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  1. Original Japanese audio with subtitles, typically unedited. Anime edited for, television ,is usually released on DVD" uncut ", with all scenes intact. The Internet has
  2. 1st being most free. 400 publications were registered, at least 15 local Afghan, television ,channels and 60 radio stations. Foreign radio stations, such as Voice of
  3. Published a coloring book version for children to do their own coloring. A, television ,series was also created, based on the book, which airs in the United States
  4. Her pupils: an international diva (Gloria Marc, played by Núria Expert),a, television ,star (Assumed Rock, played by Rosa Maria Sara) and a dubbing director (
  5. His favorite subject: Nothing. Later in his career he did create two cable, television ,shows, Andy Warhol's TV in 1982 and Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes (based on
  6. Also manages the technical infrastructure for national broadcasting of digital, television ,and radio. By the end of 2010,it is planned that every home in the country
  7. Night is set in Barrow, Alaska,but was filmed in New Zealand. Most films and, television ,shows set in Alaska are not filmed there; for example, Northern Exposure, set
  8. Remained within the domain of science fiction, frequently seen in film and, television , Etymology The word was coined from the Greek root ανδρ- 'man' and the suffix
  9. Earliest attempts to present anime (albeit still modified) to North American, television ,audiences without harsh censoring for violence and mature themes. With the
  10. Model. Examples of this type of communication include radio and traditional, television ,programs such as the news. Boldewijn, Jan L. and van Kama, Ben (2002) 1986 “
  11. Pro-choice and pro-life groups in Citizen Ruth (1996). The Law & Order, television ,episode" Dignity" deals with the trial of a man who killed a late-term
  12. Fictional character in Martin Caidin's novel Cyborg, which inspired the, television ,series The Six Million Dollar Man *Austin Powers, fictional character in films
  13. Is limited in focus, interest,or activity, such as preoccupation with a single, television ,program, toy,or game. *Self-injury includes movements that injure or can
  14. 2001,Audi promoted the new multiethnic continuously variable transmission with, television ,commercials throughout Europe, featuring an impersonator of musician and actor
  15. General and his or her deputies; and control the activity of state radio and, television , state news agency and other official information media. Armed forces The
  16. An editor of the film The Sacrifice. Film director Chris Marker produced the, television ,documentary One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenic as an homage to Andrei
  17. Position for easier reading and can be adjusted to suit. * Closed circuit, television ,(CCTV) or video magnifiers. Printed materials and objects are placed under a
  18. S influence on programming is very strong. Many people who work in the, television ,industry live in Amsterdam. Also, the headquarters of SBS 6 is located in
  19. Highways and beaches near the launch site, millions watched the event on, television , with NASA Chief of Public Information Jack King providing commentary.
  20. Song" Third Temptation Of Paris ", by Alana. Television * In the animated, television ,series Class of the Titans, one of the seven heroes, Archie,is descended from
  21. As a replacement for The Star-Spangled Banner as the National Anthem, including, television , sign-offs. History In 1893,at the age of thirty-three, Bates,an English
  22. Cyril Sneer) and one of the protagonists (Cedric Sneer) winning animated, television ,series The Raccoons were aardvarks. The main character of Arthur, an animated
  23. Moon. On July 23,the last night before splashdown, the three astronauts made a, television ,broadcast in which Collins commented, : " ... The Saturn V rocket which put us
  24. Of Burgess' novel. *In 1983,Burgess said in an interview with Belgian, television , that in the '60s the Rolling Stones were interested in starring in a film
  25. The song" Kept nee Goethe define" as its signature tune. The international, television ,service via satellite was launched since 1993 and aims at Albanian communities
  26. For the Academy Award for Documentary Feature. The Passion of Ayn Rand, a 1999, television , adaptation of the book of the same name, won several awards. Political
  27. The media; its equivalents, the Grammy Awards (for music),Emmy Awards (for, television ,), and Tony Awards (for theater) are modeled after the Academy. The AMPS was
  28. EDT) he set his left foot on the surface. The first landing used slow-scan, television ,incompatible with commercial TV, so it was displayed on a special monitor and a
  29. On November 9,1979. One of her final projects was work on a never-completed, television ,adaptation of Atlas Shrugged. Rand died of heart failure on March 6,1982,at
  30. Has been in producing cost-effective animated content for media such as, television ,(the work of Hanna-Barbera, Filmation, and other TV animation studios) and
  31. As online. Both hand-drawn and computer-animated anime exist. It is used in, television ,series, films,video, video games, commercials,and internet-based releases
  32. Injection (TEI),which was scheduled for 2½ hours after the end of the, television ,transmission. The TEI was the most critical burn of the flight, as any failure
  33. Rudolph Nissan in 1948. He took the draft of a speech he was preparing for a, television ,appearance commemorating the State of Israel's seventh anniversary with him to
  34. The awards were presented at Hollywood's Vantages Theatre. With the advent of, television , the 1953–1957 awards took place simultaneously in Hollywood and New York first
  35. Ceremony, and the fact that they are performing is often used to promote the, television ,broadcast). The Academy Awards is televised live across the United States (
  36. Was established. With the 20th century came cinema, radio and, television , Though most studios are located in Hilversum and Palmer,Amsterdam's
  37. And referred to in several forms, both documentary and fiction. The various, television ,transmissions and 16 mm footage shot by the crew of Apollo 8 was compiled and
  38. Launched the Macintosh. Its debut was announced by the now famous $1.5 million, television ,commercial" 1984 ". It was directed by Ridley Scott, aired during the third
  39. Japan and recognition throughout the world. Distributors can release anime via, television ,broadcasts, directly to video, or theatrically, as well as online. Both
  40. Albania has an estimated 257 media outlets, including 66 radio stations and 67, television , stations,with three national,62 local and more than 50 cable TV stations.
  41. Have been referred to in a variety of media. References to her have appeared on, television ,shows including animated sitcoms, live-action comedies, dramas,and game shows.
  42. Percussion),and Bulldog (vocals, flute ). Aztlan Underground appeared on, television ,on Culture Clash on Fox in 1993,was part of Breaking Out, a concert on pay per
  43. Times over the course of 20 hours, during which the crew made a Christmas Eve, television ,broadcast in which they read the first 10 verses from the Book of Genesis. At
  44. Series The Raccoons were aardvarks. The main character of Arthur, an animated, television ,series for children produced by WGBH, shown in more than 180 countries, is an
  45. Now housed at the Andy Warhol Museum. * Television: Andy Warhol dreamed of a, television ,show that he wanted to call The Nothing Special, a special about his favorite
  46. Working order and that they were on course. During this time, NASA scheduled a, television ,broadcast at 31 hours after launch. The Apollo 8 crew used a 2 kg camera that
  47. The Animal" *Brad Lesley (born 1958),American baseball player and, television ,personality also nicknamed" The Animal" *"Animal" ( DES 'Dizzy' McKenna)
  48. Arabic, due in large part to the widespread distribution of Egyptian films and, television ,shows throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Closely related varieties are also
  49. Often arriving by cruise liner at Steinway. It featured in the 1983 BBC, television ,series Great Little Railways. The Alaska Rail network is not connected to
  50. Internet access at a minimum speed of 100 Bit/s. There is only one Andorran, television ,station, Ràdio i Television d'Andorra (RTA). Radio National d’Andorra

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