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  1. Of film and she handed him the wrong one, he would immediately recognize the, error , though she had taken detailed notes on each shot, and he had not. She compared
  2. One after the other until, when only one was still alive, the accounting, error ,was discovered and that last surviving treasurer was acquitted. This was
  3. i.e. by exhaustive search (examples to be found at Busy beaver),trial and, error , cleverness, insight,application of inductive reasoning, etc. Observe that
  4. A vital feature of the Newton handwriting recognition system is the modeless, error ,correction. That is, correction done in situ without using a separate window or
  5. A statement to terminate is not allowed. This allows for a better quality of, error ,messages. Code for complex systems is typically maintained for many years, by
  6. Disrupted, and indeed 511 David, the same size as Sylvia to within measurement, error , is estimated to be two and a half times as massive, though this is highly
  7. Outcome. However, appeals may be costly, and the appellate court must find an, error ,on the part of the court below that justifies upsetting the verdict. Therefore
  8. Language statements into machine code. Some may regard this as imprecision or, error , However, this usage has been common among professionals and in the literature
  9. For artistic reasons. Affirming the consequent, sometimes called converse, error , is a formal fallacy, committed by reasoning in the form: #If P, then Q. #Q.
  10. It allows compact encoding, but is less reliable for data transmission; an, error ,in transmitting the shift code typically makes a long part of the transmission
  11. Are then analyzed using statistical methods to compute data estimates and, error ,ranges. Computer programs *
  12. Citizens from across all of Afghanistan's 34 provinces. The margin of sampling, error ,in that survey is 4.4 percent, at a 95 percent confidence interval. To
  13. Not have resulted had the court acted properly. Some examples of reversible, error ,would be erroneously instructing the jury on the law applicable to the case
  14. Are Latin for" Indian Bee ";" APIs" ( Latin for" bee" ) is presumably an, error ,for" Avis" or" bird ". This confusion seems to have prompted a renamed of two
  15. Circle). Though the dissection used in this formula is only approximate,the, error ,becomes smaller and smaller as the circle is partitioned into more and more
  16. Etc. and can provide warnings and useful suggestions on how to fix the, error , Ada also supports run-time checks to protect against access to unallocated
  17. Side is called a respondent (in most common-law countries),defendant in, error , appealed (in the United States) or defender (under Scots law). A
  18. Critical LM engines were successfully tested (though a computer programming, error ,cut one test firing short),including an in-flight test of the second stage
  19. North American argued unsuccessfully that it was not responsible for the fatal, error ,in spacecraft atmosphere design. Finally, Webb contacted Atwood, and demanded
  20. That encounters the ignorance of the world of Lack and interacts to rectify the, error ,of ignorance in the world of materiality. Abraham stones A vast number of
  21. And clearly deprived the defendant of a fair trial; 4. If subject to harmless, error ,analysis, the state has failed to demonstrate harmlessness of the alleged
  22. U. S. audiences would never go for the final chapter, in which Alex sees the, error ,of his ways, decides he has lost all energy for and thrill from violence and
  23. Will turn in the opposite direction, to correct, to some degree, the archer's, error , Further, an effect that does not actually give enhanced accuracy, except in
  24. Weaknesses. The only two mistakes she is ever recorded making are a typing, error ,during the events of Hickory Hickory Dock and the fishtailing of an electricity
  25. Status A party who files an appeal is called an appellant, plaintiff in, error , petitioner or pursuer, and a party on the other side is called a respondent (
  26. To succeed, the appellant must prove that the lower court committed reversible, error , that is, an impermissible action by the court acted to cause a result that was
  27. Is to be taken into account otherwise the results may be subject to, error , Most common rock-forming minerals are anisotropic, including quartz and
  28. When the transducer is angled obliquely. This can be a source of interpretation, error ,for inexperienced practitioners. In diffusion tensor imaging, anisotropy
  29. Are those heuristic algorithms that additionally provide some bounds on the, error , Genetic algorithms attempt to find solutions to problems by mimicking
  30. The best single predictor in the sense of having the lowest root mean squared, error , ) *For a normal distribution, the arithmetic mean is equal to both the median
  31. Y_I should be zero, but the second pass compensates for any small, error , A stable one-pass algorithm exists, similar to the one above, that computes
  32. Have turned toward God will experience gladness, while those who have lived in, error ,will become aware of the opportunities they have lost. Also, in the Bahá'í view
  33. Or read in one second. The reliability of the system was limited to about 1, error , in 100,000 calculations by these units, primarily attributed to lack of control
  34. Positioning, the twin weights also resist rotation instigated by a bow-hand, error , If this error were not reduced, left or right shots would occur, because the
  35. S gravity would then slingshot the stage into solar orbit. However, a small, error ,in the state vector in the Saturn's guidance system caused the S-IVB to fly
  36. Test of time better than his retelling of the reports of others, which contain, error ,and superstition. He dissected animals but not humans; his ideas on how the
  37. And executed one by one until before the trial of the tenth and last an, error ,of accounting was discovered, allowing him to go free. (Antiphon 5.69–70)
  38. And can give poor results for very large data sets due to repeated round off, error ,in the accumulation of the sums. Techniques such as compensated summation can
  39. Continuity between Cauchy's rigor and Weierstrass rigor is a methodological, error ,; again see Klein's comment on the two strands. To Cauchy, rigor meant
  40. The sums. Techniques such as compensated summation can be used to combat this, error ,to a degree. Compensated variant The compensated-summation version of the
  41. Direct appeal, a prisoner challenges the grounds of the conviction based on an, error ,that occurred at trial or some other stage in the adjudicative process.
  42. They developed and used the logico-deductive method as a means of avoiding, error , and for structuring and communicating knowledge. Aristotle's posterior
  43. Changed their functional meanings. In addition to removing parsing and some, error ,checking from the main execution path, such compilation also streamlines the
  44. Be preserved at trial. This mean that the defendant had to object to the, error ,when it occurred in the trial. Because constitutional claims are of great
  45. Two-sample t-tests would result in an increased chance of committing a type I, error , For this reason, ANOVAs are useful in comparing two, three or more means.
  46. With others in our Universe. Statistics A fundamental aspect of asymmetry is, error ,correction. Various factors introduce error s into the measurement of stellar
  47. Unpreserved claims: 1. The record is adequate to review the alleged claim of, error ,; 2. The claim is of constitutional magnitude alleging the violation of a
  48. Unstable when n_A \approx n_B and both are large, because the numerical, error ,in \bar x_B - \bar x_A is not scaled down in the way that it is in the n_B 1
  49. Could record eight bits in one position, it also allowed for a parity bit for, error ,checking if desired. Eight-bit machines (with octets as the native data type)
  50. The priest (Zechariah). While the priest denied, the Virgin rectified the, error , No wonder that the Lord, wishing to rescue the world, began his work with Mary

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