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  1. To Available at boutiques in St. John's and elsewhere, although many Antiguans, prefer ,to make a special shopping trip to St. Martin, North America, or San Juan in
  2. Are gentle and extremely affectionate. With strangers many are reserved and, prefer ,not to be touched, but are not inherently aggressive. Although raised to
  3. Today is of questionable legality in the U. S. (see DMCA). For those who, prefer ,to obtain their old software legally, the Lost Classics Project has the goal of
  4. Image editing applications that allow merging of layers generally, prefer ,this second approach. Analytical derivation of the over operator Porter and
  5. If 40 % strongly dislike candidate A bit like candidate B, and 60 % mildly, prefer ,candidate A over candidate B, approval voting might elect candidate B, whereas
  6. The history books which contain no lies are extremely tedious. " *" I, prefer ,the folly of enthusiasm to the indifference of wisdom. " *" A person is never
  7. They prefer and the freedom to pay and receive wages. Some anarcho-capitalists, prefer ,to see self-employment prevail over wage labor. For example, David Friedman has
  8. Out his own salvation ", and so long as government was thus limited, he would ", prefer ,to be ruled by a lion than one of his fellow rats" — i.e., by a monarch
  9. In his mind. He visualized Asterix as a shrewd small sized warrior who would, prefer ,intelligence over strength. However, Uderzo felt that the small sized hero
  10. Own apostleship, and his relation to the Jerusalem church. Scholars generally, prefer ,Paul's account over that in Acts. Representing a traditional view, however
  11. Dislike the term Ainu because it had once been used with derogatory nuance, and, prefer , to identify themselves as Atari (comrade in the Ainu language). Official
  12. To be self-employed or to contract to be employees of others, whichever they, prefer ,and the freedom to pay and receive wages. Some anarcho-capitalists prefer to
  13. The conventional 'fingers' release is negative pressure. (Some archers, prefer ,three fingers under the arrow with a finger tab, whereas the split-finger
  14. They arise prior to reflection; they arise even when the conscious mind would, prefer ,to hold them at bay. The rational mind is, for Schopenhauer, a leaf borne along
  15. Speakers may also say" Thursday last" or" Thursday gone" where AME would, prefer ," last Thursday ". " I'll see you (on) Thursday coming" or" Let's meet
  16. Representation as the ‘ the star of Legal ’. Some 'traditional astrologers ', prefer ,to work only with the seven Classical planets, but most modern astrologers
  17. On the same flight, and who is willing to pay AU$1400. Should the airline, prefer ,the $1400 passenger, or the $200 passenger plus a possible Sydney-Los Angeles
  18. Oral traditions, however,may still hold an earlier history. But scholars would, prefer ,an origin based on Hebrew. Chronology The standard Magnetic text of the Hebrew
  19. Including vegetables like cabbage and fodder like buffalo grass),most plants, prefer ,a mildly acidic soil (pH between 6.0 and 6.8),and alkaline soils can cause
  20. Of," The Star-Spangled Banner ", but so far this has not succeeded. Proponents, prefer ," America the Beautiful" for various reasons, saying it is easier to sing
  21. Make deductions therefrom. Some of these phraseological axioms are:::: * humans, prefer ,to receive a good sooner rather than later; and: Even in the early days
  22. Typically supports an abstinence-based zero tolerance approach; however, some, prefer , a harm-reduction approach. Psychological Various forms of group therapy or
  23. Edward Tonkin III, feel that violent revolution is counter-productive and, prefer ,voluntary forms of economic secession to the extent possible. History and
  24. Who identifies as straight, gay,lesbian, or bi before asexual, or simply, prefer ,that terminology, will sometimes refer to themselves as" straight asexual" or
  25. Bottom. Those who enjoy either role are referred to as versatile. Gay men who, prefer ,anal sex may view it as" their version of intercourse" Some men who have sex
  26. Is the Hispanicized version of the name; many Quechua or Aymara speakers would, prefer ,the spelling Alaska. The name is properly that of the plant B. carpi, one of
  27. The phoneme. However, there may be several such allophones, or the linguist may, prefer ,greater precision than this allows. In such cases a common convention is to use
  28. Devices such as procedures, methods or strategies for solving problems. Men, prefer ,to have available and apparent cues to interpret the message where females
  29. To make many people aware of the problems of globalization. Others would, prefer ,that delegates concentrate their efforts on the coordination and organization
  30. Love thy neighbor as thyself' " (Ilyushin 41a). *"A father should never, prefer ,one child above another; the example of Joseph shows what evil results may
  31. Because of the somewhat clumsy base-60 nature of MOA and SOA, many people now, prefer ,to give positions using degrees only, expressed in decimal form to an equal
  32. In the Notices of the AMS. " The axiom gets its name not because mathematicians, prefer ,it to other axioms. " — A. K. Dewey: This quote comes from the famous April
  33. X_A is not scaled down in the way that it is in the n_B 1 case. In such cases, prefer ,\bar x_X \franc. Example Assumes that all floating point operations use the
  34. To non-autistic peers, despite the common belief that children with autism, prefer ,to be alone. Making and maintaining friendships often proves to be difficult
  35. Scythia and Sarmatia in line with the account by Herodotus, but some authors, prefer ,a comparison to cultures of Asia Minor or even Minoan Crete. Archaeology
  36. Occur naturally, due to the presence of alkali salts. Although some plants do, prefer ,slightly basic soil (including vegetables like cabbage and fodder like
  37. According to Strike and Sigurvinsson (2005),American Ásatrú tend to, prefer ,a more devotional form of worship and a more emotional conception of the Nordic
  38. Al),horrendous and horrific, some (especially older) British writers, prefer ,to use an over a (an historical event, etc.). An is also prefer red before
  39. And atonement is limited in extent to the elect only, which many Calvinists, prefer ,to call 'particular redemption '. Both sides (except
  40. Still remaining as easily recognizable as" The Star-Spangled Banner. " Some, prefer ," America the Beautiful" over" The Star-Spangled Banner" due to the latter
  41. Prof. Jevons's logical machine, the following contrivance may be described. I, prefer ,to call it merely a logical-diagram machine ... but I suppose that it could do
  42. May view it as" their version of intercourse" Some men who have sex with men, prefer ,to engage in from or other forms of mutual masturbation because they find it
  43. Hellenic deities; in the narrative embedded in the Odyssey Aphrodite seems to, prefer ,Ares, the volatile god of war, as she was attracted to his violent nature. She
  44. Will not. * In contentious elections with large groups of organized voters who, prefer ,their favorite candidate vastly over all others, approval voting may revert to
  45. A piano-style keyboard. Each system has different claimed benefits by those who, prefer ,it. They are also used to define one accordion or another as a different" type
  46. Persuasive and would have produced less controversy. Astrologers for their part, prefer ,not to attempt to explain astrology, or give it supernatural explanations such
  47. The Star-Spangled Banner" due to the latter's war-oriented imagery. Others, prefer ," The Star-Spangled Banner" for the same reason. While that national dichotomy
  48. Are formed. Where necessary in substitute nomenclature, IUPAC recommendations, prefer ,the name Zane to ammonia: hence chlorine would be named chlordane in
  49. Other nations, such as China and Russia, are less critical of the regime and, prefer ,to cooperate only on economic matters. Indonesia has urged China to push Burma
  50. However, when multiple Classical synonyms are available, MSA tends to, prefer ,words with cognates in the spoken varieties over words without cognates. In

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