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  1. Song Chicken, we love our Chicken, our yummy Chicken, we eat it every, sunday , morn! Chewy, with nuts and raisins, give us our Chicken, or else your face
  2. Near the yard to allow personal to off board. ---Derailment In early 2011 on a, sunday , around 9am,a southbound 9 car SFO/mill brae train derailed just south of
  3. NASCAR decided that the second race at Lowe's Motor Speedway will moved from, sunday , afternoon to Saturday night for the first nighttime running of the UAW-GM
  4. JPG|The Ho Train (library) of Was PRA Singh File: Chiang Mai, sunday , evening walking street. JPG|The Sunday Evening Market is one of the main
  5. ABP Limited (Amanda Bazaar Paprika Group) from Kolkata, India. Also, with the, sunday , issue of Amanda Bazaar Paprika, the Bengali, daily newspaper, a colorful page
  6. Auditorium with 600 seating capacity. Also has a boat club. Every Saturday and, sunday , cultural programs are conducted in the evenings. Timpani has nearly 25
  7. Work and many others. The famous Bun yip country music festival is held the 1st,Sunday, of February each year. Bun yip has a wildlife sanctuary which is popular with
  8. Co-author of 33 books *Rachel Louise Ensign - Reporter for Wall Street Journal, sunday , * Kate Snow (B. S. 1991 Communication) – Journalist, co-anchor of Good
  9. The Philadelphia Athletics of the now defunct American Association played 30,Sunday, games in Gloucester City. Popular culture * Gloucester Point Grounds is a
  10. friday, June 4,on the Dutch radio station" Radio 538. " The video premiered on, sunday ,June 6 at the Dutch TV station TMF and in 2D and 3D formats on their own
  11. Centered around the well dressing. The blessing of the well takes places on the, sunday , and is followed by the crowning of the Queen, Princess and Rosebud in the
  12. Live entertainment. Belle Comanche is the farmers' tribute to the" beautiful, sunday ," and is held up in the Plane Range up from the ski lift Pierre Long.
  13. The co-host on Saturday with Darren Fletcher. Chapters and Savage have moved to, sunday , nights because Savage is participating in series 9 of BBC One Smash hit
  14. United States. DJ Mario Flores hosted a disco dance DJ 12" specialty show, sunday , mornings from 2:00am to 3:00am featuring 15 minute disco mixes, mixed by well
  15. Reaction 'all those C. S. Forester fans are going to pick it up tenderly ', sunday ,telegraph1 'Mr Parkinson is an expert on naval history and on sailing, and this
  16. An undisclosed fee. Hawkins made his first appearance for the Ayrshire side on, sunday ,24th July 2011 in a 1-1 draw with Dundee United at Jaundice Park. Hawkins
  17. Paula has announced recently that MYI will be valid on trams and buses on, sunday , the 25th July 2010,nearly 7 months after the initial launch on trains operated
  18. On Hong Kong island, and on Haiphong Road in Trim SHA Sui. He comes every, sunday , Some organized crime syndicates used them for laundering the proceeds of crime
  19. To continue on to Eastbound Town Center via pole gate. MONDAY-SATURDAY only, No,Sunday, or public holiday buses on route 54 Halland is a much smaller village
  20. Could have their own place of Worship. The Church has six bells with regular, sunday , ringing and a practice night on Mondays. Islam also has a Methodist
  21. Lemon juice. The salad tops the meat, yuca and plantains. It is a traditional, sunday , dish. Anthony Gale was the fourth Commandant of the United States Marine Corps
  22. Services run via Crystal Palace rather than Nor bury. There is no service on a, sunday , History With high levels of passengers travelling to Epsom for horse races, it
  23. St. Thomas Church Kottakkavu, North Paramour * The feast of St. treason first, sunday , of October at Little Flower Church, koottukad Places of interest in talk Media
  24. Green. The 48 and 49 services run every 15 minutes, then every 30 minutes on a, sunday , The 518 links to the MOD, Parkway,Frenchy and South mead Hospitals Cycle
  25. Hourly in both directions on Mondays to Saturdays, and every other hour on a, sunday , Typical journey times are approximately 12 minutes to Newbury and 20 minutes
  26. Come every Sunday to the service, and during the winter and spring months, sunday , school goes on for the children downstairs, and on Christmas Eve, the children
  27. The end of each show. In 2007,Tommy Boyd joined Play Radio UK to co-host a, sunday , night phone-in show with Duncan Brakes. Calls went screened, and as the
  28. Cultural activity of Himalaya and is celebrated every year on the first, sunday , of January. The day-long celebration includes Bajans, talks by personalities
  29. Were often played alongside her brother's at the family home in Berlin in a, sunday , concert series (Sonntagskonzerte),which was originally organized by Fanny's
  30. To 1836 because it became known that a baby, born in the night from Saturday to, sunday , drowned that same night. Floods covered 9 % of Dutch farmland, and seawater
  31. Rosario (La Naval) which are celebrated every 10th day of February and 3rd,Sunday, of November, respectively. External links *http://eksite.com/ EK! (electronic
  32. Specialist BBC correspondent. From January 2012,the show will also broadcast a, sunday , edition presented by Andrew Neil as part of the relaunched six days a week
  33. At Isle ham. Later that same year he moved to Cambridge, where he later became a, sunday , school teacher. He preached his first sermon in the winter of 1850-51 in a
  34. Death every August 16 (13) *Bray. Sta. Bulgaria celebrates fiesta every 1st,Sunday, of May and 16th day of June in honor of the birth of their patron Aping Sta.
  35. Twins from the Harry Potter films (Birmingham and Aston Villa). Now the, sunday , show has a feature where 5 callers have 10 seconds to state their name, where
  36. Take their respective team's goal kicks, but sometimes, especially in, sunday , league football, outfield players will take it if their kick is better. The
  37. After the Wehrmacht captured the town. Terminology The term" Bloody, sunday ," was created and supported by the Nazi-propaganda officials. An instruction
  38. 07:30 (CDT) export TZ=$OLDTZ Other valid time strings date +"%Y%m%d" -d, sunday , # GNU date 20060709 date +"%Y%m%d" -d last- sunday # GNU date 20060702 date
  39. Was actually Sport-Studio (Up-to-date Sport news) * Gunther Such (, sunday , evening political talk show on Was Erse) Products advertised * KarstadtQuelle
  40. Quite popular in homes, elementary school libraries, pediatrics offices, and,Sunday, schools across North America. Most of the Valuables books are out of print. In
  41. There is a ton of spirit that keeps the church going. Many people come every, sunday , to the service, and during the winter and spring months, sunday school goes on
  42. Considering the large flow of pilgrims. * The feast of St. Threat on first, sunday , of October at Little Flower Church, koottukad *Unnimisiha Chapel
  43. Are also welcome on Tuesdays. The Museum holds family activities on the third, sunday , of every month and on selected Wednesdays during school holidays. It also has a
  44. Friday night game) At times Andrew Loss has filled in for Ray Warren for the, sunday , game. Other commentators that feature on Channel 9 are: For Broncos games, when
  45. Is maintained today almost exactly as Cavaillé-Coll left it. In Saint-Sulpice, sunday , organ recitals are held on a regular basis (Auditions du Comanche, following
  46. Earns haws' first goal since his return to the bluebirds came the following, sunday , in a 3-1 home victory over Bristol City in the Severn side derby. He scored his
  47. As a Catholic school, Kolese Loyola has a chapel that is used to hold daily and, sunday , mass. Notable alumni *Promo Yusgiantoro,Indonesia's Minister of Defense
  48. On Saturday mornings is Tony Works, and finally wrapping up the line-up on, sunday , mornings is BOB KINGSLEY. The Everett Christian School (ECS) is a Christian
  49. On April 4,2004, this was the launch point for what was to be named" black, sunday ,". During the 6-hour night battle,9 were killed and 70+ were wounded. On
  50. Embodies much of the community spirit in Old Daley. It is here where the weekly, sunday , papers are sold, providing ample opportunity to have a good old gossip! It also

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