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  1. Subjunctive, jussive and energetic). There are also two participles (, active ,and passive) and a verbal noun, but no infinitive. The past and non-past
  2. Meanings and each with its own templates for the past and non-past stems, active ,and passive participles, and verbal noun. These are referred to by Western
  3. Is almost certain to spark a new war if it remains unresolved. Azerbaijan is an, active ,member of international coalitions fighting international terrorism. The
  4. The new democratic institutions worked, notably the National Assembly, with the, active ,participation of UNITA's and the FNLA's elected MPs - while José Eduardo dos
  5. Fountainhead and political activism During the 1940s,Rand became politically, active , Both she and her husband worked full time in volunteer positions for the 1940
  6. Passage be understood literally; that motion can indeed be understood as the, active ,fulfillment of a potential, as a transition toward a potentially possible state
  7. Ethics. All aspects of Aristotle's philosophy continue to be the object of, active ,academic study today. Though Aristotle wrote many elegant treatises and
  8. Army Day (26 June) in today's Azerbaijan. As of 2002,Azerbaijan had 95,000, active , personnel in its armed forces. There are also 17,000 paramilitary troops. The
  9. His house in Paris, where he was acting as Spanish ambassador, and he became an, active ,supporter of the struggle of the fledgling Colonies, recommending an early and
  10. Islands chain extends west from the southern tip of the Alaska Peninsula. Many, active ,volcanoes are found in the Aleutians and in coastal regions. UNIMA Island, for
  11. S States of Europe. As the novel progresses, Danneskjöld begins to become, active ,in American waters. Danneskjöld's action is to restore to other creative
  12. Army and the Afghan National Army Air Force. It currently has about 160,000, active , soldiers and is expected to reach 260,000 in the coming years. Its unemployment
  13. And Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. There is also a large and, active ,private sector of post-secondary institutions, mostly Christian Universities
  14. And Means, An Encyclopedia of Pacifism, and Pacifism and Philosophy, and was an, active ,member of the Peace Pledge Union. The U. S. In 1937,Huxley moved to Hollywood
  15. Scientists. But by the 1940s,many of Boas' anthropologist contemporaries were, active ,in the allied war effort against the" Axis" ( Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy
  16. Are found in the north of the country. No reliable data are available on, active ,participation in formal religious services, and estimates range from 25 % to 40
  17. Most important decisions. More than 25,000 American Revolutionaries died during, active ,military service. About 8,000 of these deaths were in battle; the other 17,000
  18. English trade unionists, socialists and social democrats. Due to its links to, active ,workers' movements, the International became a significant organization. Karl
  19. Alaska Natives, while organized in and around their communities, have been, active ,within the Native corporations. These have been given ownership over large
  20. Literary work. In 1987 Gotten helped found the Ayn Rand Society, and has been, active ,in sponsoring seminars about Rand and her ideas. Smith has written several
  21. Muslim, and 36 % Christian. According to the US State Department, estimates for, active ,participation in religious services are between 25 and 40 %. The Albanians
  22. Of the General Union of Anarchists (Draft),was supported. Platformism groups, active ,today include the Workers Solidarity Movement in Ireland and the North Eastern
  23. Cubs (most often two or three) during the rainy season, when termites are, active , The first six to eight weeks are spent in the den with the
  24. Joined the Communist International. The revolutionary wave of 1917–23 saw the, active ,participation of anarchists in varying degrees of protagonism. In the German
  25. They are conjugated in two major paradigms (past and non-past); two voices (, active ,and passive); and five moods (indicative, imperative,subjunctive, jussive
  26. Groups and the use of decentralized technologies such as the internet. Other, active ,syndicalist movements include in Sweden the Central Organization of the Workers
  27. An anarcho-syndicalist successor to the First International, also remain, active , Anarchist schools of thought Anarchist schools of thought had been generally
  28. First formed after independence in 1912. Albania reduced the number of, active ,troops from a 1988 number of 65,000 to a 2009 number of 14,500 with a small
  29. Project Camelot). Many anthropologists (students and teachers) were, active ,in the antiwar movement. Numerous resolutions condemning the war in all its
  30. Have turned up surprisingly little (although anthropologist Hugo Noting was, active ,in the stillborn Project Camelot). Many anthropologists (students and
  31. Groups wishing to promote the independence of Alberta in some form currently, active ,in the province. In the 2008 provincial election, held on March 3,2008,the
  32. Into hand flapping and rocking—to high functioning individuals who may have, active ,but distinctly odd social approaches, narrowly focused interests, and verbose
  33. Take place in the city. There are many popular spots for skateboarding which is, active ,in the city since the 1980s. Skaters in Ankara usually meet in the park near
  34. Feature of the Alaska Highway system is the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel,an, active ,Alaska Railroad tunnel recently upgraded to provide a paved roadway link with
  35. Coming about can be attributed to four different types of simultaneously, active ,causal factors: *Material cause describes the material out of which something
  36. And copies of the Reminder List of Eligible Releases are mailed to around 6000, active , members. For most categories, members from each of the branches vote to
  37. Both dissident Marxists and anarchists. Anarchists in France and Italy were, active ,in the Resistance during World War II. Post-war years. Anarchism continued to
  38. Attention to the technique, the partner and the immediate environment—it is an, active ,rather than a passive receiving of Aikido. The fall itself is part of Aikido
  39. Was the Filial translation which was printed in 1990. There are about 4,000, active ,Jehovah's witnesses in Albania. Among other religious organizations making
  40. To peacekeeping efforts in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. Azerbaijan is an, active ,member of NATO's Partnership for Peace program. It also maintains good
  41. While maintaining/improving their health (standing frame, standing wheelchair, active ,stander). * Walking products to aid people with disabilities who are able to
  42. Latin America. In Latin America in particular" The anarchists quickly became, active ,in organizing craft and industrial workers throughout South and Central America
  43. Of Religion and 0 on Religious Persecution. Foreign missionaries were very, active ,prior to independence in 1975,although since the beginning of the
  44. The United States. " After the war, nationalists,especially those who had been, active ,in the Continental Army, complained that the Articles were too weak for an
  45. Heritage. Azerbaijan is one of the six independent Turkic states as well as the, active ,members of the Turkic Council and the TURKEY community. Azerbaijan has
  46. Of Aesop. Views on women Aristotle's analysis of procreation describes an, active , ensuing masculine element bringing life to an inert, passive female element.
  47. Spent his childhood in Brevets. He was described by childhood friends as, active ,and popular, having many friends and being typically in the center of action.
  48. Developmental disorders, and demonstrating the benefits of involving parents in, active ,programs of therapy. As late as the mid-1970s there was little evidence of a
  49. Is insurrectionary anarchism, which advocates informal organization and, active ,resistance to the state; its proponents include Wolf Landsteiner and Alfredo
  50. On that occasion. He was introduced to mescaline (considered to be the key, active ,ingredient of peyote) by the psychiatrist Humphry Ormond in 1953. Through Dr.

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