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  1. More often, a clothes hanger. The equivalent of the English" portmanteau" is, un , mot-valise (lit. A suitcase word).; potpourri: medley, mixture; French write
  2. Essenziale Della lingual Sara. Cagliari: Coaches,1998. *Italian e Tesco:, un , confronto linguistic. Torino: Para via scriptorium,c1999. *Italian, sardo e
  3. As can be verified by taking the dot product with the un it vectors UT (s) and, un , ( s). This result for acceleration is the same as that for circular motion
  4. The 6th syllable is here marked | |): Nous parties cine cents; | | main par, un , prompt report: Nous times trios mile | | en arrival AU port:: (
  5. The newspaper Liberties, in 1945. The four letters were published as Letters à, un , ami Alemán (Letters to a German Friend) in 1945,and were included in the
  6. Mot / one phrase à double sens" ( a word / a sentence with two meanings) or ", un , sous-entendu" ( a hidden meaning). The verb engender, to hear (modern)
  7. He first came into wide public acclaim with the release of Note prison est, un , royaume (" Our Prison is a Kingdom" ) in 1948,and IL est Minuit, docteur
  8. Max Heinrich published the expression, A speak IZ a dialect MIT an area, un , flot (" A language is a dialect with an army and navy" ) in YIV Later 25.1
  9. Coup de main (pl. coups de main): a surprise attack. In French," Donner, un , coup de main" means" to give a hand" ( to give assistance). Even if the
  10. Club Main tenant in Paris. The lecture was published as L'existentialism est, un , humanisme, a short book which did much to popularize existentialist thought.
  11. The symphony is in four movements, marked as follows: # Allegro ma non troops, un , poco maestro # Scherzo: Motto vivace – Presto # Adagio motto e cantabile –
  12. Infants. Their findings were published in a paper titled" 'El Quixote' Como, un , sistema de distances/tempos: Dacia la localization del Lugar de la Manchu "
  13. Ρ (the radius of curvature) from the curve on a line along the normal, un , ( s). The required distance ρ (s) at arc length s is defined in terms of the
  14. Traits elementary de chime, présenté days, un , ordre Noumea et d'acres LES recoveries moderns (Paris: Chen Cachet,1789;
  15. In all the manuscripts. It is mentioned in passing, and is not described:: A, un , jor d'one Accession / FM venue de very Carlton / Li ROIs Arts et ten OT /
  16. It rather refers to a person who does not use make-up or artificial manners (, un , entretien au naturel = a backstage interview). For things, it means that they
  17. By Lagrange who lamented the beheading by saying:" Cell Lear a Paris element, un , instant pour Lew copper la Pete, mais la France portrait né pas en produce one
  18. La Pete, mais la France portrait né pas en produce one outre parallel en, un , siècle. " (" It took them only an instant to cut off his head, but France may
  19. Seventeen years later with a new libretto by Hugh Wheeler. Candid over, un , sogno fatty in Sicilian (1977) or simply Candid is a book by Leonardo
  20. A feeling of something already seen) can be used but not un Dena extend or, un , déjà LU.; démarche: a decisive step. In French, it means a preparing step often
  21. Of a gig. Francophones would say« One outre! » (Another one!) to request «, un , rappel » (an encore).;: in a mass or group, all together. In French,'mass '
  22. Is inside the un it circle. However, if the impulse response was: \ in = 1.5^n,UN, then the Z-transform is: \ X (z) = \franc\ which has a pole at z = 1.5 and is
  23. That un déjà vu (a feeling of something already seen) can be used but not, un , déjà extend or un Dena LU.; démarche: a decisive step. In French, it means a
  24. V (t)\franc \\ & = \franc \math bf_\math rm+ \franc\math bf_\math rm\, \\ \end where, un , is the un it (inward) normal vector to the particle's trajectory, and R is
  25. The eye "; thou de coup: literally" wolf hole," a kind of booby trap. U;, un , point c’est tout: And that’s final, and that’s that, full stop (UK),period (
  26. Sentence; Sutherland Frisian: Die Want stroked DAT Such sum JU Keeffe, un , oapede hie rap do Spoken.; North Frisian (Mooring dialect): Di Deng aide DAT
  27. To the execution of Admiral John Bang.;:" for drink "; gratuity, tip; Donner, un , pourboire: to tip.;; premiere dame:" first lady "; prairie:" pray to God ";
  28. Changes to Elle" she ", and the feminine suffix -e is added to the article (, un , → one) and to the adjective (grand → Grande). Only the preventative set
  29. Unit circle If a system in question has an impulse response of: \ in = 0.5^n,UN, then the Z-transform (see this example),is given by: \ X (z) = \franc\
  30. American columns and other essays, all with postscripts) *Ambigrammi:, un , microcosmo ideal per lo studio Della creativity (in Italian only) ISBN
  31. They do not exist as expressions in French: the Academic franchise says that, un , déjà vu (a feeling of something already seen) can be used but not un Dena
  32. Maradona claimed that he had come with the aim of meeting a" great man" ( ", un , grande" in Spanish) but he had met instead a gigantic man (" un gig ante" in
  33. A Christian-Muslim Enco un ter. Oxford: Oxford University Press,2009. *"Vita DI, un , uomo: Francesco d'Assisi" ( 1995) a book by Chiara Front, preface by
  34. His own convictions through allegory. In 1880, he began writing Astoria DI, un , burattino (" The story of a marionette" ), also called Le adventure DI
  35. Man" (" UN Grande" in Spanish) but he had met instead a gigantic man (", un , gigante" in Spanish, meaning he was more than great). " I believe in Chávez
  36. Note the accent). Also, the French equivalent of" bra" would be ", un , soutien-gorge" ( which can be colloquially abbreviated as south). A "
  37. That same year, Pierre Henry collaborated with Schaeffer on Symphonic pour, un , homme sell (1950) the first major work of musique concrète. In Paris in 1951
  38. En&aid 41&tpl /ENG/Aurore. Tpl. HTML from" Pinocchio. Le adventure DI, un , burattino" listen to chart.1 - 2 - 12 audio mp3 for free A point in the
  39. Unknown in French.; double entendre: double meaning. French would use either ", un , mot / one phrase à double sens" ( a word / a sentence with two meanings) or "
  40. 1957) **" The Renegade or a Confused Spirit" (" Le Repeat of, un , esprit confuse" ) **" Jonas or the Artist at Work" (" Jonas of l’artiste AU
  41. It rained yesterday. " Gender agreement In the French sentences Lew, c'est, un , grand auteur" He is a great actor" and Elle, c'est un e Grande act rice" She
  42. 2006 (ISBN 1578068584,ISBN 97815780658586). * Alfons Molina, Carl Barks, un , viento strata, Madrid: Editions Sinsentido, Colección Sin palaces / Serie A
  43. 1968 with Reichenbach) *On vows pale de Paris: Master, les mots ONT, un , sens (1970) *On vows pale de Prague: LE derriere process d'Artur London (
  44. Heur op range.; East Frisian Low Saxon: De J un g state DAT Wight um't King to, un , tuutjede for up de Wan gen.;;;;;;; Lancashire dialect and accent: The' lad
  45. Mon Cher AMI, | | tree here de the void at which Panoramic observes C'est, un , Alexandrin (" That's an alexandrine! " /"He's an Alexandrian! "). The p un
  46. Have claimed a dative singular one (" to thee" ) and an accusative singular, un , ( " thee" ). Demonstrative The demonstratives, ca and ta, are used without
  47. In Spanish are just the opposite. So," attending a course" is" sister, un , curso" and" assist someone" is" tender an alien ". A Spanish/Maltese
  48. This arrangement in a number of works. First movement Allegro ma non troops, un , poco maestro. Duration approx. 15 mins. The first movement is in sonata form
  49. Dario FO wrote a satirical play about Columbus titled Isabella, tre caravel e, un , cacciaballe (Isabella, three tall ships and a con man). In 1997 FO was
  50. it's magnificent.; c’est tout: that is everything," That's all. " See also, un , point c’est tout.; chain SES bouts / à chain SES bouts / à chain son gout

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