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  1. Book. * In Act I Scene 2 of Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld,the, plot ,is slightly (? ) changed: Actaeon is Diana (Artemis) is lover, and it is
  2. The resourceful cast: The numerous surprising developments in an Aristophanes, plot , the changes in scene, and the farcical comings and goings of minor characters
  3. Solar Pons stories almost as good as Sir Arthur's, and many that had better, plot ,construction. " Although these stories were a form of diversion for Delete
  4. Comedy the Chorus was large (numbering 24),it was actively involved in the, plot , its entry into the action was frequently spectacular, its movements were
  5. Of their appearance in the second series, and (perhaps most usefully for GMS), plot , summaries of each of the ten books. The book includes some material from the
  6. Othón. But it does not satisfy Room. Camus carefully manipulates the, plot ,to bring up the question of innocent suffering. Panel may argue that the
  7. Of a radioactive spider's bite. Additionally, Straczynski resurrected the, plot ,point of Aunt May discovering her nephew was Spider-Man, and returned Mary Jane
  8. Of annual and then perennial crops for a period of several years. Then the, plot ,is left fallow to regrow forest, and the farmer moves to a new plot , returning
  9. The crisisand opinion articles compared real-world events with the, plot ,of the novel. During this time, signs mentioning Rand and her fictional hero
  10. Although credited only as artist for most of his run, Ditko would eventually, plot ,the stories as well as draw them, leaving Lee to script the dialogue. However
  11. Called The Capture of Cerberus (a story with the same title, but a different, plot , to that published in The Labors Of Hercules). On 10 November 2009,Reuters
  12. Reviewer in Strange Horizons called alien space bats" everyone’s favorite SF, plot ,McMuffin. " Fans of alternate history have made use of the internet to showcase
  13. In the previous 20 years of comics was a clone of the real Spider-Man. This, plot ,twist was massively unpopular with many readers, and was later reversed in the
  14. Had stolen in the book. * The Brazilian heavy metal group Sepulchral used the, plot ,of A Clockwork Orange for their concept album Alex. The name of the album is a
  15. U. S. title, What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw! ), and the changes made in the, plot ,were typical of the series. In the film, Mrs. McGillicuddy does not see
  16. This was severely criticized by Raymond Chandler for the implausibility of its, plot ,). But once Milne had, in his own words," said goodbye to all that in 70,000
  17. The producers. He is shot attempting to inform Hank Rear den about a government, plot , but does succeed in warning Rear den just before he dies. *Edwin" Eddie "
  18. Metaphysical themes, long takes, lack of conventional dramatic structure and, plot , and distinctively authored use of cinematography. Film director Ingram Bergman
  19. Novel set on the Edge, and incorporated elements of local folklore into its, plot , It was followed by a sequel, The Moon of Goliath (1963),although Garner
  20. 1964). The last film is not based on any Christie work but displays a few, plot ,elements from They Do It With Mirrors (viz., the ship is used as a reform
  21. Cousin,Drusilla's widower Marcus Arminius Lepidus, were involved in a failed, plot ,to murder Caligula, a plot known as the Plot of the Three Daggers, which was to
  22. Intelligence officer) along with other colleagues proposed a disinformation, plot ,in which Crowley would have helped an MI5 agent supply Nazi official Rudolf
  23. Season and scenery. " He has never hesitated to exploit climate and weather as, plot ,elements, to the point where they become" active participants in the drama ...
  24. To write choral parts which were apparently independent of the main, plot ,of his plays. Marathon is portrayed by Plato as a handsome young man, well
  25. Edward d'Each became an obsessive recluse rather than the instigator of the, plot ,that he is in the novel. In Ringo, Vimes accidentally picks up a pocket
  26. Part of the comics' series Jaunts: Labyrinth, with explicit reference in the, plot ,to Korzybski's" the map is not the territory ". Some General Semantics
  27. Then the plot is left fallow to regrow forest, and the farmer moves to a new, plot , returning after many more years (10-20). This fallow period is shortened if
  28. Series – features the urn containing the Ashes, as a significant element of its, plot , The urn is stolen by alien robots, as the burnt stump inside is part of a key
  29. Dramatic structure The structural elements of a typical Aristophanes, plot ,can be summarized as follows:: *prologue - an introductory scene with a
  30. As described by successive biographers, contradicts this claim. Formula and, plot ,devices Almost all of Agatha Christie's books are whodunits, focusing on the
  31. Sadness). In narrative, ambiguity can be introduced in several ways: motive, plot , character. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the latter type of ambiguity with notable
  32. Innovations into the Greek theater: Aristotle tells us that the characters and, plot ,of his Anthems were original and not, as was usual at the time, borrowed from
  33. Marcus Arminius Lepidus, were involved in a failed plot to murder Caligula,a, plot ,known as the Plot of the Three Daggers, which was to make Lepidus the new
  34. Bad as one" of the important episodes which constitute the essence of the, plot ,of the novel. " Harold Bloom writes that the" Battle of the Windmill rings a
  35. Philosophy of Objectives and expresses her concept of human achievement. The, plot ,involves a dystopian United States in which the most creative industrialists
  36. The characters in a tragedy are merely a means of driving the story; and the, plot , not the characters, is the chief focus of tragedy. Tragedy is the imitation of
  37. Della Era reported a theory that the writer had been the victim of a Soviet, plot , but Camus biographer Olivier Todd did not consider it credible. Camus was
  38. The holiday spirit might also have been responsible for an aspect of the comic, plot ,that can seem bewildering to modern audiences. The major confrontation (ago)
  39. Both in ancient art and in Renaissance and post-Renaissance depictions. The, plot ,Among others, John Heath has observed," The unalterable kernel of the tale was
  40. As the official logo, due to its popular appeal. The Brontosaurus is the main, plot ,focus of the 1985 movie, in which a family of Brontosaurs are found still
  41. The disparate stories thrown together generally made for a less coherent, plot , One of van Vogt's best-known novels of this period is San, which was
  42. Of hepatitis. He was 70 years old. Ginsberg is buried in his family, plot ,in Gomez Chased Cemetery. Social and political activism Free speech Ginsberg's
  43. Least 21 suspected terrorists were arrested in the 2006 transatlantic aircraft, plot ,that happened in the United Kingdom. The arrests were made in London
  44. Government drawn up by the conspirators behind the July 1944 assassination, plot ,to kill Hitler. The list had a question mark and the annotation" to be won
  45. Tarantino's Inglorious Basters offers a satirical revenge fantasy where a, plot ,to assassinate Adolf Hitler succeeds. Alternate histories in film are sometimes
  46. Leads him into Hades. Absurdities develop logically from initial premises in a, plot , In The Knights for instance,Cleon's corrupt service to the people of Athens
  47. Is not an autobiography in the literal, but only in the intellectual sense. The, plot ,is invented, the background is not ..." Initial sales were slow and the
  48. Of the Chorus, when the audience is introduced to the main issues in the, plot , The Albanians opens with these three lines by the hero, Dikaiopolis (
  49. Crisis, and the spread of Soviet influence into South America and Mexico. The, plot ,of the game revolves around a Soviet invasion of the United States and the
  50. During the 1990s and republished over the years by other companies. The, plot ,was written by Tasks Apostolizes and the sketches were of George Akokalidis.

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