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  1. Wales, and tenders for a temporary jail were sought. Following a burglary,a, murder , and two attempted murder s in Adelaide during March 1838,Governor Hind marsh
  2. Is a human being with a right to live, making abortion morally the same as, murder , The latter position argues that a woman has certain reproductive rights
  3. Including certain criminal offenses by or against U. S. nationals, such as, murder , may apply to areas not under jurisdiction of other countries. To this end, the
  4. Out about this, he was furious with his mother. Alexander also ordered the, murder ,of At talus, Alexander spared the life of Arrhidaeus, who was by all accounts
  5. Or the threat of force, against persons (i.e., direct violence, assault, murder , ) or property (i.e., fraud,burglary, theft,taxation). The initiation of
  6. In 1858 when he defended William" Duff" Armstrong, who was on trial for the, murder ,of James Preston Metzger. The case is famous for Lincoln's use of a fact
  7. Those who would like to abolish it should be given the answer: 'First remove, murder ,from the world, and then capital punishment ought to follow. '" Seneca, Hobbes
  8. Worked hard on multilingual anagrams on the name of father James. A notorious, murder ,scandal, the Overbuy case, threw up two imperfect anagrams that were aided by
  9. Candela Veteran, Argentine actress *2005 – Cay lee Anthony, American child, murder ,victim (d. 2008) Deaths * 378 – Valets, Roman Emperor (killed in battle) (
  10. Of arsenic poisoning were somewhat ill-defined, it was frequently used for, murder ,until the advent of the Marsh test, a sensitive chemical test for its presence.
  11. In the first, Poirot is asked by the captain of a ship to investigate a, murder ,that has taken place on board (The gag being that Mitchell is playing both
  12. Middle and upper classes. Usually, the detective either stumbles across the, murder ,or is called upon by an old acquaintance, who is somehow involved. Gradually
  13. Level of radioisotope burden. Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko's 2006, murder , by radiation poisoning is thought to have been carried out with polonium-210
  14. Holloway's case *1990 – Content Ramsey, American beauty pageant contestant and, murder ,victim (d. 1996) Deaths *1162 – Ramon Banger IV, Count of Barcelona (b.
  15. General test is the Ranch test. ) Owing to its use by the ruling class to, murder ,one another and its potency and discreetness, arsenic has been called the
  16. Or exile, depending on the severity of the offense. Serious crimes such as, murder ,and tomb robbery were punished by execution, carried out by decapitation
  17. Smith, American borax magnate (b. 1846) *1934 – Linda Agostini, Australian, murder , victim known as the" Pajama Girl" ( b. 1905) *1944 – Georg von Roeselare
  18. These facilities have been subjected to various forms of violence, including, murder , attempted murder , kidnapping,stalking, assault,arson, and bombing.
  19. Justice by blackmailing his client Sir Joseph Higgins, who himself was plotting, murder ,and was unwise enough to let Poirot discover this. Poirot even sent Miss
  20. His handgun, stolen by a penniless young man who proceeds to use it to rob and, murder , Adapted from an unpublished novel by Kurosawa in the style of a favorite
  21. For Jewish settlement. The story follows a Jewish detective solving a, murder ,case in the Yiddish-speaking city of Site. Stylistically, Chabon borrows
  22. Over their (sub-)commanders. For civilians there was little security from, murder , rape and extortion. Mullah Omar started his movement with fewer than 50 armed
  23. To music. One critic observes that, in Seven Samurai," During episodes of, murder ,and mayhem, birds chirp in the background, as they do in the first scene when
  24. Women were badly served by the law. He considered abortion to be tantamount to, murder ,and thought little of a society that condoned it, believing that women, when
  25. Monks. Night Watch revolves around a repair of history after a time traveler's, murder ,of an important figure in Vimes's past. Thief of Time presents them
  26. And the hard work of the employees and to" separate the weapon as a weapon of, murder ,from the people who are producing it and to tell its history in our country. "
  27. The Church had previously been divided on whether if believed that abortion was, murder , and did not begin vigorously opposing abortion until the 19th century. However
  28. Heather,Theodoric's former governor Thesis was implicated in Amalaric's, murder ," and was certainly its prime beneficiary. " As for Carotid, in Gregory's
  29. That his air sickness prevents him from being more alert at the time of the, murder , Later in his life, we are told::" Always a man who had taken his stomach
  30. Lvov, Lublin and Random. After the invasion of Russia in 1941 a campaign of mass, murder , conducted by the Einsatzgruppen, culminated,between 1942 and 1945,in
  31. Have been subjected to various forms of violence, including murder , attempted, murder , kidnapping, stalking,assault, arson,and bombing. Anti-abortion violence has
  32. Eldest son, Absalom waited two years and avenged her by sending his servants to, murder ,Anon at a feast to which he had invited all the king's sons. () After this
  33. Related to the organizers of the rally were arrested and charged with the, murder ,of the deceased officer. The men became international political celebrities
  34. Sandlotter becomes the last woman in Sweden to be executed, for the 1889 Anglo, murder , *1909 – Alice Hurler Ramsey and three friends become the first women to
  35. Because there is no Mrs. McGillicuddy. Miss Marple herself sees an apparent, murder ,committed on a train running alongside hers. Likewise, it is Miss Marple
  36. Connections to a diverse range of artistic scenes during this time. Attempted, murder ,(1968) On June 3,1968,Valerie Sonatas shot Warhol and art critic and
  37. Was his opposition to the death penalty, which he regarded as state-sponsored, murder , However, years of activism, and fighting for the Republican side of the
  38. Cynosure Akutagawa's experimental short story In a Grove, which recounts the, murder ,of a samurai and the rape of his wife from various different and conflicting
  39. Principle::" For, apart from ruling out as unjustified all activities such as, murder , homicide, rape,trespass, robbery,burglary, theft,and fraud, the ethics of
  40. Construction workers. *1969 – Members of a cult led by Charles Manson brutally, murder ,pregnant actress Sharon Tate (wife of Roman Polanski),coffee heiress Abigail
  41. On mysticism in Book Four or Magic. Here he uses quotation marks for" ritual, murder ," and for" Christian" children. An article at The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
  42. As the police arrive. Part 2: Ludovico's Technique Sentenced to prison for, murder , Alex works in the prison library and gets taken under the wing of the prison
  43. In 1961,she employed it to dispatch a series of victims, the first clue to the, murder ,method coming from the victims' loss of hair. So accurate was her description
  44. By Ambrose for the massacre of 7,000 persons at Thessalonica in 390,after the, murder ,of the Roman governor there by rioters. Under Ambrose's zealous pressure
  45. Five Little Pigs (aka Murder in Retrospect),in which Poirot investigates a, murder ,committed sixteen years before by analyzing various accounts of the tragedy, is
  46. Of Baal, disobedience to prophetic warnings and words, and also because of the, murder ,of Na both. The murder of Na both (see Jezebel),an act of royal encroachment
  47. Rather than earlier ones. In her role as judge at Orestes' trial on the, murder ,of his mother, Clytemnestra (which he won),Athena won the epithet Athena
  48. Jess Collins, American artist (d. 2004) *1924 – Samuel Bowers, American, murder , and Ku Klux Klan leader (d. 2006) *1925 – Barbara Bates, American actress (
  49. To prophetic warnings and words, and also because of the murder of Na both. The, murder ,of Na both (see Jezebel),an act of royal encroachment, stirred up popular
  50. Editor. During this period he published 18 plays and 3 novels, including the, murder ,mystery The Red House Mystery (1922). His son was born in August 1920 and in

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