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  1. Union. *1942 – Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands becomes the first reigning, queen ,to address a joint session of the United States Congress. *1945 – World War II:
  2. Of a number of Spanish nobles who had tied their fortunes to that of the exiled, queen , He assumed the title of Alfonso XII, for although no King of united Spain had
  3. His sons to rule, alongside plans to build a tomb in Alexandria for him and his, queen ,to reside upon their deaths. In late 32 BC, the Senate officially revoked
  4. The god of death, to return her to the world of the living. Niobe,the, queen ,of Thebes and wife of Amnion, boasted of her superiority to Let because she
  5. English Catholic conspirator (d. 1606) *1573 – Christina of Holstein-Gottorp, queen ,consort of Sweden (d. 1625) *1593 – Thomas Wentworth,1st Earl of Stafford
  6. To Rosamond, that may have been a ritual request of complete submission of the, queen ,and her people to the Lombards, and thus a cause of shame or humiliation.
  7. Ramírez and successor of his brother Peter I. With his marriage to Errata, queen ,regnant of Castile and León, in 1109,he began to use, with some justification
  8. Alexander died in a fall from his horse in the dark while riding to visit the, queen ,at King horn in Fife on 19 March 1286 because it was her birthday the next day.
  9. Of the palace, but the entrance was inaccessible due to the placement of the, queen ,'s wardrobe over it after the wedding. The conspirators searched the palace and
  10. Malthusians and Cistercians, the king (St Louis),and three of his sons,the, queen ,mother, Baldwin,count of Flanders and emperor of Constantinople, the duke of
  11. The coup d'état and legitimize his claim to the throne, Helmichis married the, queen , whose high standing arose not only from being the king's widow but also from
  12. The dead through the offering of a libation. In the latter interpretation,the, queen ,'s answer reveals her determination not to let the wound opened by the killing
  13. Alcuin’s friendships also extended to the ladies of the court, especially the, queen ,mother and the king's daughters. His relationships with these women never
  14. Attempt to link himself with the Gothic king. With the connivance of the, queen , Helices then married the widow, but the two were forced to escape to
  15. Military leader (d. 1776) *1752 – Maria Carolina of Austria, Austrian-born, queen , consort of Naples and of the Two Sicilian, wife of King Ferdinand I of the Two
  16. Being little known outside specialized history. He and his widow (who became, queen ,regnant after his death) had a substantial impact on the subsequent
  17. Rome and was buried in Bergamo. Agnes Maria of Andechs-Merania (died 1201), queen , of France, was the daughter of Bert old IV (died 1204),who was Count of
  18. Henry the Young King and Margaret of France are crowned as junior king and, queen ,of England. *1232 – The Formulary of Adjudications is promulgated by Regent
  19. Amalasuintha, Amalswinthe or Amalasontha) (ca. 495 – 30 April 534/535) was a, queen ,of the Ostrogoths from 526 to 534. She was married in 515 to Euphoric (b. ca
  20. Parade in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Births *1553 – Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont, queen ,of France (d. 1601) *1623 – François de Laval, first bishop of New France (
  21. But her paternity was questioned, as rumor said the king was impotent and the, queen , Joan of Portugal, had an amorous affair with a nobleman named Beltrán de La
  22. Bonaparte (d. 1836) *1758 – Sophia Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, queen ,of Denmark and Norway (d. 1794) *1759 – William Wilberforce, English
  23. Onesicritus, went so far as to invent a tryst between Alexander and Tapestries, queen ,of the mythical Amazons. When Onesicritus read this passage to his patron
  24. To lose some of her beauty. Psyche was to go to Hades and ask Persephone,the, queen ,of the underworld, for a bit of her beauty in a black box that Aphrodite gave
  25. It was said to have been named after the Greek town of Algae, or after Aegean,a, queen ,of the Amazons who died in the sea, or Again, the " sea goat ", another name
  26. And politician (d. 1872) *1792 – Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, German-born, queen , consort of the United Kingdom, wife of King William IV of the United Kingdom (
  27. Took Agrippina by her hand and quoted the Greek line:“ And if you are not, queen , my dear, have I then you wrong? ” Agrippina became involved in a group of
  28. Sir James Douglas, Scottish soldier (b. 1286) *1482 – Margaret of Enjoy, queen ,of Henry VI of England (b. 1429) *1554 – Thomas Howard,3rd Duke of Norfolk
  29. And his queen , Dharmā or Dharma. Ashokāvadāna states that his mother was a, queen ,named Subhadrangī, the daughter of Champ of Telangana. Queen Subhadrangī was a
  30. Biography Early life Ashoka was born to the Mauryan emperor Industry and his, queen , Dharma or Dharma. Ashokāvadāna states that his mother was a queen named
  31. Publications it has been called Álfheimr, Elfland or Finland. The fairy, queen ,is often called the" Queen of Defame" in ballads such as that of Thomas the
  32. Medici, wife of Henry IV of France (d. 1642) *1662 – Maria Luisa of Orleans, queen ,consort of Spain (d. 1689) *1710 – Thomas Reid, British philosopher (d. 1796
  33. Six years of wanderings. Aeneas had a year-long affair with the Carthaginian, queen ,Dido (also known as Elissa),who proposed that the Trojans settle in her land
  34. Accordance with a will of his late father. As both a foreigner and a woman,the, queen ,was not a popular choice for regent. Opposition rose and without any important
  35. Got his name. The Divyāvadāna tells a similar story, but gives the name of the, queen ,as Janapadakalyānī. Ashoka had several elder siblings, all of whom were his
  36. After his temporary truce with Priam, fought and killed the Amazonian warrior, queen ,Penthesilea, but later grieved over her death. At first, he was so distracted
  37. Such as the temple in Ankara dubbed the Monumentum Ancyranum, called the ", queen ,of inscriptions" by historian Theodor Mommies. There are a few known written
  38. Cordova, Performer (Malicious) * 1991 – Tory Sandioriva, Indonesian beauty, queen , Uteri Indonesia 2009 Deaths *1153 – Estate IV of Cologne, son of Stephen of
  39. For their readmission every ten years. This extortion was known as malke-geld (, queen ,'s money). In 1752, she introduced the law limiting each Jewish family to one
  40. Earl of Bristol, English politician (d. 1751) *1669 – Anne Marie of Orléans, queen ,of Italy (d. 1728) *1698 – Baal She To, Founder of the Chassidic movement (
  41. Empire Empress and Queen of Hungary (d. 1646) *1611 – Ludwig Maria Gonzalo, queen ,of Poland (d. 1650) *1657 – Ferdinando Galli-Bibiena, Italian
  42. The illegitimate half brother of King Edward and count of Barcelona,the, queen ,'s position was untenable. In 1439,the Portuguese Cortes (assembly of the
  43. John Hadley, British inventor (d. 1744) *1693 – Anne Sophie Recently, queen ,of Denmark and Norway (d. 1743) *1728 – Joseph Black, Scottish chemist (d.
  44. 1439,the Portuguese Cortes (assembly of the kingdom) decided to replace the, queen ,with Infant Peter, Duke of Cobra, the young king's the oldest uncle. His main
  45. Her son's death in 534 made little change in the posture of affairs. Now, queen , Amalasuntha made her cousin Theodora partner of her throne (not, as
  46. Ernst And, Austrian writer (d. 2000) *1929 – Ann Cavell, Roller Derby, queen ,(d. 2006) *1930 – Pierre Bourdieu, French sociologist (d. 2002) * 1930 –
  47. Indian dermatologist (b. 1927) *2006 – Te Atairangikaahu, Māori, queen , ( b. 1931) * 2006 – Rick Burke, Australian rugby league player (b. c. 1955)
  48. Footballer *1954 – Charles Busch, American director, writer,actor and drag, queen ,*1956 – Andreas Floor, German mathematician (d. 1991) * 1956 – Hans-Jürgen
  49. Albion" invited her to drink merrily with her father ", and this reignited the, queen ,'s determination to avenge her father. The tale has often been dismissed as a
  50. Ashikaga Yoshikazu, Japanese shogun (d. 1425) *1487 – Anna of Brandenburg, queen ,of Denmark (d. 1514) *1637 – Charles Calvert,3rd Baron Baltimore, Governor

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