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  1. S discovery that a magnetic needle is acted on by a voltaic current. Only a, week ,later, on 18 September, Ampère presented a paper to the Academy containing a
  2. Hypotheses would not be saved indefinitely. If the user returned to a note a, week ,later, for example, they would only see the best match. Error correction in
  3. Motorcycle Rally is held the first full week in August each year. * The middle, week ,of August is the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. * The Penn sic War, a
  4. Which many aspects of Welsh art and culture are celebrated. * During the first, week ,of August in Sweden, the Medieval Week of Wispy in Got land is held each year. *
  5. The Medieval Week of Wispy in Got land is held each year. * During the first, week ,of August is World Breastfeeding Week. * The Surges Motorcycle Rally is held
  6. Entry ceremony for schools) are usually held later, around second, week ,of April. *Good Friday (Christians) – a Friday between March 20 and April 23
  7. July in all years, and January in leap years. April ends on the same day of the, week ,as December every year. April's holidays and events *National Arab American
  8. Then a civilian, visited Lincoln in the White House during inauguration, week ,and was" sadly disappointed" at Lincoln seems failure to realize that "
  9. Leap years February starts on the same day. August ends on the same day of the, week ,as November every year. Other names * In Arabic, the month is called or; usage
  10. Counts of failing to report gifts on Senate financial disclosed forms one, week ,before the election. The conviction was set aside in April 2009 after evidence
  11. Major Northern newspaper editors expected victory within 90 days. Twice a, week , Lincoln would meet with his cabinet in the afternoon, and occasionally Mary
  12. With him, is quoted by Ronald Lewin as having said of Turing: in the first, week ,of June each year he would get a bad attack of hay fever, and he would cycle to
  13. Daily newspaper is The Advertiser, published by News Corporation six days a, week , while the Sunday paper is the Sunday Mail. There are eleven suburban community
  14. Across the northern Atlantic Ocean without a kick board, stopping for only one, week ,in the Azores. *In 1999,after rowing for 81 days and 4,767 kilometers (2,962
  15. In the Northern Hemisphere and vice versa. April starts on the same day of the, week ,as July in all years, and January in leap years. April ends on the same day of
  16. The UNICEF; see Music for UNICEF Concert. The single was released the following, week , and peaked at number 1 in ten countries. North American and European tours In
  17. 13. He was interested most in reading, and he made three trips to the library a, week , He would save his money to buy books (his personal library exceeded 12,000
  18. Location work in the primeval forest of NARA, wrapped on August 17. Just one, week ,was spent in hurried post-production, hampered by a studio fire, and the
  19. Of the first person (such as the word" I" ), and avoid using it for a, week ,or more. Should they say the word he instructed them to cut themselves with a
  20. Persons of rank at one time, besides relieving the poor of the vicinity twice a, week , He had his country houses and fisheries, and when he travelled to attend
  21. August is" Indian Week" for the Penobscot Tribe in Old Town, Maine. In this, week , members of the Penobscot Tribe from all over Maine venture to the Penobscot
  22. Persecution of homosexuals. The Cubans sent him to Czechoslovakia, where one, week ,after being named the Oral males (" King of Males" – students '
  23. Hemisphere. In common years no other month starts on the same day of the, week ,as August, though in leap years February starts on the same day. August ends on
  24. Dreams peaked at number 10. Both records debuted on the UK chart within one, week ,of each other. " Ring Ring" failed to reach the Top 30 in the United Kingdom
  25. Such as Edwin M. Stanton and Andrew Johnson as well. Lincoln spent many hours a, week ,talking to politicians from across the land and using his patronage
  26. Labor government in Queensland, the first in the world, which lasted one, week , Sections of state Labor and the Australian labor movement were mixed in
  27. His brother John who had emigrated to California years before. He also spent a, week ,in Colorado, with the American botanist Alice Eastwood as his guide, exploring
  28. Tracked the travels of another Penn student on spring break in Acapulco just a, week ,after the dissemination of the email, while Bill O'Reilly devoted a segment of
  29. Per week , compared with $466 nationally. The median family income is $1,137 per, week , compared with $1,171 nationally. The Northern suburbs' unemployment rate is
  30. As 'Suction (or surgical) Termination Of Pregnancy' ( STOP). From the 15th, week , until approximately the 26th,dilation and evacuation (D&E) is used. DE
  31. Mean" fortnightly" ( once every two week s – 26 times a year),OR" twice a, week ," (104 times a year). If" bi week ly" is used in a conversation about a
  32. Worked in the factory, with employees regularly working more than 60 hours per, week , The article also reported that workers made around $100 per month and were
  33. The diverse group of musicians recorded the basis of their first album in one, week , This album, Volume 1: Sound Magic, was released by Real World Records in 1996
  34. But with additional antiphons and canticles, etc. for specific days of the, week , specific psalms, etc. See, for example, Order of the Holy Cross and Order of
  35. Travelled to London to promote The Singles: The First Ten Years in the first, week ,of November 1982,appearing on Saturday Superstore and The Late, Late Breakfast
  36. Gathering of the Society for Creative Anachronism, takes place about the first, week ,of August every year. * The first week of August is" Indian Week" for the
  37. Anachronism, takes place about the first week of August every year. * The first, week ,of August is" Indian Week" for the Penobscot Tribe in Old Town, Maine. In
  38. World Breastfeeding Week. * The Surges Motorcycle Rally is held the first full, week ,in August each year. * The middle week of August is the peak of the Perseid
  39. Is National Goat Cheese Month. Weeklong events in August * During the first, week ,of August in Wales, the National Eisteddfod of Wales is held, in which many
  40. Warhol's PORK opened on May 5,1971, at LaMama theater in New York for a two, week ,run and was brought to the Roundhouse in London for a longer run in August
  41. Then 300,000 units on that day and reaching 500,000 by the end of the first, week , In May of the same year,Apple's market cap exceeded that of competitor
  42. Anglican and Roman Catholic priests and lay people often meet several times a, week ,to pray the office in common. A small but enthusiastic minority use the
  43. Offer NASA the opportunity to catch up. Johnson responded approximately one, week ,later, concluding that" we are neither making maximum effort nor achieving
  44. Of 1989 provides different outlines for Matins and Evensong on each day of the, week , as well as" Midday Prayer "," Night Prayer" and" Family Prayer ". Some
  45. Of 2006),it is seen in about 2 % of ADAM cases, Death is common in the first, week ,and overall mortality is about 70 %, An acute monophasic illness, EAE is far
  46. Median week ly individual income for people aged 15 years and over is $447 per, week , compared with $466 nationally. The median family income is $1,137 per week
  47. Worker pay from $2.50 per day to $5.00 per day and to reduce the hourly work, week ,while continuously lowering the Model T price. These goals appear altruistic;
  48. And The Late, Late Breakfast Show, and also to West Germany in the second, week , to perform on Show Express. On 19 November 1982,ABBA appeared for the last
  49. The first female cadet matriculated at The Citadel (she drops out less than a, week ,later). *1998 – Olaf bomb in Northern Ireland, the worst terrorist incident
  50. Alaska's Institute of Technology. Campuses in Seward and Anchorage offer 1, week , to 11-month training programs in areas as diverse as Information Technology

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