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  1. OSCE, PFP,SEMI, UN,UNCLAD, UNESCO,UNIDO, UPU,WHO, WIPO,WHO, WToO, WTrO (, applicant ,) Issues There is disagreement whether elections and politics in Moldova
  2. Area served by the applicant . Priority is given, as a matter of practice, to an, applicant ,within the same firm, as a replacement in the case of the death of a notary, or
  3. Discrimination may include, among other things, limiting or classifying a job, applicant ,or employee in an adverse way, denying employment opportunities to people who
  4. In protest after he was given a court order to lend money to an incompetent, applicant , When the order came down he liquidated his entire business, paid off his
  5. To obtaining a pilot's license. If testing reveals color blindness,the, applicant ,may be issued a license with restrictions, such as no night flying and no
  6. Certificate of admission as a solicitor. A fee accompanies the application. The, applicant , with the support of two other notaries public, who vouch that the applicant is
  7. From 1925 to 2011. Hiring process In order to apply to become an FBI agent,an, applicant ,must be between the ages of 23 and 37. However, due to the decision in Robert
  8. Member state. Furthermore, a case will not be considered admissible where an, applicant ,has not suffered a" significant disadvantage ". This latter ground can only be
  9. ITU, NAM,OAK, OPCW,UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO,UNIDO, UPU,WHO, WIPO,WHO, WTrO (, applicant ,) Sources In Cape Verde, most of the transportation between
  10. Medical record. Qualified individuals do not include any employee or, applicant ,who is currently engaging in the illegal use of drugs when that usage is the
  11. Of State then sends the commission to the clerk of the county where the, applicant ,resides. If the applicant records the commission with the county clerk, he or
  12. Transmittal ID=2484 OPM Letter The, applicant ,must also hold American citizenship, have a clean record, and hold a four-year
  13. Must be a close relative and the other not related) to determine whether the, applicant ,is" fit and proper" to have a firearm. The applicant s' residence is also
  14. By a medical board or an equivalent national organization, which may ask the, applicant ,to pass exams. This restricts the considerable legal authority of the medical
  15. Team as the #12 best team in the world's FIFA rankings. Cairo failed at the, applicant ,stage when bidding for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, which was hosted in
  16. Prohibits discrimination with respect to rights under the Convention. Thus,an, applicant ,must prove discrimination in the enjoyment of a specific right that is
  17. As an application for voter registration, that the information provided by the, applicant ,is truthful to the best of the applicant 's knowledge. If, after signing such a
  18. The Prescript suggested elements of white supremacist belief. For instance,an, applicant ,should be asked if he was in favor of" a white man's government "," the
  19. Applicant, with the support of two other notaries public, who vouch that the, applicant ,is well skilled in the affairs of notarial concern, petitions the Master of the
  20. Of Midas Mulligan during the case brought against him by the incompetent loan, applicant , When Narragansett's ruling was reversed on appeal, he retired and joined the
  21. Involving other Grand masters, including some from countries other than the, applicant ,'s, are usually required before FIDE will confer the title on a player. There
  22. From the police. The license is normally issued, under the conditions that the, applicant ,has secure storage for firearms, attends a safety lecture and passes a written
  23. Umpiring must meet several requirements in order to be considered. An, applicant ,must have a High School Diploma or a G. E. D., must be athletic, and also must
  24. Of substance, which show the local need of a notary and the fitness of the, applicant , They also lodge their certificate of admission as a solicitor. A fee
  25. After the board of governors has adopted the membership Resolution,the, applicant ,state needs to take the legal steps required under its own law to enable it to
  26. A safety lecture and passes a written test. The police will also interview the, applicant ,and two references (one must be a close relative and the other not related)
  27. UNESCO, UNIDO,UPU, WCO, WEU (associate partner),WHO, WIPO,WHO, WTO,WTO (, applicant ,) Until the middle of 2008,Latvia had the fastest developing economy in Europe
  28. To gain Norwegian citizenship, nor are their children. From 1 September 2008 an, applicant ,for Norwegian citizenship must also give evidence of proficiency in either the
  29. Test, which is set up with parameters agreed to by both Randi and the, applicant , He refuses to accept any challengers who might suffer serious injury or death
  30. The commission to the clerk of the county where the applicant resides. If the, applicant ,records the commission with the county clerk, he or she then receives the
  31. UNTIL, UNMIK, UNMOP, UNMOT, UNTAET, UPU,WF TU, WHO,WIPO, WMO, WToO, WTrO (, applicant ,) Further reading Jonathan Greg son. 2002. Massacre at the Palace: The Doomed
  32. Styled the Postgraduate Diploma in Notarial Practice. At the same time, any, applicant , must also gain practical experience. The few who go on to become Scrivener
  33. Obligations, provided it continued the reform process. The country was given EU, applicant ,status on June 18, 2004 and a negotiations' framework was set up in March 2005.
  34. Satisfied that a need exists for an additional notary in the area served by the, applicant , Priority is given, as a matter of practice, to an applicant within the same
  35. Instruments for cooperation and participation of non-member states: observer, applicant , special guest, partner for democracy. Co-operation Non-member states The
  36. Agreement of 1916. The Ivy Group Agreement established the core tenet that an, applicant ,'s ability to play on a team would not influence admissions decisions: In 1954
  37. And specialized tests oriented specifically to the needs of aviation. If an, applicant ,fails the standard tests, he or she will receive a restriction on their medical
  38. Agricultural policy will be the biggest stumbling block, as with other recent, applicant ,countries. By early 2005,the foreign debt of the Government declined in growth
  39. Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine:" The mark consists of the exhaust sound of, applicant ,'s motorcycles, produced by V-twin, common crank pin motorcycle engines when the
  40. 30, 1987 to provide a national all-news television network. Its competitor, applicant , Alberta-based Alarcón, appealed this decision to the Canadian House of
  41. Information is found to be deliberately untrue with the intent to deceive,the, applicant ,may face perjury charges. Affidavits may be written in the first or third
  42. That the information provided by the applicant is truthful to the best of the, applicant ,'s knowledge. If, after signing such a declaration, the information is found to
  43. Involving other Grand masters, including some from countries other than the, applicant ,'s. There are other milestones a player can achieve to attain the title, such
  44. Or from the Court of Faculties. The usual procedure followed is that the, applicant ,lodges with the Court of Faculties a memorial counter-signed by local merchants
  45. As a Lawyer for at least 10 years is eligible to be appointed a notary. The, applicant , if not a legal practitioner, should be a member of the Indian Legal Service or
  46. The individual are selected for the reinstatement hearing. If the, applicant ,is in a different area, the person will meet with a local judicial committee
  47. UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO,UNIDO, UPU,WB, WFTU, WHO,WIPO, WMO, WTO,Too, WTrO (, applicant ,) Provincial and local governments Below the central government are 24
  48. Year, approximately 60 high school students matriculate into the PLUME out of an, applicant ,pool of about 1,600. Since 1976,the Early Identification Program (EIP) has
  49. A higher level of storage security, stricter vetting requirements and the, applicant ,must have a 'special reason' for wanting the endorsement. Air guns can be
  50. Not had a notary commission revoked or suspended during the past 10 years. An, applicant ,for the notary public commission must also post a $5,000 bond, usually with an

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