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  1. Class (education),a group of students attending a specific course or, lesson ,* Class (philosophy),an analytical concept used differently to group
  2. Are frequently amused by the parody of vocal coaching that appears in a singing, lesson ,given to Susan Alexander by Signor Matisse. The character attempts to sing the
  3. Sense" fable" denotes a brief, succinct story that is meant to impart a moral, lesson , in a pejorative sense, a " fable" may be a deliberately invented or falsified
  4. Evil speaking (4:11); boasting (4:16); oppression (5:4). The great, lesson ,which he teaches them as Christians is patience, patience in trial (1:2)
  5. Zurich. Deviating from the prevalent practice of basing a sermon on the Gospel, lesson ,of a particular Sunday, he began to read through the Gospel of Matthew giving
  6. To remind us of the precariousness of our existence. One can learn the same, lesson ,almost any day on almost any New York street corner. " One of the few positives
  7. Young lovers, its extravagant fantasies for Ziegfeld aficionados, and its fresh, lesson ,for the graying principals. " This production was also recorded on two CDs and
  8. To Sorbi's Flying Club where he waited on the ground as they took a flight, lesson , It has been theorized this may have been Hangout. In September Hangout again
  9. Solutions, community of practice, and external relations and networking for, lesson ,learning. Among the new knowledge products and services developed, Learning
  10. And would get" caught in the act" of pretending to read, playing the previous, lesson ,'s music when different music was placed in front of him. ) In 1918,he wrote a
  11. Family the latter writer had developed. The thought of such a whimsical object, lesson ,being related to such lights as Doc Savage, the Shadow, Tarzan,and all the
  12. May tell, : And long-haired Modes, who knew it all too well. Militarily, a major, lesson ,for the Greeks was the potential of the hop lite phalanx. This style had
  13. Geological sites in Arizona and New Mexico as if for a normal field geology, lesson , but as launch time approached, these trips became more realistic. Crews began
  14. Will be taken down off the crucifix at Vespers that evening during the Gospel, lesson ,describing the Descent from the Cross. The empty cross may then remain in the
  15. Hall-backed James W. Gerard by a margin of 3-to-1. Roosevelt learned a valuable, lesson ,– that federal patronage alone, without White House support, could not defeat a
  16. Also contains nonverbal elements known as paralanguage. These include voice, lesson ,quality, emotion and speaking style as well as prosaic features such as rhythm
  17. Frei" over the gate an insult. The song repeats the phrase cynically as a ", lesson ," taught by Dachau. (The first verse is translated in the article on Jury
  18. The vast majority of the service is the reading of the weekly Bible, lesson ,supplied by Boston, and order of service set out by the Manual. To be elected
  19. Knowledge management framework of ADB, OED has applied knowledge management to, lesson ,learning, using knowledge performance metrics. Learning Lessons in ADB sets the
  20. And blocked the entrance of the cave with rocks, hoping to teach the monkey a, lesson , However, after two days, the Bissau found that the monkey had died of
  21. Rights to influence company practices. Gates's wife urged people to learn a, lesson ,from the philanthropic efforts of the Salween family, which had sold its home
  22. Shaw. In his book Heretics, Chesterton has this to say of Wilde:" The same, lesson ,of the pessimistic pleasure-seeker was taught by the very powerful and very
  23. Feel that street justice is the only way for the thief to learn his or her, lesson , Street justice can be fatal to the petty thief. Sometimes innocent people are
  24. Earlier solution. This story began to spread, and was used as a motivational, lesson ,demonstrating the power of positive thinking. Over time Dantzig's name was
  25. Pleasing" ( This is good soup)," moral (a good person versus the, lesson ,to be learned from a story)," righteous ", etc." I have a good daughter" is
  26. Into spiritualism. In 1893,he wrote: I thus learned my first great, lesson ,in the inquiry into these obscure fields of knowledge, never to accept the
  27. Demonstrated that a sage values human beings over property; readers of this, lesson ,are led to reflect on whether their response would follow Confucius's, and to
  28. School magazines. *Priesthood Committee on Outlines established for publishing, lesson ,materials for each priesthood quorum *Priesthood-Auxiliary movement (1928–1937
  29. That money did not buy him happiness or freedom, and he has learned his, lesson , However, God does not spare him even then, and Jimmy is executed off-stage.;
  30. Gummed or self-adhesive label for postal use *Awareness Through Movement, group, lesson , in the Feldenkrais method * Aphasia Tamil Pagan, a 2007 Tamil film sometimes
  31. Set in an abandoned and ruined abbey and the building itself served as a moral, lesson , as well as a major setting for and mirror of the action in the novel. The
  32. Johann Fux's Grades ad Parnassus, which Salary translated during each Latin, lesson , As a result Salary continued to live with Weissmann even after Weissmann’s
  33. Translation) or 10-13 (James Legged translation) The passage conveys the, lesson ,that by not asking about the horses, Confucius demonstrated that a sage values
  34. Newton. In 1670,he wrote that all the algebra books known to him lacked a, lesson ,for solving simultaneous equations, which Newton then supplied. Cambridge
  35. To the people of London: The new French King Charles V" the Wise" learned the, lesson ,from Crecy and Poitier's. When he resumed the war against the English in 1370
  36. History and illustration of each beast was usually accompanied by a moral, lesson , This reflected the belief that the world itself was the Word of God, and that
  37. To three lesson s at Matins, keeping only the Scripture readings (the former, lesson ,i, then lesson s ii and iii together),followed by either the first part of the
  38. Imitated, which made (what is now called) Gaussian elimination a standard, lesson ,in algebra textbooks by the end of the 18th century. Carl Friedrich Gauss in
  39. Korzybski was giving a lecture to a group of students, and he interrupted the, lesson ,suddenly in order to retrieve a packet of biscuits, wrapped in white paper
  40. And change everything. The German government promptly decided to teach Russia a, lesson ,and, as a pretext for aggression, invited “ requests for help” from the
  41. Are anthropomorphized (given human qualities),and that illustrates a moral, lesson ,(a" moral" ), which may at the end be expressed explicitly in a pithy maxim.
  42. In Montessori schools. The teaching method must be teachable! This is a, lesson ,from both Montessori and Dewey. This view now has very wide currency, and is
  43. A remarkable ability to remember what his mother had played at the previous, lesson , and would get" caught in the act" of pretending to read, playing the
  44. To one another.: # The whole is greater than the part. Modern development A, lesson ,learned by mathematics in the last 150 years is that it is useful to strip the
  45. Effectiveness Given ADB's annual lending volume, the return on investment in, lesson ,learning for operational and developmental impact is likely to be high and
  46. Methodologically adventurous but ultimately cautious essay is another valuable, lesson ,in the danger of establishing the date of Acts–or any work–by arguing for the
  47. Common good demands sacrifice; he cannot expect personal happiness. This is a, lesson ,that Lambert learns. At first, he insists that he does not belong in Oran, and
  48. Iii together),followed by either the first part of the patristic reading (, lesson ,vii) or, for most feasts, a condensed version of the former second Nocturn
  49. And delighted. He was the first emperor in human history who has taught the, lesson ,of unity, peace,equality and love. Ashoka's aim was not to expand the
  50. RNA voice polo fa" from IL barbiere DI Civilian by Coaching Rossini, but the, lesson ,is interrupted when Alexander sings a high note flat. An uncredited Nat King

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