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  1. And released it exclusively digital on August 29, 2009. The band is set to, begin ,writing a new record this year. Aztlan Underground were nominated for four
  2. Aruba's complete independence was rescinded in 1995,although the process can, begin ,again after a referendum. Law The Aruba legal system is based on the Dutch
  3. D. C. *1936 – First day of the Arab revolt in Palestine. *1940 – The Allies, begin ,their attack on the Norwegian town of Marvin which is occupied by Nazi Germany.
  4. Germany might be developing an atomic weapon, and recommended that the U. S., begin ,similar research; this eventually led to what would become the Manhattan
  5. Range of individual artworks. How would you proceed with your task? One way to, begin ,is to examine the materials each artist selected in making an object, image
  6. Of volunteers to fight the plague. He wants to do this before the authorities, begin ,to conscript people, and he does not like the official plan to get prisoners to
  7. All rational statements that assert a factual claim about the universe that, begin ," I believe that ...." are simply shorthand for," Based on my knowledge
  8. Go to the building housing the offices of Vice-Chancellor Franz von Paper to, begin ,its conversion into a security headquarters, even though it was still occupied
  9. Awake since early morning. However, they elected to forgo the sleep period and, begin ,the preparations for the EVA early, thinking that they would be unable to sleep
  10. Serge Silberman, who had produced Luis Buñuel's final movies. Filming did not, begin ,until December 1983 and lasted more than a year. In January 1985,production of
  11. Major was a follower of Herder, and an early Ideologist. Schopenhauer did not, begin ,a serious study of the India texts, however,until the summer of 1814.
  12. Without a major fight, which allowed Union forces to, begin ,moving up the Mississippi. Only the fortress city of Vicksburg, Mississippi
  13. War began in earnest in 1862. Upon the strong urging of President Lincoln to, begin ,offensive operations, McClellan attacked Virginia in the spring of 1862 by way
  14. Killed in a shootout. *1972 – Vietnam War: Easter Offensive – American forces, begin ,sustained air strikes and naval bombardments. * 1973 – The American League of
  15. To each other, without an intervening consonant). Some words do underlying, begin ,with a vowel, such as the definite article all- or words such as" he bought "
  16. As a corollary field to his own primary field of philosophy. He did, however, begin , teaching an annual course in anthropology in 1772. Anthropology is thus
  17. Russell notes that" almost every serious intellectual advance has had to, begin ,with an attack on some Aristotelian doctrine ". Russell also refers to
  18. To open," in allusion to its being the season when trees and flowers, begin ,to" open," which is supported by comparison with the modern Greek use of
  19. Version of the screenplay was not even finished by the time filming was to, begin ,in autumn 1966. The shoot, which required snow, was moved to autumn 1967,then
  20. A notice of appeal is a form or document that in many cases is required to, begin ,an appeal. The form is completed by the appellant or by the appellant's legal
  21. S crew would use CSM-104. On September 9,the crew entered the simulators to, begin ,their preparation for the flight. By the time the mission flew, the crew had
  22. To eight weeks are spent in the den with the mother. After three months, they, begin , supervised foraging and by four months are normally independent. However, they
  23. A roof can be assembled using lengths of wood or metal to create a framework to, begin ,layering adobe bricks. Depending on the thickness of the adobe bricks, the
  24. Loses more credence when viewed in light of the fact that Schopenhauer did not, begin ,a serious study of Buddhism until after the publication of The World as Will
  25. In the affairs of Greece. Still occupied in Thrace, Philip ordered Alexander to, begin ,mustering an army for a campaign in Greece. Concerned with the possibility of
  26. Some 24 hieroglyphs which are called uniliterals, to represent syllables that, begin ,with a single consonant of their language, plus a vowel (or no vowel) to be
  27. Keynote address on June 6,2005,Steve Jobs announced that Apple would, begin ,producing Intel-based Mac computers in 2006. On January 10, 2006,the new
  28. The Affair at the Victory Ball ", which saw Poirot enter the high society and, begin ,his career as a private detective. Between the world wars, Poirot travelled all
  29. Hours following the crash. *2009 – The Burmese military junta and ethnic armies, begin ,three days of violent clashes in the Kong Special Region. Births *1407 –
  30. The surrounding air (convection) before they warm through to the interior and, begin ,to transfer heat to the living space. After the sun sets and the temperature
  31. Remained undiagnosed at age 8 years. Although the symptoms of autism and ASD, begin ,early in childhood, they are sometimes missed; years later, adults may seek
  32. According to the latest news, the next census containing ethnographic data will, begin ,in April 2011 with EU counsels assisting in certain fields. The pilot census is
  33. Organizations exist in Azerbaijan, yet few funds have been allocated to, begin ,the necessary cleanup and prevention programs. Over-fishing by poachers is
  34. From anxiety in long tunnels, in airplanes, or in small rooms. My heart would, begin ,to race, I would become breathless, the diaphragm would seem to grow heavy, and
  35. Are associated. Interactions between the immune system and the nervous system, begin ,early during the embryonic stage of life, and successful neurodevelopmental
  36. Is case-based reasoning, also known as casuistry. Casuistry does not, begin ,with theory, rather it starts with the immediate facts of a real and concrete
  37. And communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs all, begin ,before a child is three years old. The prevalence of autism is about 1–2 per
  38. For the world, causing confusion and incompatibility once other countries did, begin ,to make their own assignments to these code points. ISO/IEC 646,like ASCII
  39. On attrition. Once the beams are laid across the building, it is then time to, begin ,the placing of adobe bricks to create the roof. An adobe roof is often laid
  40. Petals, produced singly or in pairs before the leaves in early spring. Almonds, begin ,bearing an economic crop in the third year after planting. Trees reach full
  41. War: Filipino guerrillas launch a surprise attack on U. S. infantry and, begin ,a four-day siege of Causing, Philippines. *1912 – The British passenger liner
  42. Affects daily activity and depresses the spirit of the townspeople, who, begin , to feel isolated and introverted, and the plague begin s to affect various
  43. Been divided on whether if believed that abortion was murder, and did not, begin ,vigorously opposing abortion until the 19th century. However, abortion is
  44. Led to the higher land plants. The point where these non-algal plants, begin ,and algae stop is usually taken to be the presence of reproductive organs with
  45. This was done successfully—that he claims he was inspired the very next day to, begin ,incorporating shots of the sun into his television work. It was Coppola who
  46. Fans. *1989 – Upon HU Yaobang's death, the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, begin , in the People's Republic of China. *1992 – The National Assembly of Vietnam
  47. Necessity of daily exercise for health, Ibn Sing states: Massage Before you, begin ,to exercise it is important that you massage your muscles; as In Sing says on
  48. Part five By late January, the plague is in full retreat, and the townspeople, begin ,to celebrate the imminent opening of the town gates. Othón, however,does not
  49. Menes to his own time into 30 dynasties, a system still used today. He chose to, begin ,his official history with the king named" Men" ( or Menes in Greek) who was
  50. The town of Oran, thousands of rats, initially going unnoticed by the populace, begin ,to die in the streets. A hysteria develops soon after, causing the local

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