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  1. Apparently to prevent Queen Draga's brother being named heir, but in, reality ,to replace Alexander Obrenović with Peter Karađorđević, a conspiracy was
  2. Of 100 stocks in order to trade in their exchange. Citation needed? Is the, reality ,that NYSE traded only 100 share blocks, and the small firms had too little
  3. That traditional formalist considerations were archaic and did not apply to, reality , Though some, Diana Trilling, for example, have pointed to Ginsberg's
  4. Assemblage of drivers from different racing disciplines, and formed for an MTV, reality ,pilot which was shot at Mazda Raceway Laguna Sea. In December 2005 the FIA
  5. Authority" even though such" undoubted certitude is not built on the rock of, reality ,". According to Viktor Frank, the author of Man's Search for Meaning, when a
  6. Of magic were able to make it function, and where the consequences of such, reality ,would not, in fact, disturb history to such an extent as to make it plainly
  7. Become insoluble. " – the only form of anarchism that could possibly exist in, reality , as, he argues, any other form presupposes an authoritarian enforcement of
  8. The mindand he held that society does not exist but" the individuals are its, reality ,". Sterner advocated self-assertion and foresaw unions of egoists
  9. Would arise from various religious traditions throughout the 20th century. In, reality , Wallace developed his own distinct evolutionary views which diverged from
  10. Been convinced by his biogeographical research in the Malay Archipelago of the, reality ,of evolution. As he later wrote in his autobiography: The problem then was not
  11. Jewish mystics who believed in reincarnation simply accepted it as a divine, reality , Although there is no reference to reincarnation in the Talmud or any prior
  12. Cite Einstein's axioms, the more so since they concern subtle points on the ", reality ," and" locality" of experiments. In any respect, the role of axioms in
  13. His students so they can explore more of them. Eventually each settles in the, reality ,most suitable for him or her. Some of the worlds they visit are mundane, some
  14. Channel series Caprice, in the season one episode" Unvanquished," the virtual, reality ,personage known as Zoe-A walks through New Cap City with a dark hooded cloak on
  15. Were not considered contradictory but rather layers in the multiple facets of, reality , Gods were worshiped in cult temples administered by priests acting on the king
  16. Governor is technically the most powerful person in Alberta, he is in, reality ,a figurehead whose actions are restricted by custom and constitutional
  17. At séances, he came to accept that the belief was connected to a natural, reality , For the rest of his life, he remained convinced that at least some séance
  18. Criticisms directed towards Ptolemy, Alhazen continued to accept the physical, reality ,of the geocentric model of the universe, presenting a detailed description of
  19. Kathak,Rand's aesthetics defined art as a" selective re-creation of, reality ,according to an artist's metaphysical value-judgments. " According to Rand
  20. Wallace, American football player *1982 – Adrianne Curry, American model and, reality ,television personality * 1982 – Kevin van der Percent, Belgian figure skater *
  21. Is puzzled as to why three women's names were" given to a tract which is in, reality ,one" ( Europa, Asia,and Libya, referring to Africa),stating that most
  22. In us that we name" will," what he is saying is that we participate in the, reality ,of an otherwise unachievable world outside the mind through will. We cannot
  23. Is in Throne of Blood, as a blind force ... heroism ceases to be a problem or a, reality , " According to Prince, the filmmaker’s vision eventually became so bleak that
  24. Quest was to discover a universal ethical philosophy, anchored in a universal, reality , and make it directly available to all of humanity. Education Born in
  25. On the Configuration of the World: While he attempted to discover the physical, reality ,behind Ptolemy's mathematical model, he developed the concept of a single orb
  26. Remarked," This country does not need a Talleyrand, but a Saint-Just. " The, reality ,of the bloody postwar tribunals soon changed his mind: Camus publicly reversed
  27. In classical Greece the emphasis is not given to the illusive imaginative, reality ,represented by the ideal forms, but to the analogies and the interaction of the
  28. A phony league of friendship with the Egyptian co-ruler Ptolemy Lathers. In, reality ,Antaeus sought the assistance of Lathers’ mother, Cleopatra III, against her
  29. We cannot prove that our mental picture of an outside world corresponds with a, reality ,by reasoning; through will, we know – without thinking – that the world can
  30. The assertion that" Ueshiba's transcendence to the spiritual and universal, reality ,was the fundamentals sic of the paradigm that he demonstrated. " The character
  31. The British government. The characters of Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty had in, reality ,been a set of prototype programs written for the Analytical Engine. This short
  32. Compilers APL programs are normally interpreted and less often compiled. In, reality , most APL compilers translated source APL to a lower level language such as C
  33. The old mythical language which ascribed divine control to various spheres of, reality , This was a common practice for the Greek philosophers in a society which saw
  34. And uncertainty, which ends only in death. In the face of this metaphysical, reality , what must be the response of individuals? Should they resign themselves to it
  35. Are we afraid of doing the hard policy yards necessary to turn that vision into, reality , Parties of the Center Left around the world are wrestling with a similar
  36. Brahminic philosophy. For Schweitzer, Mankind had to accept that objective, reality ,is ethically neutral. It could then affirm a new Enlightenment through
  37. And to have laid the groundwork for the artificial heart, which became a, reality ,decades later. Some critics of Lindbergh claimed that Carrel overstated
  38. For the modern assembly line by making interchangeable parts a practical, reality , The transition to other methods began as manufacturers took advantage of the
  39. Ahab's contribution was reckoned at 2,000 chariots and 10,000 men. In, reality , however, the number of chariots in Ahab's forces was probably closer to
  40. And through will, if not through logic, we can participate in the underlying, reality ,beyond mere phenomena. It is for this reason that Schopenhauer identifies the
  41. Performed“ signs” before his people which impressed them with a belief in the, reality ,of the divine mission of the brothers (Exodus 4:15–16). At the command of
  42. Noumenon was what Kant called the Ding a Such, the " Thing in Itself ",the, reality ,that is the foundation of our sensory and mental representations of an external
  43. Thinkers see agnosticism as a limitation of the mind's capacity to know, reality ,other than material objects. Some atheists also criticize the use of the term
  44. Allegorical level. The plague that carries people off unexpectedly echoes the, reality ,of the occupation, in which people could be snatched from their homes by the
  45. To a lower price point and by doing so turned a huge potential market into a, reality , Not only did this mean that Ford enjoyed much larger demand, but the resulting
  46. Subsequently elected king on 14 September 791. The events of his reign are in, reality ,almost unknown. Poets of a later generation invented the story of the secret
  47. The existence or nonexistence of a deity or deities, and the nature of ultimate, reality ,is unknowable by reason of our natural inability to verify any experience with
  48. Been explored in stories such as Larry Niven's All the Myriad Ways, where the, reality ,of all possible universes leads to an epidemic of suicide and crime because
  49. Himself in his own small world, which is completely cut off from the everyday, reality ,of the majority of Japanese. The nickname Tenn is used in this sense to create
  50. Angles to one another, while both common and useful, do not correspond with the, reality , Conformation The structural formula and the bond angles are not usually

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