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  1. The situation to Speer, who responded by suggesting to Walters that the, relevant ,pages of the original Chronicle should" cease to exist ". Walters did not
  2. The nation by planting trees and ornamental plants and other forms of, relevant ,activities. The necessity to promote a healthier ecosystem for the people
  3. Of what stimulates As (III) oxidation and/or limits As (V) reduction is, relevant ,for bioremediation of contaminated sites (Coal). The study of
  4. Theories, he originated tops theory as a generalization of topology (, relevant ,also in categorical logic). He also provided an algebraic definition of
  5. Solutions, or can be dissolved in water, and these two definitions are most, relevant , The reason why pHs of acids are less than 7 is that the concentration of
  6. Along with Jeff Brunette, personally taught Andy Warhol how to use the Amiga and, relevant ,software. * Actor Dick Van Dyke was a self-described" rabid" user of the
  7. In 2004. Armenian" blue helmets" serve within the Greek Army battalion. The, relevant ,memorandum was signed on September 3,2003, in Yerevan and ratified by the
  8. In prior art searches, searching through abstracts is a common way to find, relevant ,prior art document to question to novelty or inventive step (or
  9. And building permits) that require compliance with building, seismic,and, relevant ,federal and local regulations. These construction drawings and specifications
  10. Of sexuality and frequent rude humor, as well as the politically and socially, relevant ,asides, made the film an international hit and a major success with critics.
  11. Attribute ranks are close, the weaker character can try to change the, relevant ,attribute by changing the nature of the conflict. For example, if two
  12. An imperfect anagram. Diacritics are usually disregarded (this is usually not, relevant ,for English anagrams),and standard orthography is to be used. History
  13. The Sun and Moon, and the barometer reading, all just in case they proved to be, relevant , This approach eventually led to the founding of modern chemistry in the 18th
  14. By the local municipal authority and remitted to the provincial government. The, relevant ,legislation requires that all the money raised by this property tax must go to
  15. From acupuncture, although the correct placement of needles seems to be less, relevant ,than is usually thought by acupuncturists. Overall in these trials acupuncture
  16. The nature of the conflict. For example, if two characters are wrestling the, relevant ,attribute is Strength; a character could reveal a weapon, changing it to
  17. Such as fMRI and diffusion tensor imaging can help identify biologically, relevant ,phenotypes (observable traits) that can be viewed on brain scans, to help
  18. Be finished in the future? His friend concurs, but indicates that there is a, relevant ,disanalogy that we can't pretend to know the contents of the mind of God
  19. Of the panels works to identify, coordinate,and harmonize voluntary standards, relevant ,to these areas. In 2009,ANSI and the National Institute for Standards and
  20. At a live televised ceremony, most commonly in February or March following the, relevant ,calendar year, and six weeks after the announcement of the nominees. It is the
  21. Time periods and geographic regions. Human time on Earth is divided up into, relevant ,cultural traditions based on material, such as the Paleolithic and the
  22. About himself or his background in order to assist him in obtaining information, relevant ,to a particular case. In chapter 21 of The Murder of Roger Across, for example
  23. He assumed nothing in his experiments and compiled every piece of, relevant ,data; in a typical experiment, Boyle would note the place in which the
  24. The aromaticity in the outer ring is larger than in the inner rings. Another, relevant ,Car hydrocarbon is dethrone. Origins of life In January 2004 (at the 203rd
  25. Of autistic individuals, it is not known whether these abnormalities are, relevant ,to or secondary to autism's disease processes. As autoantibodies are found in
  26. Physiological functions. Effects on growth hormone, prolactin and TSH (with, relevant ,effect on T3 and T4) were observed directly. Aspirin reduces the effects of
  27. In individuation seems to produce, on occasion, imagery known to Alchemy and, relevant ,to the person's situation. Jung did not completely reject the material
  28. Laws of the German states of the day, but in principle it could again become, relevant ,in the future. * No monarch may leave" the dominions of England, Scotland,or
  29. In the US who finishes studying at any educational institution by passing, relevant ,examinations is said to graduate and to be a graduate, in the UK only degree
  30. Initiative was run, said that it had not had many papers published in the, relevant ,leading journals or attracted many students. As with other programs that had
  31. Inspection of the tank impossible. The tank contained several components, relevant ,to the accident: * a fan to stir the tank contents for more accurate quantity
  32. Later Whitney and his American contemporaries succeeded in introducing the, relevant ,concepts (interchangeable parts, tool-path control via machine tools and jigs
  33. Anecdote of Charlotte's to Ellen Nurse in January 1842. It may or may not be, relevant ,that the source of Agnes Grey's renewed interest in poetry is the curate to
  34. Either use the default storage pool or define new ones (this is particularly, relevant ,for Non-Uniform Memory Access). It is even possible to declare several
  35. Goes to theater to see a tragedy representing Actaeon's myth. This episode is, relevant ,because it is a foreshadowing of the protagonist's violent death at the end of
  36. To cure the diseases. Later the Greeks knew the original meaning of the, relevant ,song" paean" ( παιάν). The magicians were also called" seer-doctors" (
  37. Original and purist sense, opportunity cost doctrine argues that the only cost, relevant ,to the price of a product is the cost involved in choosing it over other
  38. Involves prayer and is concerned with ultimate issues, and that theology is, relevant ,to the social mission of the church. The 18th century saw the rise of two
  39. Of society. # The existence of God, who is wholly just, observes everything, relevant ,about human actions and can attach appropriate long-term sanctions to behavior
  40. And make edicts),the President is the leader of the winning party. The only ", relevant ," post that is not directly appointed by the President is the Vice-President
  41. In pharmacopoeia monographs, the detailed information should be supplied to, relevant ,authorities The production of modern pharmaceuticals is strictly regulated to
  42. His unwillingness to die just yet—a theme that was becoming increasingly, relevant ,for the film's 81-year-old creator. Filming began in February 1992 and wrapped
  43. Arise from misconceptions, have origins in distant APL history and no longer be, relevant ,today, or they may have some degree of validity. ALGOL (short for Algorithmic
  44. Court, together with any written evidence that was before that court and is, relevant ,to the appeal. In other systems, the appellate court will normally consider the
  45. To be that individual’s personal planets or stars, which are uniquely, relevant ,to that individual alone. At the heart of astrology is the metaphysical
  46. Higher level, but in the 20th century the distinction became rather less, relevant , The term may be also used loosely or metaphorically to denote highly skilled
  47. By theoretical emphasis, anthropologists typically divide the world up into, relevant ,time periods and geographic regions. Human time on Earth is divided up into
  48. Conflict between two characters, the character with the higher score in the, relevant ,attribute will eventually win. The keywords here are fair and eventually - if
  49. Tragedies, and thus references to tragedy were highly topical and immediately, relevant ,to the original audience. The comic dramatist also poked fun at comic poets and
  50. Is a reply to a question or is a solution, a retaliation, or a response that is, relevant ,to the said question. In law, an answer was originally a solemn assertion in

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