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  1. Also provided in-flight educational games for children. The travel kits and the, educational ,game programs have been utilized by most major airlines for 25 years. 1978's
  2. National Geographic Society staff members were also on board, embarking on an, educational ,trip west to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara
  3. York) and later as Charlemagne's leading advisor on ecclesiastical and, educational ,matters. From 796 until his death he was Abbot of the great monastery of St.
  4. Was finally replaced by Point. All through the nineteenth century the French, educational ,system struggled with the separation of Church and State. The Catholic Church
  5. Festivals and first-run features as well as community events and, educational ,activities. AFI Digital Content Lab The AFI Digital Content Lab is a research
  6. University Service of Canada is a volunteer organization dedicated to bringing, educational , health and other services to nations that need them the most. The regional
  7. Life to providing the capital for purposes of public interest and social and, educational ,advancement. He was a powerful supporter of the movement for spelling reform as
  8. From Mercia; and Asset, from St. David's in south-western Wales. Alfred's, educational ,ambitions seem to have extended beyond the establishment of a court school.
  9. Create and/or regulate universities, colleges,technical institutions and other, educational ,forms and institutions (public charter schools, private schools, home
  10. Important role in the Afghan culture. Poetry has always been one of the major, educational ,pillars in the region, to the level that it has integrated itself into culture.
  11. San Nicolas, and Santa Cruz, where it is headquartered. Education Aruba's, educational ,system is patterned after the Dutch system of education. There are 68 schools
  12. Notebook introduced in 2006,replacing the iBook, now only being sold to, educational ,institutions. * MacBook Pro, professional notebook introduced in 2006
  13. Of 2.2 years later) to nineteen matched controls. Scores on IQ tests and, educational ,achievement were lower for the young onset ADAM group (average IQ 90)
  14. Bell's name is widely known and still used as part of the names of dozens of, educational ,institutes, corporate namesakes, street and place names around the world.
  15. Jacobsen, located in the city center. The city hall is included in the national, educational ,canon for culture as an example of important architectural work. There are many
  16. To teach him their methods. Gallaudet then traveled to Paris and learned the, educational ,methods of the Royal Institution for the Deaf with sign language, a combination
  17. Culture. Generally, the upper and middle classes shun Antigua Creole. The, educational ,system dissuades the use of Antigua Creole and instruction is done in Standard
  18. Socio-economic reconstruction efforts, including power, roads,agricultural and, educational ,projects. There are also military ties between Afghanistan and India, which is
  19. Schemes, authors are paid a fee for the number of copies of their books in, educational ,and/or public libraries. These days, many authors supplement their income from
  20. for maintaining the pronunciation in certain words (often with religious or, educational ,overtones) borrowed from the Classical language. * is pronounced as an
  21. Yearbook concept have been adopted in the design of the One Laptop Per Child, educational ,platform, with which Kay is actively involved. After 10 years at Xerox PARC
  22. Is the second lowest in the United States (after Mississippi). The largest, educational ,gains were among people with some college education but without degrees.
  23. For a budget of £60,000,it is a black comedy/adult drama. Cultural cinema, educational ,work and local film events are provided by The Belmont Picture house on Belmont
  24. Theodore, the Visigoth is preponderant. We owe to him, too,manuals used in his, educational ,work - a grammar and works on rhetoric and dialectics. They are written in the
  25. And learned of the Logo programming language, a dialect of Lisp optimized for, educational ,use. This led him to learn of the work of Jean Piaget, Jerome Brunei, Lev
  26. Family relations, social contacts, work options, economic independence, educational ,advancement, and cultural enrichment. " Therefore, under Title II no person
  27. The inspiration for a series of Modern Schools in the United States,Tolstoy's, educational ,experiments were short-lived due to harassment by the Tsarist secret police.
  28. Is an acronym for Association for Tourism and Leisure Education, a European, educational ,project * Atlas V (boat),a Belgian tug boat used by the resistance in World
  29. Ideal. Kay is a prominent co-developer of the computer, focusing on its, educational ,software using Squeak and Toys. Reinventing programming Kay has lectured
  30. Of democracy; preservation of the ethnic and religious tolerance; scientific, educational ,and cultural policy and preservation of moral values; economic and social
  31. Fruit lands Lane and Alcott collaborated on a major expansion of their, educational ,theories into a Utopian society. Alcott, however,was still in debt and could
  32. Schools. As of May 2004.30 % of people in the ACT aged 15–64 had a level of, educational ,attainment equal to at least a bachelor's degree, significantly higher that
  33. Phones. AFI Screen Nation AFI Screen Nation is a Website featuring AFI-produced, educational ,materials and tips for new filmmakers to share work, receive recognition and
  34. Slates to each student — paid for by himself. Alcott had been influenced by, educational ,philosophy of the Swiss pedagogue Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and even re-named
  35. Graphical user interface (GUI). Because the Yearbook was conceived as an, educational ,platform, Kay is considered to be one of the first researchers into mobile
  36. Armenian officer corps honors the tradition and is trained at Russian military, educational ,establishments. Currently,600 Armenian servicemen are being trained in Russia.
  37. Bishop of New France (d. 1708) *1651 – Jean-Baptiste de La Sale, French, educational , reformer,Catholic saint (d. 1719) *1664 – François Louis, Prince of Cont
  38. The foundation for future generations of liberal education. Many of Alcott's, educational ,principles are still used in classrooms today, including " teach by
  39. Priests may earn their living by any vocation, although employment by, educational ,institutions or charitable organizations is most common. Priests also serve as
  40. In First Class and Business Class cabins, and also provided in-flight, educational ,games for children. The travel kits and the educational game programs have been
  41. Administrators and other campus organizations; providing cultural, diversity, educational , and social programming; establishing and working with individual hall councils
  42. First-level degrees in nursing, computer science, business administration, and, educational , sciences,in addition to higher professional education courses. The only two
  43. Been found. Further excavations in 1866 and 1897 were inconclusive. A number of, educational ,establishments are named in Alfred's honor. These include: *The University of
  44. Influence was his elementary school teacher Mr Ashikaga, whose progressive, educational ,practices ignited in his young pupil first a love of drawing and then an
  45. University, which was awarded university status in 1992,make Aberdeen the, educational ,center of the north-east. The traditional industries of fishing, paper-making
  46. Society, the MIT research laboratories unveiled a new laptop computer, for, educational , use around the world. It has many names: the $100 Laptop, the One Laptop per
  47. Financially for most of his life. Nevertheless, he continued focusing on, educational ,projects and opened a new school at the end of his life in 1879. He died in
  48. Of John L. Lawrence who had new duties with Science Research Associates,an, educational ,company bought by IBM in 1964. Lawrence asked Iverson and his group to help
  49. Expensive materials of the Alfred jewel. Historian Richard Abel's sees Alfred's, educational ,and military reforms as complementary. Restoring religion and learning in
  50. Cooperation. In the first years of sovereignty when Armenia lacked a military, educational ,establishment of its own, officers of its army were trained in Russia. Even now

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