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  1. Ends ", it may also be necessary to obtain a license for the right to, modify ,the motion picture. If the motion picture is to be edited or modified the
  2. Bacterial drug resistance is the discovery and application of compounds that, modify ,resistance to common antibacterials. For example, some resistance- modify ing
  3. Produced for the PC are designed such that technically oriented consumers can, modify ,the game. These mods can add an extra dimension of replayability and interest.
  4. And other technical issues, hand mixing may not be practical. Acrylic painters, modify ,the appearance, hardness,flexibility, texture,and other characteristics of
  5. Comes with a free software license, granting the recipient the rights to, modify ,and redistribute the software. Software can also be in the form of freeware or
  6. Paths are not bound by the limits of rasterized images and are intuitive to, modify , Bézier's curves are also used in animation as a tool to control motion. Bézier
  7. Imperfective); Czech also makes heavy use of prepositional prefixes to, modify ,the precise meaning to the verb. For example, podepsat is a prefixed form of
  8. Functions may be called and variables may be assigned new values. To, modify ,the normal sequential execution of statements, C provides several control-flow
  9. Comfortable home. While the work was in progress, in 1826,the King decided to, modify ,the house into a palace with the help of his architect John Nash. Some
  10. And cross-pollination, and molecular techniques that genetically, modify ,the organism. Domestication of plants has, over the centuries increased yield
  11. Grip or bite, and allow proper sound production. Rosin may have additives to, modify ,the friction such as beeswax, gold,silver or tin. Commonly, rosins are
  12. Or by removing reaction intermediates such as free radicals. The inhibitor may, modify ,selectivity in addition to rate. For instance, in the reduction of ethane to
  13. Brian Pipped, motivated by penetration experiments, proposed that this would, modify ,the London equations via a new scale parameter called the coherence length.
  14. He replied: Eddington's proposed solution to the perceived problem was to, modify ,relativistic mechanics to make the law P=K1ρ5/3 universally applicable
  15. Even if only by consuming bandwidth, whereas viruses almost always corrupt or, modify ,files on a targeted computer. Payloads Many worms that have been created are
  16. To fly a kite, then that's usually too strong for boomerangs. Throwers can, modify ,various actions to achieve a closer return according to the conditions; the
  17. Appetite" Binary Clock" Graphics 150,80,16,3; Copy, modify ,and redistribute this source with no limit;
  18. To: Here it is implicitly assumed that operations on a stack instance do not, modify ,the state of any other ADT instance, including other stacks; that is, *For any
  19. Most complex. Most computer files are used by computer programs which create, modify ,or delete the files for their own use on an as-needed basis. The programmers
  20. Not modified by lookups. (This is in contrast to splay tree lookups, which do, modify ,their tree's structure. ) If each node additionally records the size of its
  21. Or inactivated in diseased cells, and further genes (such as bcl-2) also, modify ,their expression in tumors. Treatments The main method of treatment for death
  22. Bases, move units and engage in combat. Through terraforming, players may, modify ,the effects of the individual map squares on movement, combat and resources.
  23. Common approach worldwide has been to retain the traditional groupings, and, modify , rather than replace them in the light of new evidence as it comes to hand. The
  24. For multiple users implement file permissions to control who may or may not, modify , delete, or create files and folders. For example, a given user may be granted
  25. To predicate sentences, while Na and de are particles used within sentences to, modify ,or connect. Japanese sentences with copula most often equate one thing with
  26. A mirrored duplicate of the left; to control it separately, the software had to, modify ,the patterns as the scan line was drawn. After the controller scanned the last
  27. Since all the vehicles then in production were ECA versions, it was decided to, modify ,some of them to use the original Vulcan engine while the failure was
  28. Files, which " the designers have done their best to make it reasonably easy to, modify ,..., even for non-programmers. " SMAC supports play by email (" POEM" ) and
  29. Expression A common reverse genetics technique is to reduce gene expression or, modify ,splicing using Morphology antisense technology. Morphology oligonucleotides (
  30. Of American Jews, Heschel persuaded the Roman Catholic Church to eliminate or, modify ,passages in its liturgy that demeaned the Jews, or expected their conversion to
  31. Of alkaloids in the brew, and the physical act of cooking may also serve to, modify ,the alkaloid profile of Carmela alkaloids. Traditional brew Traditional
  32. Ideological coercion is the use of thought coercion in the attempt to, modify ,people’s social and political philosophy. This is of course quite different
  33. Higher legal status than ordinary statutes. In the UK, for example laws which, modify ,written or unwritten provisions of the constitution are passed on a simple
  34. Legal defect in the decision" below" ( i.e., in the lower court),it may ", modify ," the ruling to correct the defect, or it may nullify (" reverse" or" vacate
  35. Instrumental learning is the ability for rewards and punishments to, modify ,behavior. It is implemented by a network of brain areas centered on the basal
  36. Cuticle. Secondary cell walls contain a wide range of additional compounds that, modify ,their mechanical properties and permeability. The major polymers that make up
  37. Vowel sound. Hooks or short lines attached to various parts of the basic letter, modify ,the vowel. In this way, the South Arabian alphabet evolved into the Ge'EZ
  38. Is less expensive to construct, generally safer, and typically much easier to, modify , As well, an electronic circuit can typically operate at higher frequencies
  39. From daily living activities. Occupation therapy can also teach you how to, modify ,your home and work environment so that you do reduce movements that may worsen
  40. Riparian zone restoration may be required. * When a stream is too difficult to, modify ,with canalization, a second stream can be created next to the existing stream.
  41. Cybernetic concepts. The central character is NDR, a robot who begins to, modify ,himself with organic components. His explorations lead to breakthroughs in
  42. Progresses, users may use different compression programs without having to, modify ,or abandon their archiver. *The archives use solid compression. Unlike an
  43. Latin The Latin ablative case (ablatives) is mainly used adverbially to, modify ,verbs. It has 15 uses, descending from three Proto-Indo-European cases:
  44. Color may be determined from a texture-map. A more sophisticated method is to, modify ,the color value by an illumination factor, but without calculating the
  45. To the Brahmin scripts. The Babelsberg shorthand system and its derivatives, modify ,the following consonant to represent vowels. The Pollard script, which was
  46. 1 % carbon),was always a byproduct of the bloomers process. The ability to, modify ,the hardness of steel by heat treatment had been known since 1100 BC, and the
  47. By, in,and at) are postpositional in Ainu; they come after the word that they, modify , A single sentence in Ainu can be made up of many added or agglutinated sounds
  48. Exposition of laws worked hardship on the masses, he did not scruple to, modify ,the decisions of his colleagues for the benefit of the community (Shabbat 134b
  49. Antiderivative G\dot\lambda. Using a similar method as in Example 5,one can, modify ,g in Example 4 to vanish at all rational numbers. If one uses a naive
  50. With a simple pulley and a slide screw. Apparently, the researchers can also, modify ,the shape of the mask based on actual human faces. To" copy" a face, they

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