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  1. a dozen major recording artists. The Broadway musical Beatlemania, a nostalgia, revue , opened in early 1977 and proved popular, spinning off five separate touring
  2. Its fiercest pranksters; In 1927,his antimilitarist satirical cartoon in the, revue ,of the school, coauthored with Georges Languished, forced the director Gustave
  3. Broadway debut came in 1934,when she was cast in that year's Ziegfeld Follies, revue , This role was the first in which she was credited as Eve Arden. She chose that
  4. Of things with John Madman and James Lupine. " Lupine created a" multimedia, revue ,", formerly titled Sondheim: a Musical Revue, which had been scheduled to
  5. Kendra, David Hatch, Jonathan Lynn, Humphrey Barclay, and Jo Kendall. Their, revue , A Clump of Plinths, was so successful at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe that
  6. On and off Broadway. *Jerome Kern Goes to Hollywood (1986) – Broadway, revue ,consisting solely of Kern songs with lyrics by twelve different writers *Big
  7. Again resulted from the successful 1963 Cambridge University Footlights Club, revue ,A Clump of Plinths. After having its title changed to Cambridge Circus, the
  8. He married American Elsie Chilton in 1933,the same year he debuted with his, revue ,acts. Bore started touring extensively in Europe, where he began telling
  9. From Not Only .... But Also and Goodbye Again with new material into the stage, revue ,Behind the Fridge. This toured Australia in 1972 before transferring to New
  10. Offered in which women were the primary attraction. These could range from the, revue ,(such as a" Broadway Revue" ) with fully clothed performers to the racier "
  11. Sentiment was echoed further in 1930 by Igor Stravinsky, when he stated in the, revue ,Culture UND Schalplatte that" there will be a greater interest in creating
  12. Le Dynamism Created de Dieu: Essie SUR la Theologies Du Process, édition, revue , modified et augmented (Paris: Van Daren,2000,ISBN 2911087267). * For
  13. To be on the professional stage by playing himself in 88 performances of the, revue ,A Thurber Carnival (which echoes the title of his 1945 book, The Thurber
  14. Also translated her anthropological work into the performing arts, and her folk, revue , The Great Day premiered at the John Golden Theatre in New York in 1932.
  15. In several Cambridge University Footlights Club productions. One of these,a, revue ,called A Clump of Plinths, was so successful at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  16. With lyrics by twelve different writers *Big Deal (1986) – a Bob Fosse dance, revue ,; includes" Pick Yourself Up" *Something Wonderful (1995) – concert
  17. Maude. Macy was also an original cast member of the long-running theatrical, revue ,Oh! Calcutta!. Since Maude was canceled in 1978,he has made more than 70
  18. West End in London and later New Zealand and Broadway in September 1964. The, revue ,appeared in October 1964 on The Ed Sullivan Show. Career Before Python Cheese
  19. Cook wrote for Kenneth Williams, for whom he created a West End comedy, revue ,called One Over the Eight, before finding prominence in his own right in a
  20. He was featured alongside Chevy Chase and John Belushi in the Off-Broadway, revue ,National Lampoon's Lemmings. One of his earliest films includes a bit part as
  21. A Clump of Plinths. After having its title changed to Cambridge Circus,the, revue ,went on to play at West End in London, England,followed by a tour of New
  22. Were published in book form, and were then adapted into a West End stage, revue ,as Anyone for Denis?, starring Wells as Denis Thatcher. The stage show was
  23. Employed between 40 and 50 people for the James Brown Revue, and members of the, revue ,traveled with him in a bus to cities and towns all over the country, performing
  24. Demolition, of the past performers of the" Weismann's Follies," a musical, revue ,(based on the Ziegfeld Follies),that played in that theater between the
  25. Supply; Kaye struggled for bookings. One of the jobs was working in a burlesque, revue ,with fan dancer Sally Rand. After the dancer dropped one of her fans while
  26. Cette biographies en tandem Alec cell de Horst Altars (1999),parse days la, revue ,Newt Blanche: http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.1522/030141313 Le Commissary et LE
  27. Career in theater, starting as early as 1960,when Allen wrote sketches for the, revue ,From A to Z. His first great success was Don't Drink the Water, which opened
  28. Between Scotland and England. *1886 – The Flies Bergère stages its first, revue , *1902 – American Old West: Second-in-command of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch
  29. Acting performance, he danced dressed as a woman in the chorus line of the 1919, revue , Every Sailor. He spent several years in vaudeville as a hoofer and comedian
  30. Writers *Jerome Kern: All the Things You Are (2008) – K T Sullivan's, revue ,biography of Kern featuring Kern's songs *Come Fly Away – a Twila Tharp dance
  31. UK and the US. As a soundtrack for Cirque du Soleil's Las Vegas Beatles stage, revue ,Love, George Martin and his son Giles remixed and blended 130 of the band's
  32. Comedy Tonight" from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. A new, revue , Secret Sondheim ... a celebration of his lesser known work, conceived and
  33. With Reverend Run, Dicky Beats, Duane Beats, Peter Wolf, Lynyrd Skyward, in a, revue ,style) *2008: Rock n Rebels Tour (with Lanyard Skyward and Backdoor Slam)
  34. Return, where he wrote and co-directed their musical as part of the all-student, revue , was also a member of Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity, and a
  35. Speaks of his aspiration to play the role of Angel. The off-Broadway musical, revue ,Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back includes parodies of Rent songs such as" Rant
  36. Revived in 1995) – one-man play; included" Ol' Man River" *Dream (1997) –, revue ,– includes" You Were Never Lovelier "," I'm Old Fashioned ", and " Dearly
  37. Piece of musical theater of the 1930s was Hellzapoppin (1938),a, revue ,with audience participation, which played for 1,404 performances, setting a new
  38. As Basil Faulty) that there was no show ready that week, so a" tatty, revue ," would be broadcast instead. However, the 1979 general election intervened
  39. Edinburgh Festival Fringe that they renamed it Cambridge Circus, and took the, revue ,to the West End in London and later New Zealand and Broadway in September 1964.
  40. Met Gilliam in New York while on tour with the Cambridge University Footlights, revue ,Cambridge Circus (originally entitled A Clump of Plinths). Chapman, Cleese
  41. Version of Les Misérables. After Lerner's death, Paul Blake made a musical, revue ,based on Lerner's lyrics and life. Almost Like Being in Love featured music by
  42. It was likely intended to offer ironic comment on Oh! Calcutta!, the theatrical, revue ,for which it served as an introductory piece). In his theater of the late
  43. I'm Old Fashioned ", and " Dearly Beloved" *Swing! (1999) – dance, revue ,; includes" I Won't Dance" *Elaine Stretch at Liberty (2002) – one-woman
  44. Anime and Manga comics has developed. Other current musical forms include the, revue , Another recent genre of musicals, called " jukebox musicals" ( for instance
  45. In the pit orchestra of the successful musical Hot Chocolate, an all-black, revue ,written by Andy RAAF and pianist/composer Fats Waller. He also made a cameo
  46. Vaudeville act had led to them becoming stars on Broadway, first with a musical, revue , I'll Say She Is (1924–1925) and then with two musical comedies, The
  47. Biography of Kern featuring Kern's songs *Come Fly Away – a Twila Tharp dance, revue ,; includes" Pick Yourself Up" Kern's songs Among the more than 700 songs by
  48. In the context of a Britney Spears concert, does it really matter? Like a Vegas, revue ,show, you don't go to hear the music, you go for the somewhat-ridiculous
  49. Theatre * Leonard Sillman's New Faces of 1952 (1952) (sketches for a, revue ,) * The Producers (2001) (composer, lyricist,co-book-writer, producer; Tony
  50. Album, is a representative example: Among the MCs who worked with Brown and his, revue ,through the years,Brown's the most famous MC was Danny Ray, who appeared on stage

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