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  1. By the rapid exhaustion of the national resources without progress ". In the, spring ,of 1863,Lincoln was optimistic about a group of upcoming battle plans, to the
  2. It is said that he slept thereon when weary with hunting, and that into this, spring ,he looked while Artemis was bathing in it. Parallels in Akkadian and Gait
  3. And inland location, and hot, dry summers. Rainfall occurs mostly during the, spring ,and autumn. Under Köppen's climate classification, Ankara features a semi-arid
  4. Snowy in winter; here cold conditions with lying snow may linger into, spring , Besides the capital city of Tirana, which has 800,000 inhabitants, the
  5. Equivalent to an M. A. thesis). Camus joined the French Communist Party in the, spring ,of 1935,seeing it as a way to" fight inequalities between Europeans and
  6. In Sweden prior to the English version, with vocals by Helen Stockholm. In the, spring ,of 2009,Andersson also released a single recorded by the staff at his
  7. For the honor, offering the city one gift each. Poseidon produced a salt water, spring ,by striking the ground with his trident, symbolizing naval power. Athena
  8. Put the choice into the hands of Paris, a Trojan prince. After bathing in the, spring ,of Mount Ida (where Troy was situated),the goddesses appeared to Paris naked
  9. Damaged domestic almond markets. The federal judge dismissed the lawsuit in the, spring ,of 2009 on procedural grounds, but farmers are appealing this decision in
  10. The Albanian Airlines Company Adrian Aero Lloyd was established. In the, spring ,of 1925,the first domestic flights from Tirana to Shooter and Flora began. In
  11. Dragon Python, which lived in Delphi beside the Castilian Spring. This was the, spring ,which emitted vapors that caused the oracle at Delphi to give her prophecies.
  12. From September through December, a decrease in the late winter and, spring ,months, and a near absence of rainfall during the summer months. Algeria also
  13. Taken prisoner. The remaining Americans held on outside Quebec City until the, spring ,of 1776,suffering from poor camp conditions and smallpox, and then withdrew
  14. Oral males (" King of Males" – students' festivity, celebration of the, spring ,and student life),Ginsberg was labelled an" immoral menace" by the
  15. Production. Anaheim University's Akira Kurosawa School of Film was launched in, spring ,2009 with the backing of Kurosawa Production. It offers online programs in
  16. At the base of Mt. Parnassus, which was then named after her. Water from this, spring ,was sacred; it was used to clean the Delphi an temples and inspire poets. By
  17. The gift they preferred. Poseidon struck the ground with his trident and a, spring ,sprang up; this gave them a means of trade and water — Athens at its height was
  18. Not having taken any degree at all despite a" first class" showing in his, spring ,1897 exams and consistent" second class honors" results before that. The
  19. Of their album. Volume 2: Release hit the music stores in 1999,and by the, spring ,of 2000 it had sold more than half a million copies worldwide. By then the Afro
  20. Of the goddesses, put the choice into the hands of Paris. After bathing in the, spring ,of Mount Ida (where Troy was situated),the goddesses appeared to Paris, but
  21. The Daisy or the Sweet Pea. April is commonly associated with the season of, spring ,in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is
  22. Oracle Amphibious, was said to be the son of Apollo; Or opus also had a sacred, spring , * in Lambada, east of Delphi, Trophonius, another son of Apollo, killed his
  23. River, Lincoln ended up in the village of New Salem in Salmon County. In the, spring ,of 1831,hired by New Salem businessman Denton Offset and accompanied by
  24. Lasted well over a year (after five months of pre-production),and wrapped in, spring ,1965,leaving the director, his crew and his actors exhausted. Red Beard
  25. At first, Lincoln was reluctant to fully implement this program, but by the, spring ,of 1863,he was ready to initiate" a massive recruitment of Negro troops ". In
  26. Especially in the Hindu Kush and Pair Mountains, and the melting snow in the, spring ,time enters the rivers, lakes,and streams. However, most of the country's
  27. Shipos Street in the Zamoskvorechye District in Moscow. From November 1947 to, spring ,1948,he was in a hospital with tuberculosis. Many themes of his childhood -
  28. Of learning and creative thought were lost in strict rote learning. In the, spring ,of 1895,he withdrew to join his family in Pa via, convincing the school to let
  29. Artemis' bath. Lacy identifies the site of Actaeon's transgression as a, spring ,sacred to Artemis at Plataea where Actaeon was a hero archetypes ("
  30. Bed of Actaeon" In the second century CE, the traveler Ananias was shown a, spring ,on the road in Attica leading to Plataea from Lutheran, just beyond Regard "
  31. Wheat and canola are primary farm crops, with Alberta leading the provinces in, spring ,wheat production; other grains are also prominent. Much of the farming is
  32. To the western suburbs of the city has brought easier access to the area since, spring ,2007,as the blue line now stops at Nazi (Karamazov station). * Syntax
  33. Found that indicate the settlement is from approximately year 900. Digs in the, spring ,of 2005 revealed a so-called city-ditch from the year 850 which might have
  34. Had sent the Finnish king a plea for help – and her engagement ring – in the, spring ,of 450. Though Honor may not have intended a proposal of marriage, Attila
  35. Snow melt allowed the germination of seeds, both wild and cultivated, in the, spring , Where sandstone layers overlay shale, snow melt could accumulate and create
  36. Winter,2,500 men (out of 10,000) died from disease and exposure. The next, spring , however, the army emerged from Valley Forge in good order, thanks in part to a
  37. A flower. In gardening, annual often refers to a plant grown outdoors in the, spring ,and summer and surviving just for one growing season. Many food plants are, or
  38. Depending on their location, but normally takes place during the autumn or, spring , During the breeding season, unpaired male werewolves will search their own
  39. Provide vegetative cover that prevents soil erosion during winter and early, spring ,when no other cover exists, and they provide fresh vegetation for animals and
  40. Castilian was a nymph whom Apollo loved. She fled from him and dove into the, spring ,at Delphi, at the base of Mt. Parnassus, which was then named after her. Water
  41. That has a secondary tornado season in November and December, along with the, spring ,severe weather season. The northern part of the state — along the Tennessee
  42. As most of them die when the soil temperature warms up again in early to late, spring ,when other plants are still dormant and have not yet leafed out. Even though
  43. Lincoln to begin offensive operations, McClellan attacked Virginia in the, spring ,of 1862 by way of the peninsula between the York River and James River
  44. Have been an independent healing god. * Apollo Gran nus. Gran nus was a healing, spring ,god, later equated with Apollo. * Apollo Map onus. A god known from inscriptions
  45. Ten on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Last recording sessions In the, spring ,of 1982,songwriting sessions had started, and the group came together for more
  46. With five petals, produced singly or in pairs before the leaves in early, spring , Almonds begin bearing an economic crop in the third year after planting. Trees
  47. Germinate in autumn or winter, live through the winter, then bloom in winter or, spring , The plants grow and bloom during the cool season when most other plants are
  48. The righteous hunter, the companion of Artemis, seeing her bathing naked at the, spring , was moved to try to make himself her consort, as Diodorus Siculus noted, and
  49. By comparison with the modern Greek use of ἁνοιξις (anoints) (opening) for, spring , Since some Roman months were named in honor of divinities, and as April
  50. Republicans, Lincoln ran under the label of the new Union Party. When Grant's, spring ,campaigns turned into bloody stalemates and Union casualties mounted, the lack

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