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  1. For treating syphilitic ulcers and framboesia. Additional medical staff, nurse ,(Miss) Ottoman and Dr. Victor Newsman, joined him in 1924,and Dr. Mark
  2. Both sexes, freedom of action, freedom in love and freedom in motherhood. " A, nurse ,by training, she was an early advocate for educating women concerning
  3. Tuberculosis. It is recommended the BCG vaccination be given intradermally by a, nurse ,skilled in the technique. Having had a previous BCG vaccination is a cause of a
  4. S mother and followed the year-long arrangement in 1872 where her son and his, nurse ,had moved to quarters next to Bell's boarding house, it was clear that Mr.
  5. After being assured Andrew would recover, Elizabeth Jackson volunteered to, nurse ,prisoners of war on board two ships in Charleston harbor, where there had been
  6. Magi, Estonian artist (b. 1878) *1931 – Niger Shikhlinskaya, Azerbaijani WWI, nurse ,(b. ca. 1878) * 1935 – Will Rogers, American humorist and actor (b. 1879) *
  7. The now defunct Holloway Sanatorium in Virginia Water, Surrey. He met a, nurse ,there named Cynthia, whom he married, and they moved to the USA in 1975 so
  8. 2011. She accompanied him on stage and on several recordings before becoming a, nurse ,in 1939. Most of their marriage from 1942 until his death was spent apart, with
  9. To choose a service in the" weapons-free" branch, such as an airport fireman, nurse ,or telecommunications technician. Most refuse such service, as they feel that
  10. With the nurse . Then they kneaded the matzos with the blood of Dr. Tom and his, nurse , They do this every year. The world must know these facts about the Zionist
  11. Having seen the hidden message. In 2008,Penny Satori, an intensive care, nurse ,from Swansea, published a book about near-death experiences following 10 years
  12. In Denver, Colorado,the son of Claire Mae (née Botcher),a mental health, nurse ,who worked in drug addiction programs, and Howard Kelly Fischer, who worked as
  13. In town who doubts the miracle is Fay Apple, an eternally skeptical young, nurse ,from the Cookie Jar who refuses to believe in miracles. She appears at the rock
  14. Items, such as bed rails, over-the-bed tray tables, chair arms, nurse ,'s call buttons, IV poles, etc. were retrofitted with antimicrobial copper
  15. Only to find some place away from the life of the great city. He took his old, nurse ,with him as a servant, and they settled down to live in Engine, near a church to
  16. The patron of wild animals; Homer used this title. As Kourotrophos, she was the, nurse ,of youths. As Rocha, she was the goddess of childbirth and midwives. She was
  17. Which became her home almost continuously until her death. Elizabeth's loyal, nurse , Wilson, who witnessed the marriage, accompanied the couple to Italy. The
  18. Into her adult years. During the First World War, she worked at a hospital as a, nurse ,; she liked the profession, calling it" one of the most rewarding professions
  19. Alliance between the two. In a hospital in India he is brought to an American, nurse , Amelia Soft, who looks after him and, as she sees to his recovery, they fall
  20. Starring Pierre Freeway as Albert Schweitzer and Jeanne Moreau as his, nurse ,Marie. Schweitzer inspired actor Hugh O'Brian when O'Brian visited in Africa.
  21. Was completed in 2009. There has been a School of Nursing since 1951. 58, nurse , managers were appointed in RIPS to improve service and provide better medical
  22. Hospital, where he met and fell in love with Agnes von Trotsky, a Red Cross, nurse ,seven years his senior. Agnes and Hemingway planned to marry, but she became
  23. Is even more practical, rigid and disbelieving than Fay herself, and the new, nurse ,marches the Cookies off to the next town to disprove the new miracle. Horrified
  24. Immigrant parents, and brought up in Lewis ham, England. His mother was a, nurse ,and his father worked in various jobs. As a teenager, he and his mother moved
  25. Facilities in Costa Rica include health clinics, with a general practitioner, nurse , clerk, pharmacist and a primary health technician. In 2008,there were five
  26. Susan and Collin, who are sent to live in the area with their mother's old, nurse ,maid, Bess,and her husband, Gowther Mos sock. Setting about to explore the Edge
  27. Elizabeth Bran well (1776–1842),had moved into the parsonage, initially to, nurse ,her dying sister, but she subsequently spent the rest of her life there raising
  28. To a Northern hospital where he meets Elsie Stone man, who is working there as a, nurse , While recovering, Cameron is told that he will be hanged for being a guerrilla
  29. Barry became a widower in 1985,and in 1992 he married Susan Wechsler,a, nurse ,32 years his junior. With the American entry into World War II, Goldwater
  30. Marie Alfred Corn, French physicist (b. 1842) *1912 – Clara Barton, American, nurse , and Red Cross advocate (b. 1821) *1933 – Delbert Ames, American general and
  31. Friends or co-workers, followed by secondary signs observed by a psychiatrist, nurse , social worker, clinical psychologist or other clinician in a clinical
  32. Local inhabitants of Therapy, Sparta,recognized There" feral, savage " as a, nurse ,of Ares. Founding of Thebes One of the roles of Ares that was sited in mainland
  33. Played by Daniel Giménez Cache),who after spurning an attractive, nurse , is fooled into believing he's contracted HIV. In addition to writing
  34. According to John Seconds, a Mr. Rowe witnessed Crowley's death along with a, nurse , and reported his last words as" Sometimes I hate myself. " Biographer Gerald
  35. They took him on one of these holidays and slaughtered him, along with the, nurse , Then they kneaded the matzos with the blood of Dr. Tom and his nurse . They do
  36. Hospitable welcome from Celebs, the King of Eleusis in Attica. He asked her to, nurse ,Demotion and Triptolemus, his sons by Melania. As a gift to Celebs, because of
  37. Austro-Hungarian physician (b. 1818) *1910 – Florence Nightingale, English, nurse , ( b. 1820) *1912 – Jules Massenet, French composer (b. 1842) *1917 – Eduard
  38. The mentally ill mutant known as Legion. They separated on good terms. American, nurse ,Amelia Soft helped him recover from his debilitating injuries from his assault
  39. To Higgins on. In 1862,Louisa moved to Washington’D. C. to volunteer as a, nurse , On January 14, 1863,the Alcott's received a telegram that Louisa was sick;
  40. By Stephen Sondheim. The story concerns a corrupt mayoress, an idealistic, nurse , a man who may be a doctor, and various officials, patients and townspeople
  41. Amy and Amiability" in the third series and Mary Fletcher-Brown, a dutiful, nurse ,in" General Hospital" from the fourth. Non-recurring cast *Brian Blessed
  42. Positions in Britain. In 1943, he married Evelyn Edith Graves (born 1915),a, nurse ,tutor at Middlesex Hospital, with whom he was to have two children. Demobilized
  43. Her jar. *Europa (" broad face or eyes" ) at Leader of Boeotia. She was the, nurse ,of Troponins to whom a Catholic cult and oracle was dedicated. Europa was a
  44. Personal life Barnard's first marriage was to Alberta Gertrude Low,a, nurse , whom he married in 1948 while practicing medicine in Ceres. The couple had two
  45. At St Mary's until 1914. On 23 December 1915,Fleming married a trained, nurse , Sarah Marion McElroy of Villalba, County Mayo, Ireland. Fleming served
  46. Is a perfect example of this latter province's eugenicist. Dorothea Palmer,a, nurse ,working for the Parents Information Bureau - a well-funded birth control
  47. Most sea turtles; Fish and amphibians *All sharks, such as tiger, great white, nurse ,and reef sharks *Many bony fish, such as tuna, marlin,salmon, and bass;
  48. And nurse s. In 2008,a Rolling Stone interview stated" he hosted a doctor and, nurse ,who'd helped perform the emergency quintuple-bypass heart surgery that saved
  49. Of Health to circumcise infants. It requires a medical doctor or an anesthesia, nurse ,to accompany the circumcise and for anesthetic to be applied beforehand.
  50. Food/herb shop out of the visitors' center. Meanwhile,Koresh's survivors, nurse ,hopes of reclaiming the property. In 2003,Mitchell set up a website on which

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