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  1. Patterns, such as the presence of a periodic signal which has been buried under, noise , or identifying the missing fundamental frequency in a signal implied by its
  2. Sound: 1 channel of sound,7 octaves; built-in speaker. Software emulation of, noise ,channel supported * I/O ports: Expansion port, tape recorder connector (1200
  3. Almost all aspects of modern society with the most obvious being the audio and, noise ,control industries. Hearing is one of the most crucial means of survival in the
  4. Are superior to both single and dual hosed mono-portable units in that interior, noise ,and size of the internal unit can be greatly reduced due to the external
  5. As the body tends to transport iodine to the thyroid gland producing a lot of, noise , In subtopic doses, soluble arsenic compounds act as stimulants, and were once
  6. This ideal, largely because of noise minimization problems. In theory, ambient, noise , is limited by quantum noise (caused by the quantum movements of ions).
  7. Factors as well as from fundamental physical processes. Thermal noise Thermal, noise ,results from the motion of charge carriers (usually electrons) in an
  8. For noise . On some occasions a patient with a brain AVM may become aware of the, noise , which can compromise hearing and interfere with sleep in addition to causing
  9. Correction pixels It has already been mentioned that in HR-CS AAS lamp flicker, noise ,is eliminated using correction pixels. In fact, any increase or decrease in
  10. Notice the key attributes of an aircraft. They may notice a distinctive, noise ,from its engine or the number of vapor trails it is leaving. They will assess
  11. Of 512 colors *Sound: Yamaha YM2149 3-voice square wave plus 1-voice white, noise ,mono Programmable Sound Generator *Drive: Single-sided 3½" floppy disk drive
  12. And several cable types such as coaxial or twisted pair. The effects of, noise ,create signal loss and distortion. This is impossible to recover, since
  13. As the same algorithm is used for background correction and elimination of lamp, noise , the background corrected signals show a much better signal-to- noise ratio
  14. Channel of sound where the BBC was capable of three-way polyphony (plus one, noise ,channel) and the inability to provide teletext mode. The LA controlled memory
  15. Smallest detail which still can be resolved at the background of statistical, noise , See also Accuracy and precision and its talk. The Berry paradox arises as a
  16. The variables may vary. This is called dynamic range. They are also limited by, noise ,levels. Floating-point digital calculations have comparatively-huge dynamic
  17. A theoretically infinite resolution. In practice an analog signal is subject to, noise ,and a finite slew rate. Therefore, both analog and digital systems are subject
  18. Environmental factors as well as from fundamental physical processes. Thermal, noise ,Thermal noise results from the motion of charge carriers (usually electrons)
  19. Electrons) in an electrical circuit generated by their thermal motion. Thermal, noise ,is white noise meaning that the power spectral density is constant throughout
  20. Include the operational amplifier offset, finite gain, and frequency response, noise ,floor, non-linearities, temperature coefficient, and parasitic effects within
  21. Chemistry is maximizing the desired signal while minimizing the associated, noise , The analytical figure of merit is known as the signal-to- noise ratio (S/N or
  22. As analog systems become more complex, effects such as non-linearity and, noise ,ultimately degrade analog resolution to such an extent that the performance of
  23. Throughout the frequency spectrum. The root-mean-square value of the thermal, noise ,in a resistor is given by In the direct elemental analysis of solid samples
  24. Limited by quantum noise (caused by the quantum movements of ions). Ambient, noise ,may be severely reduced – but never to zero – by using cryogenically cooled
  25. The arteries and veins. It has been given the term" bruit ", French for, noise , On some occasions a patient with a brain AVM may become aware of the noise
  26. Jam near the Pentagon when the airplane flew over. " There was a huge screaming, noise ,and I got out of the car as the plane came over. Everybody was running away in
  27. Since it was an analog standard, it is very susceptible to static and, noise ,and has no protection from eavesdropping using a scanner. In the 1990s,"
  28. Data compression, transmission,enhancement (e.g., equalization,filtering, noise ,cancellation, echo or reverb removal or addition, etc.) Audio Broadcasting
  29. Pentagon ". Terrance Mean, who lived in a nearby apartment building, heard the, noise ,of loud jet engines, glanced out his window, and saw a" very, very large
  30. Be heard outside for 15 to 20 minutes. In one failed attempt to muffle the, noise , two motorcycle engines were revved up to full throttle nearby, but the sound
  31. Which is independent of wavelength, resulting in measurements with very low, noise ,level; other corrections are those for background absorption, as will be
  32. Of noise minimization problems. In theory, ambient noise is limited by quantum, noise ,(caused by the quantum movements of ions). Ambient noise may be severely
  33. With rap. The sound of“ Fred I'm agency Land” was influenced by the 'wall of, noise ,' created by Public Enemy's producers, The Bomb Squad. After the reunification
  34. Directly at the launchpad which proved effective in limiting the generated, noise , The mission was a highly successful one, demonstrating the capability of the
  35. Legend, he rammed his head to bleed on this window, when he was startled by the, noise ,of his soldiers ridiculing the“ Spy of Allen ”. Observatory The Allen
  36. Reality, analog computers are far from attaining this ideal, largely because of, noise ,minimization problems. In theory, ambient noise is limited by quantum noise (
  37. The primary disadvantage of analog signaling is that any system has, noise ,– i.e., random unwanted variation. As the signal is copied and re-copied, or
  38. Pressure via a servo system, the movement is very fluid and there is very little, noise , DER2 realized a slimmer body than that of the former version by using a
  39. This system cancels out the need for the trains to blow their horns. Train, noise ,had been a problem in the residential areas to the west and northwest of
  40. From a broadcast booth about 4 miles (6 km) from the launch site. The extreme, noise ,and vibrations from the launch nearly shook the broadcast booth apart-ceiling
  41. Then a comparable digital signal, the difference can be overshadowed by the, noise ,in the signal. Most of the analog systems also suffer from generation loss.
  42. Amplifying the signal to recover attenuated parts of the signal amplifies the, noise ,(distortion/interference) as well. Even if the resolution of an analog signal
  43. The compressor) is located outside the home, it offers a lower level of indoor, noise ,than a freestanding air conditioning unit. Mini (small) duct, high velocity
  44. Instead of a calibration curve to solve the matrix effect problem. Signals and, noise ,One of the most important components of analytical chemistry is maximizing the
  45. An electrical circuit generated by their thermal motion. Thermal noise is white, noise ,meaning that the power spectral density is constant throughout the frequency
  46. Stress injuries are a possible pathology of occupational safety. Industrial, noise ,also proved dangerous. When it was not too high, workers were often prohibited
  47. Transcription – containing spelling errors and phonetically written background, noise ,and mumbling – of audio recordings of Online and several of Andy Warhol's
  48. For correction purposes. One of these corrections is that for lamp flicker, noise , which is independent of wavelength, resulting in measurements with very low
  49. In the frequency domain to a high-pass filter, which means that high-frequency, noise ,is amplified; differentiation also risks instability. Limitations In general
  50. Anti-globalization movements. They tried to drown the bankers' parties in, noise ,from outside and held other public forms of protest under the motto" 50 Years

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