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  1. Electrons, or one coulomb per second constituting one ampere. The practical, definition ,may lead to confusion with the definition of a coulomb (i.e.,1 amp-second)
  2. Acids: the Arrhenius definition , the Brønsted-Lowry definition , and the Lewis, definition , The Arrhenius definition states that acids are substances which increase the
  3. Is prior to potentiality in formula, in time and in substantiality. With this, definition ,of the particular substance (i.e., matter and form),Aristotle tries to
  4. Alcohols and amines which contain O-H or N-H fragments. In chemistry, the Lewis, definition ,of acidity is frequently encountered. Lewis acids are electron-pair acceptors.
  5. Alonzo Church, Stephen Kleenex and J. B. Rosser's calculus a finely honed, definition ,of" general recursion" from the work of Gödel acting on suggestions of
  6. Vowels. The pronunciation of short and tends towards and in many dialects. The, definition ,of both" emphatic" and" neighborhood" vary in ways that echo (to some
  7. Of Indonesia is being disputed by the natives). The ongoing process of, definition ,Geographical Asia is a cultural artifact, an imprecise concept causing endemic
  8. And involve realizations of the watt, the ohm and the volt. Proposed future, definition ,Rather than a definition in terms of the force between two current-carrying
  9. Wherein the carbon backbone is linked to form a loop. According to the, definition ,by IUPAC, the former two are alkanes, whereas the third group is called
  10. Of the Alaska Range and west of the Wrangell Mountains also fall within the, definition ,of South central, as well as the Prince William Sound area and the communities
  11. For a discussion). The majority of the clocks are cesium clocks; the, definition ,of the SI second is written in terms of cesium. The participating institutions
  12. Uncertainties, that characterize ongoing work, stems the unavailability of a, definition ,of algorithm that suits both concrete (in some sense) and abstract usage of
  13. And boric acid. There are three common definition s for acids: the Arrhenius, definition , the Brønsted-Lowry definition , and the Lewis definition . The Arrhenius
  14. Taxonomic systems, but the limits of the family have varied. In the narrowest, definition , the Amaryllidaceae sense strict is characterized by an umbel late
  15. The 24 did so twice: Jim Lovell, John Young and Eugene Hernán. Under the U. S., definition , as of June 20, 2011,529 people qualify as having reached space, above
  16. Best possible algorithms for them. Bur gin (2005,p. 24) uses a generalized, definition ,of algorithms that relaxes the common requirement that the output of the
  17. As amoebas themselves are polyphyletic and subject to some imprecision in, definition , the term" amoebic" does not provide identification of an organism, and is
  18. Common definition s for acids: the Arrhenius definition , the Brønsted-Lowry, definition , and the Lewis definition . The Arrhenius definition states that acids are
  19. Soiled beds threaten to make barbarians of us all" they are not advancing a, definition ,or theory about art, but questioning the value of Hirst's and Emin's work. In
  20. Remains a challenging problem. Why algorithms are necessary: an informal, definition ,: For a detailed presentation of the various points of view around the
  21. Video games. Philosopher David Novice has argued that disagreement about the, definition ,of art are rarely the heart of the problem. Rather," the passionate concerns
  22. Intended as a way of understanding a specific set of artists,Greenberg's, definition ,of modern art is important to many of the ideas of art within the various art
  23. For a detailed presentation of the various points of view around the, definition ,of" algorithm" see Algorithm characterizations. For examples of simple
  24. Possible program for producing the output that it does" Chaitin prefaces his, definition ,with:" I'll show you can't prove that a program is 'elegant'"—such a proof
  25. Sheep and cattle producing regions, notably in South Africa. In the narrowest, definition , the Xanthorrhoeaceae sense strict consists only of the genus Xanthorrhoea.
  26. Rosser's footnote #5 references the work of (1) Church and Kleenex and their, definition ,of definability, in particular Church's use of it in his An Unsolvable
  27. The concentration of hydronium ions (H3O+) in solution. The Brønsted-Lowry, definition ,is an expansion: an acid is a substance which can act as a proton donor. Most
  28. The empty set removed),and so makes sense for any set A, whereas with the, definition ,used elsewhere in this article, the domain of a choice function on a collection
  29. March 14. Notes is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of" animation ". The, definition ,sometimes changes depending on the context. In English-speaking countries, the
  30. Variation, and in particular the Torriceliaceae may be divided. Under this, definition ,well-known members include carrots, celery,parsley, and ivy. The order Apples
  31. Such as whether the act found by the court to have occurred fits a legal, definition ,at issue). If the appellate court finds no defect, it " affirms" the judgment
  32. Veterinary science, but not animal science, is often excluded from the, definition , ) Agriculture and agricultural science The two terms are often confused.
  33. That matter. It tells us what a thing is, that anything is determined by the, definition , form, pattern,essence, whole,synthesis or archetype. It embraces the account
  34. 1950 A number of efforts have been directed toward further refinement of the, definition ,of" algorithm ", and activity is ongoing because of issues surrounding, in
  35. Syndrome or childhood disintegrative disorder. ICD-10 uses essentially the same, definition , Several diagnostic instruments are available. Two are commonly used in autism
  36. One ampere. The practical definition may lead to confusion with the, definition ,of a coulomb (i.e.,1 amp-second),but in practical terms this means that
  37. The Brønsted-Lowry definition , and the Lewis definition . The Arrhenius, definition ,states that acids are substances which increase the concentration of hydronium
  38. Effect almost identical to Post's" formulation ", J. Barkley Rosser's, definition ,of" effective method" in terms of" a machine ". S. C. Kleene's proposal of
  39. Church's proof that the Entscheidungsproblem was unsolvable, Emil Post's, definition ,of effective inoculability as a worker mindlessly following a list of
  40. Of hydronium ions, acids thus have pHs of less than 7. By the Brønsted-Lowry, definition , any compound which can easily be detonated can be considered an acid.
  41. The concentration of the hydronium ion,H3O+, when dissolved in water. This, definition ,stems from the equilibrium dissociation of water into hydronium and hydroxide (
  42. Of 1936,and Alan Turing's Turing machines of 1936–7 and 1939. Giving a formal, definition ,of algorithms, corresponding to the intuitive notion, remains a challenging
  43. There is no generally accepted formal definition of" algorithm," an informal, definition ,could be" a set of rules that precisely defines a sequence of operations. "
  44. Come down to us is erroneous, or that the addition of the" as such" to the, definition ,is critical to understanding it. Causality, The Four Causes Aristotle suggested
  45. Of the watt, the ohm and the volt. Proposed future definition Rather than a, definition ,in terms of the force between two current-carrying wires, it has been proposed
  46. Objects, environments,or experiences that can be shared with others. " By this, definition ,of the word, artistic works have existed for almost as long as. The second and
  47. Parallel wires carrying an electric current. This force is used in the formal, definition ,of the ampere, which states that it is" the constant current that will produce
  48. By artifice of an essential truth that could only be found in nature. The, definition ,and evaluation of art has become especially problematic since the 20th century.
  49. For Weights and Measures (CPM) agreed to study the proposed change. The new, definition ,is expected to be formally proposed at the 25th General Conference on Weights
  50. See Algorithm examples. While there is no generally accepted formal, definition ,of" algorithm," an informal definition could be" a set of rules that

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