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  1. He argued that free fall is really inertial motion, and that for a free falling, observer ,the rules of special relativity must apply. This argument is called the
  2. The United States and. International organization participation ACCT (, observer ,), ADB,SEC, CE,CIS, Council of Europe, EAPC, EBRD, FAO,IAEA, IBRD, ICAO
  3. The '70s,Studio 54. He was generally regarded as quiet, shy,and a meticulous, observer , Art critic Robert Hughes called him" the white mole of Union Square. " Andy
  4. And 2000s,calls for clarification of what constitutes a culture, of how an, observer ,knows where his or her own culture ends and another begins, and other crucial
  5. Control from the front, most of the process may be undertaken by a forward, observer ,or other target acquirer. This is particularly the case for a smaller target
  6. Then fourteen further creed formulas between 340 and 360,leading the pagan, observer ,Minus Marcellus to comment sarcastically:" The highways were covered with
  7. The fire direction center (FDC) and the actual guns themselves. The forward, observer ,observes the target using tools such as binoculars, laser rangefinders
  8. Magnitude is derived from its phase curve and the distances to the Sun and, observer , Absolute magnitude (also known as absolute visual magnitude when measured in
  9. First derivative of subjectively perceived beauty. Here the premise is that any, observer ,continually tries to improve the predictability and compressibility of the
  10. Telecommunication Union and member of the Non-Aligned Movement and holds, observer ,status in World Trade Organization. Being one of the five most developed
  11. The standard distance for measurement of magnitudes is at an altitude of at the, observer ,'s zenith. Apollo 1 (also designated Apollo Saturn-204 and AS-204) was
  12. The type and quantity of ammunition to be used. In other armies an 'authorized, observer ,' (for example, artillery observation team or other target acquisition element
  13. ILL, IMF,Interpol, IOC,IOM, IPU, ISO,ITU, La Francophone, MIGA, NAM (, observer ,), OAS ( observer ),OF ( observer ),OPCW, OSCE,PFP, UN,UNCLAD, UNESCO
  14. Have if it were at a standard luminosity distance (10 parsec) away from the, observer , in the absence of astronomical extinction. It allows the true brightnesses of
  15. Account of the events in Oran. He deliberately adopts the tone of an impartial, observer , Room is like a witness who exercises restraint when called to testify about a
  16. World-renowned airplane manufacturer; Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge, an official, observer ,from the US Federal government and the only person in the army who believed
  17. Among several observations classified as comparable by a given subjective, observer , the aesthetically most pleasing one is the one with the shortest description
  18. Astronomy. *Leslie Peatier was a prolific discoverer of comets and well-known, observer ,of variable stars. *John M. Pierce (1886–1958) was one of the founders of the
  19. The essentials of aiming points, crest clearance, and corrections to fire by an, observer ,". A few years later the Richtfläche (lining-plane) sight was invented in
  20. To the number of saved bits. This compression progress is proportional to the, observer ,'s internal reward, also called curiosity reward. A reinforcement learning
  21. Has to be predicted. Observation of adjusted fire may be directly by a forward, observer ,or indirectly via some other target acquisition system. NATO also recognizes
  22. An uninterrupted sequence of intervening bodies between the object and the, observer , When the Moon is high in the sky there are no intervening objects, so the Moon
  23. Ratified by its parliament on 28 March 2008. Furthermore, the CST is an, observer ,organization at the United Nations General Assembly. The charter reaffirmed the
  24. Would have if it were one astronomical unit (AU) from both the Sun and the, observer , Because the object is illuminated by the Sun absolute magnitude is a function
  25. The distance between the Sun and the body:: d_\! \, is the distance between the, observer ,and the Sun Note: because Solar System bodies are never perfect diffuse
  26. Course of events, if not the closest associates around the Chief of State? An, observer ,at the trial, journalist and author William L. Shire, wrote that, compared to
  27. Been to the Brazilian shoulder, seemed the person best qualified to go as an, observer ,with the new expedition Manuel was sending. Vespucci did not command at the
  29. Find the point on the mirror where the light will be reflected to the eye of an, observer , " This leads to an equation of the fourth degree. This eventually led Alien
  30. Disc of the same diameter: Distances::: d_\! \, is the distance between the, observer ,and the body:: d_\! \, is the distance between the Sun and the body:: d_\! \
  31. m) of a celestial body is a measure of its brightness as seen by an, observer ,on Earth, normalized to the value it would have in the absence of the
  32. Lutheran Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Lithuania, Church of Denmark, observer ,: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. * Anglican Communion: Church of Ireland
  33. And B would be −6.5 and −5.2,respectively. View from a hypothetical planet An, observer ,on a hypothetical planet orbiting around either Alpha Centauri A or Alpha
  34. Atmospheric conditions, imperfections in the instruments and errors by the, observer ,or the measuring instruments. Many of these errors can be reduced by various
  35. Beam of light (i.e., the line actually taken by the light on its path to the, observer ,). The result is a tilting of the direction of the incoming light which is
  36. Then the full Moon. During such planet's orbital period of 0.6 (3) a,an, observer ,on the planet would see this intensely bright companion star circle the sky
  37. Described an algorithmic theory of beauty which takes the subjectivity of the, observer ,into account and postulates: among several observations classified as
  38. 11.09V magnitude. Observational history According to the renowned double star, observer ,Robert Aiken (1961),Father Richard discovered Alpha Centauri AB's
  39. Such as repetitions and symmetries and fractal self-similarity. Whenever the, observer ,'s learning process (which may be a predictive neural network - see also
  40. IFRS, ILO, IMF,IMO, Intelsat (nonsignatory user),Interpol, IOC,ITU, NAM (, observer ,), OAS,OCS, OPANAL, UN,UNCLAD, UNESCO,UPU, WCL, WFTU, WHO,WHO, WTrO This
  41. Which depends solely upon the transverse component of the velocity of the, observer , with respect to the vector of the incoming beam of light (i.e., the line
  42. Few decades of indirect fire, the firing data were often calculated by the, observer ,who then adjusted the fall of shot onto the target. However, the need to engage
  43. Bank. At the invitation of king Manuel I of Portugal, Vespucci participated as, observer ,in several voyages that explored the east coast of South America between 1499
  44. Magnitude of a celestial object its value is corrected from distance to its, observer , The absolute magnitude then equals the apparent magnitude an object would have
  45. PFP, UN,UNCLAD, UNESCO,UNIDO, UPU,WHO, WFTU, WHO,WIPO, WMO, WToO, WTrO (, observer ,) Countries Azerbaijan currently has diplomatic relations with 160 countries:
  46. Filter that forms a series of dark absorption bands in the energy output. (An, observer ,viewing the atoms from a view that does not include the continuous spectrum in
  47. Field artillery (post–World War I) has three distinct parts: the forward, observer ,(or FO),the fire direction center (FDC) and the actual guns themselves.
  48. Is close to the 3.4 magnitude star ε Cassiopeia. An interstellar or alien, observer ,would find the \/\/ of Cassiopeia had become a /\/\/ shape. From Proximal itself
  49. IOC, IOM,CPU, ISO,ITU, La Francophone, MIGA, NAM ( observer ),OAS (, observer ,), OIF ( observer ),OPCW, OSCE,PFP, UN,UNCLAD, UNESCO,UNIDO, UPU,WHO, WFTU
  50. CPU, ISO,ITU, La Francophone, MIGA, NAM ( observer ),OAS ( observer ),OF (, observer ,), OPCW,OSCE, PFP,UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO,UNIDO, UPU,WHO, WFTU, WHO,WIPO, WMO

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