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  1. Of the proposed mechanisms are: * Selective investment theory – a theoretical, proposal ,for the evolution of long-term, high-cost altruism * Sexual selection, in
  2. Accepted his proposal . If she did not and put it beside her, she rejected his, proposal , When a man became engaged to a woman, or they learned that their engagement had
  3. Means of parody ". While Swift’s proposal is obviously not a serious economic, proposal , George Wittkowsky, author of" Swift’s Modest Proposal: The Biography of an
  4. Pedersen and Louis Helmsmen) but has no currency today. Miller made his, proposal ,before the relationship between the Semitic and the other Afroasiatic languages
  5. Was chosen and given the name Ada—after Augusta Ada, Countess of Lovelace. This, proposal ,was influenced by the programming language IS that ICHEICH and his group had
  6. To get a position through the Center National de la Recherché Scientific. The, proposal , entitled Esquire d'un Program (" Program Sketch" ) describes new ideas
  7. Should be pushed back to use more labor productively, Smith added his own, proposal , that productive labor should be made even more productive by deepening the
  8. To marry, and to convert Prussia into a hereditary duchy for himself. This, proposal , which was understandably appealing to Albert, had already been discussed by
  9. Their common movement forward. The committee was incensed by the traditional, proposal , but Rodin would not yield. In 1895,Calais succeeded in having Burghers
  10. And generate electricity through a magneto hydrodynamic generator. One more, proposal ,which utilizes the high nuclear fission rate of 242mAm is a nuclear battery.
  11. Preferred to avoid confusion with meet with meaning" receive, undergo " (the, proposal ,was met with disapproval). The construction meet up with (as in to meet up
  12. Bissau. In 1912,now armed with a medical degree, Schweitzer made a definite, proposal ,to go as a medical doctor to work at his own expense in the Paris Missionary
  13. Some respects different from, and even opposite to, that of the public ... The, proposal ,of any new law or regulation of commerce which comes from this order, ought
  14. Short time during the late 20th Century, Harry Lindgren's 1969 spelling reform, proposal ,(Spelling Reform 1 or SR1) was popular in Australia and was adopted by the
  15. A preposition to introduce a prepositional phrase (Absent any objections,the, proposal ,was approved. ). The equivalent in BRE would be In the absence of any
  16. Almost inconceivable perversion of his scheme" and" the ridiculousness of the, proposal ," create a situation in which the reader has" to consider just what perverted
  17. Shock value to some readers who were not exposed to Swift's original 'modest, proposal ,'. Notes The alkali metals are a series of chemical elements in the periodic
  18. With 25 million speakers. Bonny Sands (2009) believes the most convincing, proposal ,is by Save and Tosca (2003),namely that Angola is an East Cushitic language
  19. Although Grothendieck himself never published his work in this area,the, proposal ,became the inspiration for work by other mathematicians and the source of the
  20. Marriage to Marie's sister Marguerite of France, but before 1186,when his, proposal ,was accepted. John Jay Parry, the editor of De More, quotes critic Robert
  21. Overrode his veto and the Civil Rights measure became law. The last moderate, proposal ,was the Fourteenth Amendment, also written by Trumbull. It was designed to put
  22. A real or pretended offer of alliance from the Mongol general Eljigidei, and a, proposal ,of a joint attack upon the Islamic powers of Syria. In reply to this the French
  23. Career, for the most part, ended when he left the IVES. In 1984, he wrote a, proposal ,to get a position through the Center National de la Recherché Scientific. The
  24. The Red and Green proposal s passed to the next phase. In May 1979,the Green, proposal , designed by Jean ICHEICH at CII Honeywell Bull, was chosen and given the name
  25. Wrote to Attila strenuously denying the legitimacy of the supposed marriage, proposal , Attila sent an emissary to Ravenna to proclaim that Honor was innocent, that
  26. Argued for a relation between Semitic and the Indo-European languages. This, proposal ,was accepted by some linguists (e.g. Holder Pedersen and Louis Helmsmen)
  27. Sent an emissary to Ravenna to proclaim that Honor was innocent, that the, proposal ,had been legitimate, and that he would come to claim what was rightfully his.
  28. World car. The Audi image at this time was a conservative one, and so,a, proposal ,from chassis engineer Jörg Ben singer was accepted to develop the four-wheel
  29. Nobel's first love was in Russia with a girl named Alexandra, who rejected his, proposal , In 1876 Austro-Bohemian Countess Bertha Kinsey became Alfred Nobel's
  30. His plans to seize and govern Hart on behalf of the British. Although the, proposal ,seemed to have been approved, the plans of the British were thwarted by the
  31. Hückel's rule on others. Jensen argues that in line with Robinson's original, proposal , the use of the circle symbol should be limited to monocyclic 6 pi-electron
  32. Annihilating each other. Schuster's ideas were not a serious theoretical, proposal , merely speculation, and like the previous ideas, differed from the modern
  33. Arithmetician" to show the utter ridiculousness of trying to prove any, proposal ,with dispassionate statistics. Critics differ about Swift’s intentions in using
  34. Mating the most magnanimous men with the cleverest and most gifted women. This, proposal ,constitutes my Utopia and my Platonic Republic ". Analysts (e.g., Keith
  35. Argument is being carried out by means of parody ". While Swift’s, proposal ,is obviously not a serious economic proposal , George Wittkowsky, author of "
  36. Went through a transformation from an originally classical competition entry, proposal ,to the completed high-modernist building. Yet his humanistic approach is in
  37. Was granted, thus funding Viewpoints Research Institute for several years. The, proposal ,title is: Steps Toward the Reinvention of Programming: A compact and Practical
  38. Her, and returned the rest to her. If the woman ate the rest, she accepted his, proposal , If she did not and put it beside her, she rejected his proposal . When a man
  39. Of all four of the occupying powers, and the Soviets adamantly opposed any such, proposal , Release and later life Speer's release from prison was a worldwide media
  40. The equivalent in BRE would be In the absence of any objections,the, proposal ,was approved; this form is also common in AME. Phrasal verbs * Influenced by
  41. To impose what many critics labeled a" gag rule" on its employees. The, proposal ,included the rule that" a board member may publicly disagree with an ACLU
  42. Definition of" effective method" in terms of" a machine ". S. C. Kleene's, proposal ,of a precursor to" Church thesis" that he called" Thesis I ", and a few
  43. Next to Bell's boarding house, it was clear that Mr. Sanders was backing the, proposal , The arrangement was for teacher and student to continue their work together
  44. And the bloated code of commercial software. On 31 August 2006,Kay's, proposal ,to the United States National Science Foundation, NSF,was granted, thus
  45. Scenario by way of illustration: two men have clashed in the assembly about a, proposal ,put by one of them; it passed, and now the two of them go to court with the
  46. The only thing that might happen is that it would punish those who had made the, proposal ,that it had agreed to. If a mistake had been made, from the assembly's
  47. Supported alternative medicine research. In 2009 a group of scientists made a, proposal ,to shut down the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
  48. Philosophy. Edmund Wilson argues that statistically" the logic of the 'Modest, proposal ,' can be compared with defense of crime (arrogated to Marx) in which he
  49. Civil wars, that he once again assume command of the provinces. The senate's, proposal ,was a ratification of Octavian's extra-constitutional power. Through the
  50. Engagement ring – in the spring of 450. Though Honor may not have intended a, proposal ,of marriage, Attila chose to interpret her message as such. He accepted, asking

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