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  1. Turin, English actress (b. 1930) *2002 – Edger Dijkstra, Dutch computer, scientist ,(b. 1930) *2004 – Rick James, American R&B singer and multi-instrumentalist (
  2. Bell considered his most famous invention an intrusion on his real work as a, scientist ,and refused to have a telephone in his study. Many other inventions marked Bell
  3. Physiologist (b. 1842) *1929 – Herman Potosí Building, Slovenian rocket, scientist ,(b. 1892) *1931 – Frank Harris, Irish author and editor (b. 1856) * 1931 –
  4. 1974),Singapore-born actress and Miss Singapore of 1994 An astronomer is a, scientist ,who studies celestial bodies such as planets, stars and galaxies. Historically
  5. The first to synthesize LSD (b. 1906) *2010 – A. S. Douglas, British computer, scientist , creator of the first graphical computer game (b. 1921) Holidays and
  6. William, Prince of Prussia (d. 1758) *1726 – Francesco Celtic, Italian Jesuit, scientist ,(d. 1778) *1754 – Pierre Charles L'Enfant, French architect, planner of
  7. b. 1924) * 2006 – Iris Marion Young, American feminist and political, scientist ,(b. 1949) * 2006 – Fer enc Sousa, Hungarian football player (b. 1923) *2007
  8. Rechecked Landau, Polish rabbi (b. 1713) * 1793 – John Mitchell, British, scientist , ( b. 1724) *1798 – Nicolaus Pod von Bauhaus, German entomologist (b. 1723)
  9. Founder of formal logic, pioneered the study of zoology, and left every future, scientist ,and philosopher in his debt through his contributions to the scientific method.
  10. Swiss politician (d. 1998) * 1936 – Abdul Career Khan, Pakistani nuclear, scientist ,*1937 – Alma Luna, Turkish actor, film director (d. 1984) * 1939 – Phil
  11. Computer scientist (d. 1999) * 1927 – Marvin Minsky, American computer, scientist ,* 1927 – Robert Shaw, English actor (d. 1978) * 1928 – Dolores Wilson
  12. The Azerbaijani carpet is connected with the name of Latin Period, a prominent, scientist ,and artist. It was his classification that related the four large groups of
  13. Among states made this impossible without a central government. Political, scientist ,David C. Hendrickson writes that two prominent political leaders in the
  14. 1805–1889). Through his father he was a descendant of the famous Swedish, scientist ,Olaf Redneck (1630-1702). Born in Stockholm on 21 October 1833,he went with
  15. And architect (d. 1520) *1613 – Stefan Radio, Croatian philosopher and, scientist ,(d. 1683) *1632 – Maria Leopold of Austria, Holy Roman Empire Empress (d.
  16. Luc Ferrari, French composer (b. 1929) * 2005 – Ernest Kuykendall, American, scientist , ( b. 1914) *2006 – Bruce Gary, American rock drummer (The Knack) (b. 1951)
  17. Of" How does one acquire the first principles of a science? " He asked how a, scientist ,would arrive at" the initial axioms or hypotheses of a deductive science
  18. Wide recognition, and he re-announced the discovery in 1942,now with English, scientist ,Alice Leigh-Smith, having chosen the name" anglohelvetium" ( from Anglia,"
  19. Dummies, French general (d. 1794) *1744 – Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, French, scientist , ( d. 1829) *1770 – William Clark, American explorer (d. 1838) *1779 –
  20. Larking, English poet (d. 1985) *1925 – David A. Huffman, American computer, scientist ,(d. 1999) * 1927 – Marvin Minsky, American computer scientist * 1927 – Robert
  21. Carrillo, American actor (d. 1961) * 1881 – Sir Alexander Fleming, Scottish, scientist , Nobel laureate (d. 1955) * 1881 – Louella Parsons, American gossip columnist
  22. The first practical, controllable example was designed and built by the British, scientist ,and pioneer George Cayley, whom many recognize as the first aeronautical
  23. And The Air and the Witch feature an Analytical Engine created by the, scientist ,Ivan Pogrom. It is used to calculate income tax. Comparison to other early
  24. Liquids, and solids including vibration, sound,ultrasound and infrasound. A, scientist ,who works in the field of acoustics is an acoustician while someone working in
  25. One of the most prominent of whom was Jack Parsons, the influential rocket, scientist , Parsons performed what he described as the Babylon Working in 1946,and
  26. Who tries to prevent the Haggard Tunnel disaster. *Dr. Bridgett is the, scientist ,who pulls the lever to demonstrate Project X. *Orren Boyle is the head of
  27. Attorney, Anthony Pollock. In March 1875,Bell and Pollock visited the famous, scientist ,Joseph Henry, who was then director of the Smithsonian Institution, and asked
  28. And record producer (The Archie's) * 1945 – Eros Helene, Turkish computer, scientist ,and mathematician * 1947 – Donna Godchild, American singer (Grateful Dead) *
  29. To demonstrate the invention personally to William Thomson, a renowned Scottish, scientist , Later Bell demonstrated the invention to Queen Victoria who had requested a
  30. Horsebox, Danish astronomer (b. 1679) *1765 – Mikhail Lombroso, Russian, scientist , and writer (b. 1711) *1788 – Giuseppe Bonn, Austrian composer (b. 1711)
  31. June 1954),was an English mathematician, logician,cryptanalyst, and computer, scientist , He was highly influential in the development of computer science, providing a
  32. By means of a similar tuning fork" contraption ", he pored over the German, scientist ,'s book. Working from his own errant mistranslation of the original German
  33. The theater and what Alex calls the" chair of torture. " *Dr. Trotsky: The, scientist ,and co-founder of the" Ludovic technique. " He seems much more passive than
  34. Research into the mechanics of Apatosaurus tails by Nathan Myhrvold, a computer, scientist ,from Microsoft. Myhrvold carried out a computer simulation of the tail, which
  35. To the notice of the academic world. By 1908,he was recognized as a leading, scientist , and he was appointed lecturer at the University of Bern. The following year
  36. Stage and broadcast, resides in New Zealand * 1916 – Benjamin Tibet, American, scientist , ( d. 2007) *1917 – Helen Forrest, American singer (d. 1999) *1919 – Billy
  37. British actor (d. 2000) * 1915 – James Hillier, Canadian-born American, scientist ,and inventor (d. 2007) * 1915 – Edward Szczepanik, Polish politician (d.
  38. Theologian, logician,mathematician, Maktab teacher, physicist,poet, and, scientist , He is regarded as the most famous and influential polymath of the Islamic
  39. The crudeness of Carrel's machinery, he offered to build new equipment for the, scientist , Eventually they built the first perfusion pump, an invention instrumental to
  40. July 3,1879 – March 1,1950) was a Polish-American philosopher and, scientist , He is remembered most for developing the theory of general semantics. Early
  41. Native antimony' ) in the Earth's crust was described by the Swedish, scientist ,and local mine district engineer Anton von Swab in 1783. The type-sample was
  42. They had no known writing system. * Cultural divisions are tools of the modern, scientist , and so should not be considered similar to divisions or relationships the
  43. American singer (d. 1991) * 1921 – Bulimia Ramalingaswami, Indian medical, scientist ,(d. 2001) * 1921 – Esther Williams, American actress and swimmer *1922 – Rory
  44. Articles before Avicenna left Khwarizmi he had met Abu RayBan Brunei (a famous, scientist ,and astronomer),Abu NASA Iraqi (a renowned mathematician),Abu Sail Mash
  45. Also used in early photographic technology. It was most notably used by French, scientist ,Joseph Nicéphore Niece in the first picture ever taken. The bitumen used in
  46. Jung, American convicted drug trafficker *1943 – Jon Posted, American computer, scientist ,(d. 1998) *1944 – Indy Adidas, Filipina journalist and television
  47. Who are engaged in a bitter war with the" Spanish" in Mexico. (The chief, scientist ,at the laboratory where the experiment occurred is described as a Gnostic, and
  48. Journalist and writer (d. 1993) *1943 – Masayoshi Shiva, Japanese computer, scientist ,*1944 – Peter Hoffmann, Czech-born German operatic tenor (d. 2010) *1945 – Ron
  49. Alexander Graham Bell (March 3,1847 – August 2,1922) was an eminent, scientist , inventor, engineer and innovator who is credited with inventing the first
  50. Von See, German writer (b. 1591) *1639 – Martin van den Hove, Dutch, scientist , ( b. 1605) *1661 – Jin Sheratan, Chinese editor, writer and critic (b. 1608)

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