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  1. Matches, and access additional information such as player profiles, scores and, interactive ,quizzes. Although the experimental service was publicly available, there were
  2. One game, MIDI Maze, used the MIDI ports to connect up to 16 machines for, interactive ,networked play, this is sometimes said to have inspired modern LAN games which
  3. To be a part of the solution. The educational component of the Race involves an, interactive ,program about global hunger that teachers implement in their classrooms.
  4. A renovated and expanded historic downtown fire station, contains more than 250, interactive , exhibits featuring science and technology. Multiple art galleries exist in the
  5. Television reporters competing for coverage of the mission. In 2008,an, interactive ,theatrical show titled APOLLO 13: Mission Control premiered at BATS Theatre in
  6. Knowledge (accommodate consciousness),and a new format of solidarity, interactive ,solidarity. The term" anti-globalization" does not distinguish the
  7. Vibration sometimes used to simulate force feedback. History Early games used, interactive ,electronic devices with various display formats. The earliest example is from
  8. Between 11:00pm and midnight. BBC Red Button was a branding used for digital, interactive ,television services provided by the BBC, and broadcast in the United Kingdom.
  9. Powerful, expressive and concise programming language, typically set in an, interactive ,environment. It was originally created, among other things, as a way to
  10. Science Education. APL (named after the book A Programming Language) is an, interactive ,array-oriented language and integrated development environment which is
  11. Bash reads and executes ~/. Bash_logout (if it exists). When started as an, interactive ,shell (but not a login shell): * Bash reads and executes ~/. Bashrc (if it
  12. Industries have found their birth in Alberta, notably patents related to, interactive ,liquid crystal display systems. With a growing economy, Alberta has several
  13. Game by Alexander S. Douglas for the EDS AC in 1952 * Tennis for Two,an, interactive ,game engineered by William Higinbotham in 1958 * Space war!, written by MIT
  14. As an applet. Java Applet Java Applets can provide web applications with, interactive ,features that cannot be provided by HTML. Since Java's byte code is
  15. American students. This campaign states that it plans to harness the power of, interactive ,games to help achieve the goal of students excelling in these departments. This
  16. Brand From 2008,the BBC gradually began to drop the BBC name from its digital, interactive ,TV services also, replacing it with the name BBC Red Button. The BBC logo
  17. Space incorporating laser, video,slide shows, audio commentaries, and some, interactive ,elements. The museum building is shaped like a longbow similar to those used at
  18. Behaviours by imitation but ants may be the only group apart from mammals where, interactive ,teaching has been observed. A knowledgeable forager of Hemothorax albipennis
  19. In therapy. * General User Interface for Disorders of Execution (GUIDE) is an, interactive ,verbal prompting system that talks people with cognitive impairment through
  20. This target group into contact with our brand in a highly emotion-packed and, interactive ,environment, and demonstrate our 'Sprung Dutch Technic' with the virtual
  21. An http://blip.tv/zulma-aguiar/turnstyle-an- interactive -installation-224251, interactive ,border door and new media art piece. One of the most powerful and far-reaching
  22. Book is no longer in print, but the B. F. Skinner Foundation website has an, interactive ,version. ISBN 0-07-029565-4. *The Technology of Teaching,1968. New York:
  23. 3D Solar UK Ltd for use in music downloaded from their Tron me Music Store and, interactive ,music and video player. * m4p – A proprietary version of AAC in MP4 with
  24. Ground, urban and underwater archaeology, with scenes, audiovisual and, interactive ,zones. The archaeological museum won the European Museum of the Year Award in
  25. In Varicella, completed in 1640. Immediately after this, Algardi produced an, interactive ,sculptural group representing the beheading of Saint Paul with two figures: a
  26. 1986–1988) and Club Carib (1988) from Lucasarts. * The first online, interactive ,fiction series Quintupling Serial by Tracy Reed (1988). * Quantum Space, the
  27. For Clinical Excellence (2006) as a" generic term for delivering CBT via an, interactive ,computer interface delivered by a personal computer, internet or interactive
  28. Giveaways of products such as cars that are covered with brand messages, and, interactive , advertising where the viewer can respond to become part of the advertising
  29. Greenville, which features rotating exhibitions from the main museum as well as, interactive ,children's activities. The Heritage Green building, an extensively remodeled
  30. Larger than the 88 characters allowed on the Selectric type ball. The first APL, interactive ,login and creation of an APL workspace was in 1966 by Larry Breed using a 1050
  31. Consumers to buy the product or idea. This reflects an increasing trend of, interactive ,and" embedded" ads, such as via product placement, having consumers vote
  32. Program,Hey, Hey It's Saturday. Other uses *ANIMAL (image processing),an, interactive ,software environment for image processing *Animal (clothing),a sportswear
  33. Of different scripts. When started as an, interactive ,login shell: * Bash reads and executes the /etc/profile (if it exists). *
  34. TV, Radio,Communicate, Where I Live, A-Z Index, and a search. Similarly, BBC, interactive , television services all offered a horizontal i-bar along the bottom of
  35. District court in 1992. In 1993,Atari positioned its Jaguar as the only 64-bit, interactive , media entertainment system available, but it sold poorly. By 1996,a series of
  36. Be added for experts (while keeping the language simple for beginners). # Be, interactive , # Provide clear and friendly error messages. # Respond quickly for small
  37. In 2005. As of 2010,the ON digital boxes only load pages 100 and 199 and some, interactive ,services that use channel 301,if any other page is loaded it exits the service
  38. Available in later phases. BBC Text pioneered an early form of" on-demand ", interactive ,television, called Enhanced TV. During the 1999 Wimbledon Championships, the
  39. 1. Haulage. 2007. Breitkopf & Cartel. 664 S., format: JPG) * The Seasons in, interactive ,hypermedia http://bach.nau.edu/Vivaldi/SpringMvt1.html Allegro
  40. Industries have found their birth in Alberta, notably patents related to, interactive ,liquid crystal display systems. With a growing economy, Alberta has several
  41. And Sci lab. These scientific computing array-oriented platforms provide an, interactive ,computing experience similar to APL, but more resemble conventional programming
  42. Creating cartoons and animations. *London Transport Museum developed their own, interactive ,multimedia software for the CD32. The software included a walkthrough of
  43. PAID variables, and POSIX command substitution syntax $ (… ). When used as an, interactive ,command shell and pressing the tab key, Bash automatically uses command line
  44. 1970,A. Michael Poll patented a tactile, force-feedback system, coupled with, interactive ,stereoscopic computer display. In 1971,an improved task priority system for
  45. System. In the early years of AOL the company introduced many innovative online, interactive ,titles and games, including: * Graphical chat environments Habitat (1986–1988
  46. Work with computer graphics, researched,designed, and programmed a prototype, interactive ,page-layout system for the Picture phone ™. The Charge-coupled device (CCD
  47. Users. This has led to a plethora of similar efforts and an increasing trend of, interactive ,advertising. The share of advertising spending relative to GDP has changed
  48. For some time. In November 2008,the BBC celebrated 10 years of the digital, interactive ,TV service. Availability BBC Red Button is broadcast on all digital television
  49. In 2010. On 27 January 2010,SeaWorld, a 25-room touring exhibition featuring, interactive ,and audiovisual activities debuted at Earl's Court Exhibition Center in London
  50. Abbreviation for a Master's degree in Arts * Arthur–Merlin protocol,an, interactive ,proof system in computational complexity theory * AM (complexity),a

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