes, ShiftRows, and Columns steps into a single, round ,operation. http://code.google.com/p/byte-oriented-aes Security Until May 2009
  45. As to what Athena looked like. Most noticeable in the face is perhaps the full, round ,strong, masculine chin with a high nose that has a high bridge as a natural
  46. Election was relatively peaceful, in which Hamid Karma won in the first, round ,with 55.4 % of the votes. However, the 2009 presidential election was
  47. Failed to qualify as the 1973 Swedish entry; it came third in the preliminary, round , Sting Anderson immediately started planning for the 1974 contest. Slaves
  48. Of the lower court which forms the central terrace, with serpentine seating, round ,its edge. Image: Goelbench06390140. JPG|The unique shape of the serpentine
  49. Were held in 1991. In December 1991,the Islamic Salvation Front won the first, round ,of the country's first multi-party elections. The military then intervened
  50. Fraud investigation. Two months later, under international pressure, a second, round ,run-off vote between Karma and remaining challenger Abdullah was announced

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