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  1. Screenwriter (d. 2003) *1922 – Then V. Aldridge, Greek-American stage and, screen ,costume designer (d. 2011) * 1925 – James Kirkwood, Jr., American playwright
  2. Hyperspace, causing it to disappear and reappear in a random location on the, screen ,(with the risk of self-destructing or appearing on top of an asteroid). Each
  3. Style of classic Hollywood. This technique involved a disruptive depiction of, screen ,space through the use of numerous repeated camera setups, a disregard for the
  4. Direct access buttons – with shortcuts to the radio or phone functions. The, screen , either color or monochrome, is mounted on the upright dashboard, and on the
  5. Special effects expert, Richard Fleischer. The budget was also cut, and the, screen ,time allocated for the Japanese segment would now be no longer than 90
  6. Filmed by MGM in 1943 with a different director and stars. ) Huxley received, screen ,credit for Pride and Prejudice (1940) and was paid for his work on a number
  7. Of the convent area, contains a large schoolroom divided across the middle by a, screen ,or partition, and surrounded by fourteen little rooms, termed the dwellings of
  8. Cards,driver's license, business cards, and cash. Most also protected the LCD, screen , Market reception The original Apple Messaged and Messaged 100 were limited
  9. Organization describes itself as" a national institute providing leadership in, screen ,education and the recognition and celebration of excellence in the art of film
  10. Uses a vector display and a two-dimensional view that wraps around in both, screen ,axes. The player controls a spaceship in an asteroid field which is
  11. Of animating scratches on plaster. * Pin screen animation: makes use of a, screen ,filled with movable pins, which can be moved in or out by pressing an object
  12. Objects are placed under a camera and the magnified image is displayed onto a, screen , * Modified cassette recorder. To record a lecture, own thoughts, ideas,notes
  13. Quickens as the asteroid density is reduced by the player's fire. Once the, screen ,has been cleared of all asteroids and flying saucers, a new set of large
  14. That Mitchell is playing both Poirot and the captain simultaneously via split, screen , prompting Robert Webb to complain about the scene),and in the second, Poirot
  15. With movable pins, which can be moved in or out by pressing an object onto the, screen , The screen is lit from the side so that the pins cast shadows. The technique
  16. Score higher points. Periodically, a flying saucer appears on one side of the, screen ,and moves across to the other before disappearing again. The saucers are of two
  17. Player could" hide" at the opposite end of the screen and shoot across the, screen ,boundary, while remaining relatively safe. Another popular method of exploiting
  18. Is for the actors to stand in an irregular line from one side of the, screen ,to the other, with the actors at the end coming forward a little and standing
  19. S position on the screen , the player could" hide" at the opposite end of the, screen ,and shoot across the screen boundary, while remaining relatively safe. Another
  20. Each stage starts with a few asteroids drifting in random directions on the, screen , Objects wrap around screen edges — for instance, an asteroid that drifts off
  21. Years of speculation and multiple rumored" leaks" Apple announced a large, screen , tablet-like media device known as the iPad on January 27, 2010. The iPad runs
  22. London Blitz Murders' by Max Allan Collins. Christie has also been parodied on, screen , such as in the film Murder by Indecision, which featured the character "
  23. Pins, which can be moved in or out by pressing an object onto the screen . The, screen ,is lit from the side so that the pins cast shadows. The technique has been used
  24. Most famous of Christie's characters and has been portrayed numerous times on, screen , Her first appearance was in a short story published in The Sketch magazine in
  25. Roger Across. Film Austin Trevor debuted the role of Poirot on, screen ,in the 1931 British film Alibi. The film was based on the stage play. Trevor
  26. Western, while at the same time offering an unprecedentedly (for the Japanese, screen ,) graphic portrayal of violence. Some commentators have seen the Majuro
  27. An AOL employee, was convicted of stealing America Online's 92 million, screen ,names and selling them to known spammers. Company purchases Company sales AOL (
  28. Fascinated by Japanese films. He was amazed by how every character on the, screen ,is exceptional and how everyday events such as a Samurai cutting bread with his
  29. American martial artist * 1916 – Russell Garcia, American composer for, screen , stage and broadcast, resides in New Zealand * 1916 – Benjamin Tibet, American
  30. As to what the user was writing, and could interpret writing anywhere on the, screen , whether hand-printed, in cursive, or a mix of the two. By contrast, Palm Pilot
  31. And Dashboard apps such as Google Maps and Weather. The iPhone features a touch, screen ,display,4,8,or 16 GB of memory, Bluetooth,and Wi-Fi (both" b" and" g "
  32. 5 ", of which many disappointed fans were expecting a thinner profile, bigger, screen , and many new features. Apple TV At the 2007 Mac world conference, Jobs
  33. Former AOL employee convicted of stealing America Online's 92 million, screen ,names and selling it to known spammers) * Jean Villanueva (former Vice
  34. 1920 and 1975 and set in the same era. Poirot has been portrayed on radio, on, screen , for films and television, by various actors, including John Matt, Albert
  35. 300. Newton devices featuring Newton OS 2.1 or higher can be used with the, screen ,turned horizontally (" landscape" ) as well as vertically (" portrait" ). A
  36. RAM),and then asks the DVG to draw the corresponding vector image on the, screen , The DVG reads the commands and generates appropriate signals for the vector
  37. And 1968,he made more than 60 films, plus some 500 short black-and-white ", screen ,test" portraits of Factory visitors. One of his most famous films, Sleep
  38. Detailed action, stretching out to almost three-and-a-half hours of, screen ,time. Three months were spent in pre-production and a month in rehearsals.
  39. Is scanned and converted into electronic text, which can then be displayed on, screen ,as recognizable text. * Standalone reading aids integrate a scanner, optical
  40. Play by Kazoo Nikita and, together with Yamaguchi, adapted it for the, screen , The Quiet Duel starred Toshiba Minute as an idealistic young doctor struggling
  41. Printer, in which, when a scene ends, a line or bar appears to move across the, screen ,“ wiping” away the image while simultaneously revealing the first image of
  42. On mice remove the need to locate the scrolling interface on the computer, screen , More ambitiously, and quite crucially when keyboard or mouse prove unusable
  43. Of the most celebrated members of the Belgian police. " (though many of his, screen ,incarnations are portrayed as bald or balding),and green eyes that are
  44. Satellite navigation, heating and ventilation, and other car controls with a, screen , MMI was widely reported to be a considerable improvement on BMW's drive
  45. Few asteroids drifting in random directions on the screen . Objects wrap around, screen ,edges — for instance, an asteroid that drifts off the top edge of the screen
  46. To Braille text move up and down to represent a line of text on the computer, screen , * Electronic Notetaker. A portable computer with a Braille or QWERTY keyboard
  47. Because the saucer could only shoot directly at the player's position on the, screen , the player could" hide" at the opposite end of the screen and shoot across
  48. Be taken to reduce distortion. * Clamp Tube (Screen Grid) Modulation. The, screen ,grid bias may be controlled through a“ clamp tube” that reduces voltage
  49. Strong ARM SA-110 RISC processor, Newton OS 2.1,and a better, clearer,backlit, screen , attracted critical plaudits. Cases Apple and third parties marketed several "
  50. Screen edges — for instance, an asteroid that drifts off the top edge of the, screen ,reappears at the bottom and continues moving in the same direction. As the

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