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  1. Himself except ... that I thanked him ... for what he said in that additional, paragraph ,'. ) ". During World War I, Fuller had been a staff officer attached to the
  2. 2 - life Article 2 protects the right of every person to their life. The first, paragraph ,of the article contains an exception for the lawful executions, while the
  3. Roman belief that the Goddess Isis was known by ten thousand names. The second, paragraph ,is largely derived and paraphrased from the words that Arabia, the messianic
  4. The student or the Rabbi who makes use of it from the duty of examining each, paragraph ,on its own merits, and subjecting it to the same rules of interpretation that
  5. A life worthy of ourselves and of the goals we only dimly perceive. " (Last, paragraph ,of Sakharov's Nobel Lecture, December 11, 1975)
  6. Only asserts the existence of an infinite set I (from which B in the preceding, paragraph ,may be constructed),but typically requires that the empty set be a member of
  7. Delineated: David MacDonald, a Catholic apologist, has written in regard to, paragraph ,1428,that" this endeavor of conversion is not just a human work. It is the
  8. Civil law decisions traditionally were very brief, sometimes no more than a, paragraph ,stating who wins and who loses. The rationale has to come from somewhere else
  9. Drew up a detailed memorandum of his plans for the proposed new colony. In one, paragraph ,he wrote:" The laws of this country England will of course, be introduced in
  10. Godfrey Leland's 1899 book Arabia, or the Gospel of the Witches. The third, paragraph ,is largely written by Doreen Valente, with some phrases adapted from The Book
  11. A manuscript called" A Clockwork Orange," and Alex contemptuously reads out a, paragraph ,that states the novel's main theme before shredding the manuscript. Back at
  12. Quad \longrightarrow \pi. These rational numbers also appear in the last, paragraph ,of Euler's paper cited above. But it was only in September 2007 that this
  13. Indices 2,4,… to the modern form (more on different conventions in the next, paragraph ,). Most striking in this context is the fact that the falling factorial
  14. Third of Ericsson, but was forbidden to exercise this ownership because of a, paragraph ,in the company's articles of association stating that no foreign investor was
  15. And the historical facts, especially in the mid-11th century (see the second, paragraph ,of this article),it makes no judgement regarding the legitimacy of his
  16. Survey: Diversified technique (full-spine manipulation; mentioned in previous, paragraph ,), physical fitness/exercise promotion, corrective or therapeutic exercise
  17. Code via the infamous" ALTER X TO PROCEED TO Y" statement. X and Y are, paragraph ,labels, and any" GOT X" statements executed after such an ALTER statement
  18. You in the first paragraph , ties a knot around you, and keeps it tied in every, paragraph ,thereafter including the ultimate last one. " Harlan Ellison (who began reading
  19. 29, 2002 published an editorial denying the Holocaust as a fraud. The next, paragraph ,decries the failure of the Holocaust to eliminate all the Jews: With regard
  20. Atheism, willing them not to be afraid of bugbears and hobgoblins ". The final, paragraph ,of Barnes' document reads: These things, with many other shall be good &
  21. Then the Bronze Star Medal cannot be used as the basis for an award under this, paragraph , History The award that eventually became the Bronze Star Medal was conceived
  22. To the prospective choice of law clauses in contracts discussed in the previous, paragraph ,), certain jurisdictions attract an unusually high fraction of cases, because
  23. By most languages in the world. When LTR text is mixed with RTL in the same, paragraph , each type of text is written in its own direction, which is known as
  24. Factions which have gone through a bras sage integration process (see next, paragraph ,), and a not-publicly known number of non-integrated brigades which remain
  25. History of philosophy. The most general view of it, mentioned in the initial, paragraph ,above, was stated succinctly also by the physician turned
  26. And also immediately following it, an ellipsis goes both at the end of that, paragraph ,and in front of the beginning of the next, according to this style. According
  27. The eyes of others (Deign Haggard or Hank Rear den),except for a brief, paragraph ,in the very last chapter. Antagonists James Haggard The President of Haggard
  28. A precaution against such forgeries ... In the present case he writes a whole, paragraph , summing up the main lessons of the epistle in terse, eager,disjointed
  29. Of Style suggests the use of an ellipsis for any omitted word, phrase,line, or, paragraph , from within a quoted passage. There are two commonly used methods of using
  30. Splendour number nine, the same story is re-told almost to the word; however,a, paragraph ,has been inserted correcting the year to 1219. Whether these records
  31. Divided into verses, however,the early versification generally followed the, paragraph ,structure of the original text. It was with the 1876 edition that the currently
  32. Of the Soviet criminal code, and of" founding a hostile organization" under, paragraph ,11. Solzhenitsyn was taken to the Lanka prison in Moscow, where he was
  33. Letters, Campbell says," The son-of-a-gun gets hold of you in the first, paragraph , ties a knot around you, and keeps it tied in every paragraph
  34. Scalar product's conjugate symmetry and the conversion rule from the preceding, paragraph ,). This implies that expectation values of observable are real. Properties
  35. At this point the apostle takes the pen from his amanuensis, and the concluding, paragraph ,is written with his own hand. From the time when letters began to be forged in
  36. Is Isidora of Seville's account of Alaric's reign: consisting of a single, paragraph , it is primarily about Alaric's death in that battle. The earliest documented
  37. Thing to a definition is found in United States Code Title 31,Section 5116, paragraph , b,subsection 2:" The Secretary of the Treasury shall sell silver under
  38. Cauchy spoke of living on rice, bread,and crackers during the period. A, paragraph ,from an undated letter from Louis-François to his mother in Rouen, cited by C A
  39. Period or other ending punctuation. When material is omitted at the end of a, paragraph ,and also immediately following it, an ellipsis goes both at the end of that
  40. In McCann v. United Kingdom it ruled that the exception contained in the second, paragraph ,do not constitute situations when it is permitted to kill, but situations where
  41. For the gun and the gun has been" delisted" as outlined in links 1 & 2 in the, paragraph ,above, as is the case with so-equipped" Broom handle" Mauser's and Luger's. Many
  42. Of the house" ). He was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda under Article 58, paragraph ,10 of the Soviet criminal code, and of" founding a hostile organization "
  43. Created to mirror and accompany the Charge of the Goddess. Themes The opening, paragraph ,names a collection of goddesses, some derived from Greek or Roman mythology
  44. Condemned by the Pope at the time (Innocent III, see reference at end of, paragraph ,); the apology was formally accepted by Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople
  45. Here, the difference between the two notions of program mentioned in the last, paragraph ,becomes clear; the one is easily recognized by some grammar, while the other
  46. Article 6 of Slovak Minority Language Act 184/1999 Lb. According to article 37, paragraph ,4 of Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms' people who do not speak
  47. Christopher Bass ford went further, noting that one need only read the, paragraph ,in which Clausewitz defined his Trinity to see" that the words 'people,'
  48. The article contains an exception for the lawful executions, while the second, paragraph ,provides that death resulting from defending oneself or others, arresting a
  49. Is quite simple in concept. There are many details, so think of this first, paragraph ,as a conceptual overview. Divide the absorbing sample into thin slices that are
  50. Ice pack/cryotherapy, extremity adjusting (also mentioned in previous, paragraph ,), trigger point therapy, and disease prevention/early screening advice. A 2010

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