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  1. For all winning strategies. They produce military units, house the population, collect ,energy, and build secret projects and Subspace Generators. Facilities and
  2. Vertical Run, a futuristic mini-game featuring Audi's e-tron concept. Players, collect ,energy and race for the highest possible speeds and the fastest players earn a
  3. To shoot asteroids to get them to release resources which the player needs to, collect , Ports and follow-ups Asteroids has been ported to multiple systems, including
  4. Mountains and Than Shan, which,standing above the surrounding arid plain, collect ,atmospheric moisture which otherwise would probably have escaped somewhere else
  5. The video game review aggregator websites Game Rankings and Metacritic, which, collect , data from numerous review websites, listed scores of 92 % and 89 %
  6. And Henry Bates left for Brazil aboard the Mischief. Their intention was to, collect ,insects and other animal specimens in the Amazon rainforest and sell them to
  7. Exploration Expedition to China, Japan,and Korea from 1929-1931 to, collect ,soybean germplasm to support the rise in soybean agriculture in the United
  8. Player in the air transport chain is far more profitable than the airlines, who, collect , and pass through fees and revenues to them from ticket sales. While airlines as
  9. Affect the tax division. While Alaska has no state sales tax,89 municipalities, collect ,a local sales tax,from 1 to 7.5 %, typically 3–5 %. Other local taxes levied
  10. Internet, fansubbing used VHS as a means of distribution. Often, people will, collect ,these fan subs and upload them to websites which they also put advertisements on
  11. Cases, the law permits plaintiffs who successfully sue government agencies to, collect ,money damages or other monetary relief. In particular, the Civil Rights
  12. In number of papers second only to Leonard Euler. It took almost a century to, collect ,all his writings into 27 large volumes: * http://gallica.bnf.fr/notice?
  13. By AYD in Habit which included the memorizers of the Qur'an and Umar and to, collect ,all verses of the Book. After collect ing all Our'panic verses from texts in the
  14. And raided Bengal again, British Empire has stopped the payment of Chart, to, collect , this amount they invaded the territory of Bengal in the 1760s. This raid continue
  15. Moroccan ancestry, and mainly French-speaking black Africans. Belgium does not, collect ,statistics by ethnic background, so exact figures are unknown, but one estimate
  16. Can eat more than 200,000 in a single night, using its long, sticky tongue to, collect ,them. The Adolf is the only surviving species of the subfamily Protein.
  17. Tournaments consist of Grand Prix Gold and Grand Prix event. Top players can, collect ,the world ranking points and enable them to play in the BWF Super Series open
  18. Strong centralized state or expecting to benefit from such power. It could not, collect ,customs after the war because tariffs were vetoed by Rhode Island. Above
  19. Only a few municipalities keep local police forces, some of them do not, collect ,some taxes (to attract investors or residents) and many of them do not have a
  20. Some cases chosen by lot from those affected) the right to pursue the case and, collect ,the resulting fine, thus fitting it into an essentially private system. " Since
  21. Add one or more clarifying agents to beer, which typically precipitate (, collect ,as a solid) out of the beer along with protein solids and are found only in
  22. 17 astronauts underwent an extensive training program that included training to, collect ,samples on the surface, usage of the spacesuits, navigation in the Lunar Roving
  23. Around the world with 32 players (half the previous limit). The players, collect ,point that determine whether they can play in Super Series Final held at the
  24. The sugars in honeydew are a high-energy food source, which many ant species, collect , In some cases the aphids secrete the honeydew in response to the ants '
  25. The orchid takes advantage of this mating arrangement to get the male bee to, collect ,and disseminate its pollen; parts of its flower not only resemble the
  26. Synagogue. The cooperative's truck wouldn't make deliveries to their farm nor, collect ,produce. Four years after their arrival at Far Mall, the Shamans had a
  27. Leave of absence for half the year in order to let him travel the world to, collect ,musical information to include in his History of Music book. He was an
  28. Divide the problem into more symmetrical or asymmetrical subproblems and, collect ,the results back together. The resource consumption in such algorithms is not
  29. Thus, he would undoubtedly have been killed. Instead, he used the kite to, collect ,some electric charge from a storm cloud, which implied that lightning was
  30. Comfortable without heating and cooling, which would make its own electricity, collect ,its own water and deal with its own waste ... These houses can be built now
  31. His daughters, Eirene, and such treasures (1,000 pounds of gold) as he could, collect , got into a boat and escaped to Develop in Thrace, leaving his wife and his
  32. Damage, as the recoil nuclei are typically heavy metals which preferentially, collect ,on the chromosomes. In some studies, this has resulted in a BE approaching
  33. And wish for the death of the Tsar. In 1708 Peter sent Alexei to Smolensk to, collect ,provender and recruits, and after that to Moscow to fortify it against Charles
  34. Disperses its seeds widely, making manual collect ion difficult. Black ants, collect ,and store these and other seeds in their nest, where humans can gather them en
  35. Government and the sector will find new ways to encourage museums to, collect ,actively and strategically, especially the record of contemporary society. #*
  36. Beat him to the remaining cotton. Army wagons were sent out in large numbers to, collect ,the cotton. Thousands of bales were brought in by the troops and stored for
  37. Spartans. After the battle a storm arose and the generals in command failed to, collect ,survivors: the Athenians tried and sentenced six of the eight generals to death
  38. Studies are exploring whether it might be possible to use magnetic scoops to, collect ,the antimatter that occurs naturally in the Van Allen belt of the Earth, and
  39. Groups. One such was No More AOL CDs, a web-based effort by two IT workers to, collect ,one million disks with the intent to return the disks to AOL. AOL CDs were
  40. Power over foreign and domestic commerce, and providing means for Congress to, collect ,money from state treasuries. Unanimous approval was necessary to make the
  41. The original wort and the spare water together. However, it is possible to, collect ,a second or even third wash with the not quite spent grains as separate batches
  42. Instance how natives were forced to leave their village during several weeks to, collect ,rubber in the forest, and went as far as comparing their exploitation to
  43. Recently the project" bgrazpisanie" ( BG timetable in English) succeeded to, collect ,all Bulgarian civil transportation timetables on its website WWW. BGrazpisanie.
  44. Such as the American Legion have taken stances opposing the ACLU's right to, collect ,fees under such legislation. Organizational structure The national headquarters
  45. Animal bacterial populations. In the USA federal agencies do not, collect ,data on antibiotic use in animals but animal to human spread of drug resistant
  46. What to say as he stepped onto the Moon. Conrad later said he was never able to, collect ,the money. To improve the quality of television pictures from the Moon, a color
  47. Obliged to leave the country and his treasury had been exhausted. He tried to, collect ,money by using new instruments, such as introducing new taxes, undermining the
  48. Which is called organic law (Lei Organic),and it is allowed to, collect ,taxes and fees, to maintain a municipal police force (albeit with very
  49. Church of England, in which it is appointed by the rubrics to follow the third, collect ,at both morning and evening prayer. Several anthems are included in the British
  50. Charts should indicate the type of bottom, and a sounding lead may be used to, collect ,a sample from the bottom for analysis. Generally speaking, most anchors will

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