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  1. U. S. term affirmed; and the phrase appeal allowed is equivalent to the U. S., term ,reversed. Generally, there is no trial in an appellate court, only
  2. The University of Copenhagen),Holder Pedersen included Hamito-Semitic (the, term ,replaced by Afroasiatic) in his proposed Nostratic macro-family (cf. Pedersen
  3. Across the surface, depending on the geological and environmental features. The, term ,is derived from Latin albedo" whiteness ", in turn from Albus" white ", and
  4. Understood as description of locomotion. When used in the broader sense,the, term ,can include many groups. One source includes 97 different genera.
  5. Jurisdictions, however,the phrase appeal dismissed is equivalent to the U. S., term ,affirmed; and the phrase appeal allowed is equivalent to the U. S. term
  6. States had even grammatical consequences for the very name of the country. The, term ," the United States" has historically been used, sometimes in the plural ("
  7. The head of state is the president of Algeria, who is elected for a five-year, term , The president was formerly limited to two five-year term s but a constitutional
  8. Use of the term science carries a different meaning than that covered by the, term ," scientific method ". For Aristotle," all science (Diana) is either
  9. Republican Governor Wally Nickel was elected to the office for a second, term ,in 1990 after leaving the Republican Party and briefly joining the Alaskan
  10. Of the deed, on the path to an anarchist society. Etymology and term inology The, term ," Ideas on Liberty," May 1955. Its use as a synonym is still common outside
  11. Revolution in agriculture began with the Hatch Act of 1887,which used the, term ," agricultural science ". The Hatch Act was driven by farmers' interest in
  12. Reconstruction. Discussions with his cabinet revealed Lincoln planned short, term ,military control over southern states, until readmission under the control of
  13. And developed under a state program spearheaded by Hammond during his second, term ,as governor. Delta-area crops consist predominately of barley and hay. Alaska
  14. State Representative Lisa Murkowski as his successor. She won a full six-year, term ,in 2004 and 2010. Cities, towns and boroughs Alaska is not divided into
  15. Along the stretch of northern Africa known as the Barbary Coast (a medieval, term ,for the Maghreb after its Berber inhabitants),but their predation was said to
  16. Was the period between 1983 and 1987 when George Wallace was serving his fourth, term ,as governor and Bill Bailey was serving as Lieutenant Governor; both were
  17. Prefix with elision of any term inal vowel (-a or -o) from the basic numerical, term , Hence, pentane,C5H12; humane,C6H14; heptane,C7H16; octane,C8H18; etc. The
  18. The concept has a long history in philosophical and ethical thought. The, term ,was originally coined in the 19th century by the founding sociologist and
  19. Being held by Republican Don Young, who was re-elected to his 19th consecutive, term ,in 2008. Alaska's At-large congressional district is currently the world's
  20. In the host. Endosymbiosis algae in the Stony Corals are described by the, term ,zooxanthellae, with the host Stony Corals called on that account hermetic
  21. The same over the past 70 years. Some animation producers have used the, term ," traditional" to describe CEL animation which makes extensive use of computer
  22. Societies in those disciplines as well. History The first use of the, term ," anthropology" in English to refer to a natural science of humanity was
  23. To acids and bases (see: carbon acids). This inertness is the source of the, term ,paraffin (with the meaning here of" lacking affinity" ). In crude oil the
  24. First entered the English language in 1642,during the English Civil War, as a, term ,of abuse, used by Royalists against their Round head opponents. In opposition to
  25. Some of these variations as" ASCII extensions ", although some misuse that, term ,to represent all variants, including those that do not preserve ASCII's
  26. Theory of forms (idea: ideas). Hours (male youth) is the modern, term ,given to those representations of standing male youths which first appear in
  27. Alchimia, and which is in turn from the Arabic Alicia (الكيمياء). This, term ,itself is derived from the Ancient Greek chimera (χημεία) or chemical (χημία)
  28. Examples are as follows. Lichens (hence" photoing" is the more accurate, term ,). A photoing may be associated with many specific symbionts or live
  29. The wide majority of production practices employed by America’s farmers. The, term ,depicts the push for innovation, stewardship and advancements continually made
  30. Either direct, or indirect (for instance from recognition of the giving). The, term ,altruism may also refer to an ethical doctrine that claims that individuals are
  31. To win the presidency, Lincoln,who had pledged in 1846 to serve only one, term ,in the House, supported General Zachary Taylor for the Whig nomination in the
  32. Sources suggest the title comes from the black boots settlers wore, but the, term ,seems not to have been widely used until the time of the Algerian War of
  33. defendant's actual innocence. Appellate review is the general, term ,for the process by which courts with appellate jurisdiction take jurisdiction
  34. Body except for his heel. As he died because of a small wound on his heel,the, term ," Achilles' heel" has come to mean a person's principal weakness. Etymology
  35. shipowner),company in Saint Petersburg, Russia * Alien (signifier), term , used in literature and criticism * Alien Sun (born 1974),Singapore-born
  36. Anarchists have also questioned the concept of schooling per se. The, term ,schooling was popularized by Ivan Tillich, who argued that the school as an
  37. Which he also would describe as" science ". Note, however,that his use of the, term ,science carries a different meaning than that covered by the term " scientific
  38. 1800s using the least squares. In physics and psychology, researchers included a, term ,for the operator-effect, the influence of a particular person on measurements
  39. Aristotelian logic, Aristotle himself would have labeled" analytics ". The, term ," logic" he reserved to mean dialectics. Most of Aristotle's work is probably
  40. Views are often classified as conservative or libertarian, she preferred the, term ," radical for capitalism ". She worked with conservatives on political projects
  41. Orders of Lissamphibia. Etymology Amphibian is derived from the Ancient Greek, term ,ἀμφίβιος amphibious, which means both kinds of life, amphi meaning“ both” and
  42. Sources regard this as outdated as they are now considered to be bacteria. The, term ,algae is now restricted to eukaryotic organisms. All true algae therefore have
  43. Means both kinds of life, amphi meaning“ both” and bio meaning life. The, term ,was initially used for all kinds of combined natures. Eventually it was used to
  44. Band leader Harmon Oscar Nelson; one of the earliest mentions in print of the, term ,Oscar dates back to a Time magazine article about the 1934 6th Academy Awards.
  45. Zeno of Cilium, the founder of Stoicism, also introduced similar topics. The, term ," anarchist" first entered the English language in 1642,during the English
  46. Patent of the transgenic material. Modern agriculture is a, term ,used to describe the wide majority of production practices employed by
  47. Origins in the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. The, term ,". Anthropology's basic concerns are" What defines human life and society? "
  48. Was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives, where he served one two-year, term , He was the only Whig in the Illinois delegation, but he showed his party
  49. Is clear, is a method to derive the central tendency of a sample space. The, term ," arithmetic mean" is preferred in mathematics and statistics because it helps
  50. Themselves are polyphyletic and subject to some imprecision in definition,the, term ," amoebic" does not provide identification of an organism, and is better

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