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  1. Actress Maria Caesars. In the same year, Camus began to work for Pissoir, magazine , In the first stage of World War II, the so-called Phony War, Camus was a
  2. Richter * The Atlas (novel),by American author William T. Hollman * Atlas (, magazine ,), Turkish monthly magazine on geography, environment,history and culture *
  3. Before. For his first foreign project, Kurosawa chose a story based on a Life, magazine ,article. The Embassy Pictures action thriller, to be filmed in English and
  4. By American author William T. Hollman * Atlas ( magazine ),Turkish monthly, magazine ,on geography, environment,history and culture * The World Atlas of Wine
  5. He did an extensive, in-depth interview for the June 1971 issue of Playboy, magazine , in which he stated," If I didn't see it, then it was because I didn't want
  6. Confession or emotional exchange took place, as had been alleged in a French, magazine ,article. The following morning, Speer left the Führerbunker, with Hitler curtly
  7. Jim Stephens, he sold his first story," Bat's Belfry ", to Weird Tales, magazine , Delete wrote throughout his four years at the University of Wisconsin, where
  8. Who conducted the" Gleanings for ATMs" column in Sky and Telescope, magazine ,for 21 years. * John Dobson (1915),whose name is associated with the
  9. Brave New World and a wide-ranging output of essays, Huxley also edited the, magazine ,Oxford Poetry, and published short stories, poetry,travel writing, and film
  10. Face and distinctive hairstyle have been widely copied and exaggerated. TIME, magazine ,'s Frederic Golden wrote that Einstein was" a cartoonist's dream come true ".
  11. Of his films in Moscow. After his death, an entire issue of the film, magazine ,Iskusstvo King was devoted to Tchaikovsky. In their obituaries, the film
  12. Also true of his film-making and commercial enterprises. He founded the gossip, magazine ,Interview, a stage for celebrities he" endorsed" and a business staffed by
  13. For Five Alone, published in Place of Hawks, but was first found in Pagan, magazine , As a result of his early work on the Sac Prairie Saga, Derleth was awarded the
  14. Long and painful periods. When Camus was asked in the 1950s by an alumni sports, magazine ,for a few words regarding his time with the RUA, his response included the
  15. To include his personal and cultural observations. Warhol created the fashion, magazine ,Interview that is still published today. The loopy title script on the cover is
  16. Initials AKM. Milne's work came to the attention of the leading British humor, magazine ,Punch, where Milne was to become a contributor and later an assistant editor.
  17. One of the earliest mentions in print of the term Oscar dates back to a Time, magazine ,article about the 1934 6th Academy Awards. Walt Disney is also quoted as
  18. The Only Path to Tomorrow ", in the January 1944 edition of Reader's Digest, magazine , While working in Hollywood, Rand extended her involvement with free-market and
  19. http://www.arkhamhouse.com/ In 1960,Delete began editing and publishing a, magazine ,called Hawk and Whippoorwill, dedicated to poems of man and nature. Delete
  20. Of the Century" in the" Arts, Literature,and Culture" category by AsianWeek, magazine ,and CNN, cited as" one of the five people who contributed most to the
  21. With Brigid Berlin (also known as Brigid Polk) and former Interview, magazine ,editor Bob Cola cello. * (1980,ISBN 0-15-672960-1),authored by Warhol and
  22. Ken ite (horror: an Italian translation, allegedly transcribed from an Italian, magazine ,of the 1920s,is available on the internet:
  23. Casket. Before the coffin was lowered, Paige Powell dropped a copy of Interview, magazine , an Interview t-shirt, and a bottle of the Esteem Lauder perfume" Beautiful "
  24. With composting toilets and devices to capture water from the atmosphere. In a, magazine ,interview published shortly before his death, he reflected on the possibility
  25. On screen. Her first appearance was in a short story published in The Sketch, magazine ,in 1926," The Tuesday Night Club ", which later became the first chapter of
  26. Ginsberg contributed to the Columbia Review literary journal, the Jester humor, magazine , won the Wood berry Poetry Prize and served as president of the Philolexian
  27. List of assassination targets, with a" $5,000 bounty on his head. " One German, magazine ,included him in a list of enemies of the German regime with the phrase," not
  28. Mathematics scholarship. While there, he edited and wrote for Grant, a student, magazine , He collaborated with his brother Kenneth and their articles appeared over the
  29. Full time employees and 2,800 temporary full time employees worldwide Fortune, magazine ,named Apple the most admired company in the United States in 2008,and in the
  30. Mats Wander. Both the Association of Tennis Professionals and Tennis, magazine ,named Agassi the Most Improved Player of the Year for 1988. He failed an ATP
  31. Candy, carat,cipher, coffee,cotton, hazard,jar, jasmine,lemon, loofah, magazine , mattress, sherbet,sofa, sugar,sumac, tariff and many other words. Other
  32. In inspiring the first Earth Day in 1970. It was selected as the first of Life, magazine ,'s 'hundred photos that changed the world '. Apollo 8 is regarded by some as
  33. 1983 – Prometheus Award (Preliminary Nominee) The novel was chosen by Time, magazine ,as one of the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to 2005. Adaptations
  34. Illustrator, producing drawings in" blotted-ink" style for advertisements and, magazine ,articles. Best known of these early works are his drawings of shoes. Some of
  35. People to volunteer and support their communities. Recognition In 2005 Tennis, magazine ,named him the 7th greatest male player—and 12th greatest player overall—for the
  36. Angeles weekly entertainment newspaper),BLU Magazine (underground hip hop, magazine ,), BAM Magazine (Southern California),La Band Elastic Magazine, and the
  37. Revolution and technological singularity. A former associate editor of Fortune, magazine , his early work focused on technology and its impact (through effects like
  38. Then are commonly used words like" sugar" ( Sukkur)," cotton" () and ", magazine ," (). English words more recognizably of Arabic origin include" algebra ","
  39. School for Social Research, a White House correspondent, an editor of Fortune, magazine , and a business consultant. Löffler is married to Heidi Löffler, also a writer
  40. Cabin, writing Gothic and other horror stories and selling them to Weird Tales, magazine , Delete won a place on the O'Brien Roll of Honor for Five Alone, published in
  41. Short form or dialect). Doubled consonants count as two consonants: ", magazine ,"," place ". These rules may result in differently-stressed syllables when
  42. 1968 – Casper Christensen, Danish comedian * 1968 – Rich Lowry, American, magazine , editor * 1968 – Alexander Mistook, Russian footballer * 1968 – Horst Skiff
  43. Photographer Wolfgang Telemann on a" Dancing Queen" shoot for the teenage, magazine ,Bravo. On the photo, every ABBA-member held a giant initial letter of his/her
  44. Mellon University). In 1949,he moved to New York City and began a career in, magazine ,illustration and advertising. During the 1950s,he gained fame for his
  45. Involvement of his church and pastor in the October 1970 edition of Guideposts, magazine ,and in his book Return to Earth. Webster Presbyterian possesses the chalice
  46. Mao Zedong was created in 1973. He also founded, with Gerard Malaga, Interview, magazine , and published The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (1975). An idea expressed in the
  47. And joins the strike. *Bertram Scudder is an editorial writer for the, magazine ,The Future. He typically bashes business and businessmen, but he never says
  48. Ensuing scramble Andes took the more famous color photo, later picked by Life, magazine ,as one of its hundred photos of the century. Then, after talking about what
  49. Developing the device. Both Lindbergh and Carrel appeared on the cover of Time, magazine ,on June 13, 1938. Cellular senescence Carrel was also interested in the
  50. 1912–1993) who wrote the" Deep-Sky Wonders" column in Sky & Telescope, magazine ,for almost 50 years. * Albert G. In galls (1888–1958),editor of Amateur

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