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  1. Part of Asian countries and Africa and will have transmission for TV, radio ,broadcasting and the internet. The launch of its own satellite on orbit will be
  2. La Mollie del Benita). * Butter In a Lordly Dish (horror/detective, radio ,play, adapted from The Woman and the Ken ite) * Eugenia and Eugenics (stage
  3. Said he could, and so he briefly participated in the actual recording. The, radio ,broadcast of the September 8,1937, Hollywood Bowl George Gershwin Memorial
  4. The Attorney General and his or her deputies; and control the activity of state, radio ,and television, state news agency and other official information media. Armed
  5. Available. Radio series of Arabic language classes are also provided from some, radio ,stations. A number of websites on the Internet provide online classes for all
  6. Control over it in this model. Examples of this type of communication include, radio ,and traditional television programs such as the news. Boldewijn, Jan L. and van
  7. Hidden-object game) (PC) Unpublished material * Personal Call (supernatural, radio ,play, featuring Inspector Narrator who also appeared in The Stanford Mystery;
  8. 4.50 From Paddington for instance),and many have been adapted for television, radio , video games and comics. In 1968,Booker Books, a subsidiary of the
  9. With a rugged face, who comments on events in Oran that he hears about on the, radio ,and in the newspapers. *Dr. Castle: Dr. Castle is one of Rieux's medical
  10. Up the BMI Award along the way as one of the most played songs on American, radio ,in 1975. The success of the group in the United States had until that time been
  11. With his mother. At times when he was confined to bed, he drew, listened to the, radio ,and collected pictures of movie stars around his bed. Warhol later described
  12. Radio i Television d'Andorra (RTA). Radio National d’Andorra operates two, radio ,stations, Radio Andorra and Andorra Music. There are three national newspapers
  13. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do ", which again received little airplay on, radio ,1 but managed to climb the charts, to number 38. Later in 1975,the release of
  14. The distribution resources to meet the demand for the single from retailers and, radio ,programmers. The foursome decided to record their first album together in the
  15. Entirely from astronomical survey or space observatory data. Others work with, radio ,telescopes like the Very Large Array, which is entirely automated, although it
  16. Experiment with wavelengths outside the visible spectrum. An early pioneer of, radio ,astronomy was Wrote Refer, an amateur astronomer who constructed the first
  17. 1911–2002),pioneer of radio astronomy constructing the first purpose built, radio ,telescope and conducted the first sky survey in the radio frequency. Prizes
  18. For the stage in Moscow, the opera Boris Godunov in London, and directed a, radio ,production of the short story Turnabout by William Faulkner. He also wrote
  19. However, on September 1,2010,when Agassi appeared on daily NYC public, radio ,program" The Brian Leader Show," Agassi stated that he is a registered
  20. Between 1920 and 1975 and set in the same era. Poirot has been portrayed on, radio , on screen, for films and television, by various actors, including John Matt
  21. And 'segment' buttons – designed to control all in-car entertainment devices (, radio , CD changer, iPod,TV tuner),satellite navigation, heating and ventilation
  22. 2005,currently available in 8 and 16 GB models. The latest generation has an FM, radio , a pedometer, and a new multitouch interface that replaced the traditional
  23. The use of infrared filters on conventional telescopes, and also the use of, radio ,telescopes. Some amateur astronomers use home-made radio telescopes, while
  24. In Australia. Minutes later the feed was switched to the more sensitive Parks, radio ,telescope in Australia. Despite some technical and weather difficulties
  25. And also the use of radio telescopes. Some amateur astronomers use home-made, radio ,telescopes, while others use radio telescopes that were originally built for
  26. Written documents as well as in formal spoken occasions, such as lectures and, radio ,broadcasts) and the spoken Arabic varieties, spoken in a wide arc of territory
  27. Was Wrote Refer, an amateur astronomer who constructed the first purpose built, radio ,telescope in the late 1930s to follow up on the discovery of radio wavelength
  28. From Old Testament sources of creation In communications * broadcasting, radio ,broadcasting using amplitude modulation In geography In media In music * Adam
  29. Greatest Hits, a new compilation album. The single" Dancing Queen" received, radio ,airplay in the UK in summer 1992 to promote the upcoming ABBA Gold: Greatest
  30. At 68 hours and 58 minutes, the spacecraft went behind the Moon and out of, radio ,contact with the Earth. Image: AS8-13-2329. JPG|thumb|The first Earthrise
  31. Knob, along with 'main function' direct access buttons – with shortcuts to the, radio ,or phone functions. The screen, either color or monochrome, is mounted on the
  32. Television (KKRT),Albania has an estimated 257 media outlets, including 66, radio , stations and 67 television stations, with three national,62 local and more
  33. Usually layer upon layer * Amplitude modulation, the technique used for AM, radio ,broadcasting In medicine and psychology In timekeeping * Ante Meridian, in
  34. National and traditional dresses are the Choke and Papal. There are, radio ,broadcasts in Russian, Armenian,Georgian, Kurdish,Begin and Talks languages
  35. Toured and performed regularly in the folk park circuit and made appearances on, radio ,and TV. She met Slaves briefly in 1963 during a talent contest, and Fatso
  36. e.g. moving from nearly pure MSA to a more mixed language in the process of a, radio ,interview, as the interviewee becomes more comfortable with the interviewer.
  37. Were registered, at least 15 local Afghan television channels and 60, radio , stations. Foreign radio stations, such as Voice of America, BBC World Service
  38. At least 15 local Afghan television channels and 60 radio stations. Foreign, radio ,stations, such as Voice of America, BBC World Service, and Radio Free
  39. Built radio telescope in the late 1930s to follow up on the discovery of, radio ,wavelength emissions from space by Karl Jan sky. Non-visual amateur astronomy
  40. Technical infrastructure for national broadcasting of digital television and, radio , By the end of 2010,it is planned that every home in the country will have
  41. Down, and the formal variety is spoken mostly in formal circumstances,e.g. in, radio ,broadcasts, formal lectures, parliamentary discussions, and to some extent
  42. Miss Marple was voiced by Yachigusa Karl. Radio There have been a number of, radio ,adaptations of the Poirot stories, most recently twenty-seven of them on BBC
  43. In astronomical photography. *Wrote Refer (1911–2002),pioneer of, radio ,astronomy constructing the first purpose built radio telescope and conducted
  44. The Concertgebouworkest was established. With the 20th century came cinema, radio ,and television. Though most studios are located in Hilversum and Palmer
  45. Shows exclusively local programs). There are also several local and regional, radio ,stations, such as V2C-AM 620,DREAM 1100,VYBZ-FM 92.9,and DFM 97.1.
  46. Newspaper published in 1906. By the 1920s,Radio Kabul was broadcasting local, radio ,services. Afghanistan National Television was launched in 1974 but was closed
  47. Local cesium clocks and comparisons to distant clocks using the phase of VLF, radio ,signals. Both the BIH scale and A.1 was defined by an epoch at the beginning of
  48. First purpose built radio telescope and conducted the first sky survey in the, radio ,frequency. Prizes recognizing amateur astronomers * Amateur Achievement Award
  49. Country home in France by the Nazis and imprisoned for a year. Wodehouse made, radio ,broadcasts about his internment, which were broadcast from Berlin. Although the
  50. Some amateur astronomers use home-made radio telescopes, while others use, radio ,telescopes that were originally built for astronomy research but have since

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