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  1. That took control of Albania after World War II persecuted and suppressed, religious ,observance and institutions and entirely banned religion to the point where
  2. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures, and a core aspect of various, religious ,traditions, though the concept of 'others' toward whom concern should be
  3. Density, ethnicity,education level, health of the populace, economic status, religious ,affiliations and other aspects of the population. From the ethnic point of view
  4. Communities, Mahayana Buddhism is easily syncretized with Taoism, thus exact, religious ,statistics is difficult to obtain and may be understated or overstated. The
  5. State. Alaskan Hindus often share venues and celebrations with members of other, religious ,communities including Sikhs and Jains. Economy The 2007 gross state product was
  6. Tom Carson described her books as" capitalism's version of middlebrow, religious ,novels" such as | publisher Condé Nast Publications | date October 27, 2009 |
  7. Forms too. India and Tibet saw emphasis on painted sculptures and dance, while, religious , painting borrowed many conventions from sculpture and tended to bright
  8. In the numerous editions of The Golden Bough, analyzed similarities in, religious ,belief and symbolism globally. Neither Taylor nor Fraser, however,was
  9. By Morita Yeshiva as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy,and, religious ,beliefs. Aikido is often translated as" the Way of unifying (with) life
  10. Policy means; strengthening of democracy; preservation of the ethnic and, religious ,tolerance; scientific, educational and cultural policy and preservation of
  11. Including for example Andrei Ruble which features an epilogue in color of, religious ,icon paintings, as well as Polaris, The Mirror, and Stalker, which feature
  12. More technocrats than the previous one, which was dominated by fundamentalist, religious ,figures such as Chief Justice Faisal Ahmad Shipyard who issued several
  13. Reading from the Book of Genesis) demanding that their astronauts refrain from, religious ,activities while in space. As such, Aldrin chose to refrain from directly
  14. Etymology, genetics,regional analysis, ethnology,history, philosophy,and, religious ,studies, it is difficult to characterize the entire field in a brief article
  15. Schools of Ancient Greek philosophy seem to originate in this region. A lot of, religious ,elements including the inspiration oracular-cult were transmitted from the
  16. In Greek letters. Albanian writings from these centuries must not have been, religious ,texts only, but historical chronicles too. They are mentioned by the humanist
  17. To be a new language variant. Religion There are about 1000 mostly Christian, religious ,communities in Angola. While reliable statistics are entirely nonexistent
  18. Alphabet (1939–1991). The changes in alphabet have been largely molded by, religious ,and political forces. Education A relatively high percentage of Azerbaijanis
  19. And would serve as the archetype for the next phase of alchemy. He was not a, religious ,scholar as were many of his predecessors, and his entire interest in the
  20. Arabia. The concepts associated with the term Allah (as a deity) differ among, religious ,traditions. In pre-Islamic Arabia among pagan Arabs, Allah was not considered
  21. Along with Pacific Northwest states Washington and Oregon, as being the least, religious ,in the U. S. According to statistics collected by the Association of Religion
  22. Lincoln's beliefs and philosophy; e.g. whether Lincoln's frequent use of, religious ,imagery and language reflected his own personal beliefs or was a device to
  23. In recent years, Azerbaijan has also become a popular destination for, religious , spa, and health care tourism. The Government of Azerbaijan has set the
  24. Is easily syncretized with Mahayana Buddhism for many Chinese, thus exact, religious ,statistics is difficult to obtain and may be understated or overstated. Culture
  25. And Roma. Religion There are no official statistics regarding, religious ,affiliation in Albania. The CIA World Factbook gives a distribution of 70 %
  26. In use. However, alchemy also included various non-scientific mythological, religious , and spiritual concepts, theories and practices. Overview The best known goals
  27. By Polykleitos. Finally, Praxiteles seems to be released from any art and, religious ,conformities and his masterpieces are a mixture of naturalism with utilization.
  28. Which first appear in the archaic period in Greece. This type served certain, religious ,needs and was first proposed for what was previously thought to be depictions
  29. Could name all four of the Christian Gospels. Of those who indicated a, religious ,preference,59 % said they possessed a" full understanding" of their faith
  30. Structural change. Initial alterations have included the reestablishment of, religious ,education (banned during the Soviet period) and curriculum changes that have
  31. Proposed by later anthropologists. Taylor also theorized about the origins of, religious ,feelings in human beings, proposing a theory of animism as the earliest stage
  32. Theoretical physics or mathematics. (see main article) Einstein's views on, religious ,belief have been collected from interviews and original writings. These views
  33. Intermarriage) or as professionals (e.g. medical doctors). The largest, religious ,denomination is Roman Catholicism, to which adheres about half the population
  34. And North Korea are officially atheist, thus the number of Buddhists and other, religious ,adherents may be under-reported. Jainism is found mainly in India and in
  35. According to the US State Department, estimates for active participation in, religious ,services are between 25 and 40 %. The Albanians first appear in the historical
  36. Of a number of co-educational schools, quickly alienated many tribal and, religious ,leaders. Faced with overwhelming armed opposition, Amanullah Khan was forced to
  37. Seemingly anarchistic Taoist teachings and that of other anti-authoritarian, religious ,traditions creating a complex relationship regarding the question as to whether
  38. Of Religion Data Archives, about 39 % of Alaska residents were members of, religious ,congregations. Evangelical Protestants had 78,070 members, Roman Catholics had
  39. Confirmed Bell's theorem, which had been promulgated in 1964. Political and, religious ,views Albert Einstein's political views emerged publicly in the middle of the
  40. Argue, he regarded the republicanism of the Founding Fathers with an almost, religious ,reverence. Some historians also conclude that when he suffered the death of his
  41. The welcome music. The song is often included in songbooks in a wide variety of, religious ,congregations in the United States. Lyrics: O beautiful for spacious skies,
  42. 1990. There are about 4,000 active Jehovah's witnesses in Albania. Among other, religious ,organizations making inroads into this nation is The Church of Jesus Christ of
  43. Society was that of the apostles. " Such a distinction reverberates subversive, religious ,conceptions like the aforementioned seemingly anarchistic Taoist teachings and
  44. Tortured and murdered thousands of members of the traditional elite,the, religious ,establishment, and the intelligentsia. And made a number of statements on women
  45. Confined to some remote rural areas. In a study assessing nations' levels of, religious ,regulation and persecution with scores ranging from 0 to 10 where 0 represented
  46. A. D.),highlight the spiritual nature of the alchemical quest, symbolic of a, religious ,regeneration of the human soul. This approach continued in the Middle Ages, as
  47. Take up arms to defend the U. S. He claimed a philosophical, rather than a, religious ,objection, and therefore was not exempt under the McCarry Act. So, he withdrew
  48. Surgical procedures to induce abortion. The legality, prevalence,cultural and, religious ,status of abortion vary substantially around the world. In many parts of the
  49. The country. No reliable data are available on active participation in formal, religious ,services, and estimates range from 25 % to 40 %. The first recorded Albanian
  50. Make the individual politically and spiritually free to decide for himself on, religious ,matters. A number of contributors to Liberty (anarchist publication) were

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