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  1. Form using parentheses is the best for known circumbinary planets and has the, nice ,side effect of giving these kinds of planets identical sublevel hierarchical
  2. As in expressions such as" How do you like them apples? " And" Oh, them are, nice , " (instead of" those" ). Latin An example of a Latin noun declension is
  3. 1978),Clark, unable to use a newer, open-kiosk pay phone (and getting a, nice ,laugh from the theater audience),runs down the street and rips open his shirt
  4. They did a cool job of combining the movie script with the series, that was, nice , and using the series Merrick and not a certain OTHER Thespian who shall remain
  5. An set 'em in a dance category. It wouldn't be a runaway, and just lay a real, nice ,beat behind it and the people would get to really like it. It was nobody
  6. Formations. ) A complaint about lacking originality. * WI BNI - Wouldn't it be, nice ,if. Used if something is impossible. * autoboner - a mythical user who votes
  7. The gradient, the second is the curl, the third is the divergence) serves as a, nice ,quantification of the complicatedness of the underlying region U. These are the
  8. In a statement made to the Bengals' press in 2005,he relayed" The NFL was, nice ,enough to come to us an hour and 55 minutes before the game and tell us we
  9. Models that scientists use to project future trends that" models are very, nice , but they are not reality, and they are not evidence. " Early life and education
  10. Personality stereotype, such as" the baby,"" the bad boy," or" the, nice ,boy. " While managing the portrayal of popular musicians is as old as popular
  11. Brewster:" Well, that was the joke. " Jed:" Mr. Brewster,you're an awfully, nice ,feller, but I've heard a sight better jokes than that! " The Competes went
  12. Playing a comical role as an arch-villain which sends up his reputation as a, nice ,guy. He has been fronting these adverts since 1995,making this one of the
  13. J. D., the filmmakers rejected him because they thought he came across as" too, nice ," and therefore would not be credible. Connelly declined. Winona Ryder — who
  14. Calls for the most strategy, as players try to line up their tiles to set up a, nice ,route for themselves and a difficult one for their opponents at the same time.
  15. He styled" vulgarity" and that was what he found in Revelation. " It is very, nice ,if you are poor and not humble ... to bring your enemies down to utter
  16. The Monte, the court poet:“ You know those Italian gentlemen; they are very, nice ,to your face! Enough, we all know about them. And if The Monte is in league with
  17. Presented by Andy Stewart who always began by singing" Come in, come in,it's, nice ,to see you ...." The show always ended with Andy Stewart and the cast singing
  18. Feels awful: :Nathan Malta::: looks stupid: :kuulostaa mukavalta::: sounds, nice ,Hungarian The ablative case in Hungarian is used to describe movement away from
  19. The dead; WIR eighteen us DES shōnen Wetters - We're happy about the, nice ,weather. ). All the articles change in the genitive case. Adjective endings
  20. This early version of Miss Marple is a gleeful gossip and not an especially, nice ,woman. The citizens of St. Mary Mead like her but are often tired by her nosy
  21. Heart throb, a great bore, a great symbol of potency, a great ham, a great, nice ,person, and,yes, a great American. Discography A vast number of recordings
  22. Closed Tuesdays) that sells Odis (traditional veils ... they also make, nice ,light table covers) and saris galore. Ornate Lengths (skirts worn with
  23. Or process that an object performs, such as" sweet ride" to refer to a, nice ,car. Metonymy miscommunication is considered a primary mechanism of linguistic
  24. For a bunch of fascists ... They dress up in a suit and knock on your door in a, nice ,way, but they are still Nazi thugs. " Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson said: "
  25. Different desire. They saw immediately that while vendor A might have a really, nice ,analog simulation environment, vendor B had a much better PCB or silicon layout
  26. Hulls are somewhat less round. The advantage of the semi-round is that it is a, nice ,middle between the S-bottom and chinned hull. Typical examples of a semi-round
  27. Forty miles south of Moscow, where he lived until 1899 with his family. " It's, nice ,to be a lord," he joked to his friend Ivan Lenten (who wrote humorous
  28. Food and sleep, but one Christmas he says" they say I have to get up early, be, nice , to people, skip breakfast, not play with mice ... I wish it would never end. "
  29. Me, that,by yawning, you judge me, by being restless, you judge me ... a very, nice , juicy paranoia '. Lack of guilt of psychopaths lack any true sense
  30. Sum, there is also the closed form: \sum_^\nifty \franc = \franc, and there is a, nice ,nested sum of squared Fibonacci numbers giving the reciprocal of the golden
  31. Homophobes. Instead, we found people who were welcoming, friendly and extremely, nice , A little weird, yes,and no doubt homophobic, but well-meaning…kind of. "
  32. Entirely of car parts. The commercial ends with Keillor asking," Isn't it, nice ,when things just work? " Since then, Keillor has voiced the tagline for most if
  33. Band with the loud and noisy parts beyond doubt. There were a couple of, nice ,songs ... and one monumental pile of refuse. " He described the band's latest
  34. A trio. What I didn't want to do is the quodlibet method ... wouldn't it be, nice ,to have three songs you don't think are going to go together, and they do go
  35. Who would go on to form the Jewish Defense League. " Rabbi Khan was a really, nice , patient teacher," Guthrie later recalled," but shortly after he started
  36. How to get there! ” Sunday speaks of many aspects of the afterlife such as the, nice ,weather and eternal health, although there is no mention of the resurrection of
  37. The example in figure 4 shows a finite state machine which accepts the word ", nice ,". In this FSM the only accepting state is number 7. The machine can also be
  38. That all singletons are closed. Similarly, preregular spaces are R0. Another, nice ,property of Hausdorff spaces is that compact sets are always closed. This may
  39. Commented that" Speed is antisocial, paranoid making,it's a drag ... all the, nice ,gentle dope fiends are getting screwed up by the real horror monster
  40. The Honda Accord moving and Garrison Keillor speaking the tagline," Isn't it, nice ,when things just ... work? " It took 606 takes to get it perfect. In 2004,they
  41. Flavor (from OK and cool to nerd and 24/7),while others have not (have a, nice ,day, sure ); many are now distinctly old-fashioned (swell, groovy ). Some
  42. An ad in the New York Times Book Review, marking the occasion by saying: It’s, nice ,for Trudeau and Doonesbury to be so honored,“ but it’s quite another thing
  43. Recalled in 1975 that Sullivan had a memory problem of sorts:" Ed was a very, nice ,man, but for a showman, quite forgetful. On our first appearance, he introduced
  44. Available to visitors. He was chosen as the star of the park because he is a ", nice , hardworking person who was not afraid of poverty ", Shanghai Gain Investment
  45. Sets in the definition of topology. Products (with the product topology) are, nice ,with respect to preserving properties of their factors; for example, the
  46. That for every x there is a y such that ... (something). It would have been, nice ,to have a predicate Q' so that for every x, Q ' (x, y ) would be true if and
  47. Death, that he was perceived as being" vague, imprecise and evasive" and ", nice ,to the point that his essential decency was viewed as weakness ". Holt's
  48. Class and that of their Russian counterparts as depicted by Chekhov:" the same, nice ,people, the same utter futility. " In America,Chekhov's reputation began its
  49. The falls form a natural pool where the natives and tourist come to enjoy a, nice ,cool bath. The principal rivers flowing westward into the Caribbean are the
  50. Other objects given a set of sample points, the Delaney triangulation gives a, nice ,set of triangles to use as polygons in the model. In particular, the Delaney

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