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  1. Brushes and rely on the sheer force of energy to leave an image, but then the, import ,of atomic bombs, all atomic energy, became realized, and art found no better
  2. Known also as Total Material Consumption). Developed countries usually, import ,a lot of primary raw materials from developing countries at low prices. Often
  3. Has a very competitive tax regime. The government derives its revenue from, import ,tariffs, license fees, property and stamp taxes, but there is no income tax
  4. Result. It would appear that the subsidizing of southern populations by the, import ,of wheat from the north of the Empire temporarily overcame this problem, and it
  5. The United States. A variation of herbicide-resistant GM corn was approved for, import ,into the European Union in 2004,but such import s remain highly controversial.
  6. In South Africa. Following the end of apartheid in 1994,and the lowering of, import ,tariffs, BMW South Africa ended local production of the 5-Series and 7-Series
  7. Theatre scene received a boost during the 1990s when UN sanctions limited the, import ,of foreign films. As many as 30 movie theaters were reported to have been
  8. Then from exported cash crops such as cotton or coffee. The CAR's largest, import ,partner is South Korea (20.2 %),followed by France (13.6 %) and Cameroon (
  9. These alterations in place, Brazil has reduced its vulnerability: it doesn't, import ,the oil it consumes; it has halved its domestic debt through exchange
  10. In Bangladesh, while no Bangladeshi channels are absent in West Bengal due to, import ,policies. In foreign countries such as the U. S., Canada,Britain, and UAE, it
  11. Has few natural resources—and the trade deficit continues to grow. Cyprus must, import ,fuels, most raw materials, heavy machinery, and transportation equipment. More
  12. 2008-09 data are preliminary. GDP subtotal does not include VAT taxes and, import ,duties (ID); includes imputed bank fees (IB). GDP total GDP subtotal - IB +
  13. Science. # A system of writing. # Development of symbolic art. # Trade and, import ,of raw materials. # Specialist craftsmen from outside the kin-group. This
  14. Most Freeport tax and duty exemptions through 2054. The Bahamas is largely an, import , service economy. There are about 110 U. S. -affiliated businesses operating in
  15. Low demand. After the Great Depression Chilean economic policies changed toward, import ,substitution industrialization and the Production Development Corporation was
  16. This has been attributed to the absence of comprehensive transport system, low, import , tax,inexpensive maintenance and low unleaded petrol price of B$0.53 per liter.
  17. For each respective platform. File formats Abi Word comes with several, import ,and export filters for formats including HTML, Microsoft Word (. Doc),Office
  18. Def binomialCoefficient (n, k ): from math, import ,factorial return factorial (n) // (factorial (k) are very slow and are
  19. Too cheap according to his adversaries),the strong real made it easy to, import ,goods, forcing Brazilian industry to modernize and compete (which had the side
  20. Western United States than to eastern Canada. The eastern Canadian ports thus, import ,significant quantities of oil from overseas, and Ontario makes significant use
  21. Was that a sentence can only be meaningful if it has verifiable empirical, import , otherwise it is either" analytical" if tautologous, or " metaphysical" ( i.
  22. Small and inefficient privately owned farms; food has traditionally been a net, import ,for the republic. The war in the 1990s caused a dramatic change in the Bosnian
  23. Taxation: there is no income tax, capital gains tax or corporation tax. An, import ,duty of 5 % to 22 % (Automobiles 29.5 % to 100 %) is levied against goods
  24. Case an Ashland, Oregon based Santa Dame church sued for their right to, import ,and consume ayahuasca tea. In March 2009,U. S. District Court Judge Manner
  25. Of the similar association of their goddesses with childbirth, and of which the, import ,is" the opener ". The ancient name of the city also is said to be derived from
  26. S DOS 3.3 translated to Portuguese. During this period, it was illegal to, import ,microcomputers in Brazil, and buying those (illegal) clones was the only way
  27. Motivated by a risk of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, inhibiting the once popular, import ,of, for example, Scandinavian sperm. The risk, however,is not known, since
  28. In the area. By 1860,Cuba was devoted to growing sugar. The country had to, import ,all other necessary goods. They were dependent on the United States which
  29. Subsidy from the British government of 1,850,000 rupees. He was allowed to, import ,munitions of war. In 1896,he adopted the title of Zia-ul-Millat-Wa-ud Din ("
  30. Have not ratified the Basel Convention. Parties to the Convention must honor, import ,bans of other Parties. Article 4 of the Basel Convention calls for an overall
  31. To donate blood. Sperm donor restrictions In the U. S., the FDA has banned, import ,of any donor sperm, motivated by a risk of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease
  32. Mahan. Early in 2008,the Pakistani government eased the ban and allowed the, import ,of even more movies; 16 were screened in 2008. Continued easing followed in
  33. Railway (SCR) (formerly Russia’s state-run rail company, RZD) # Oil, import ,and distribution (claimed by Armenian opposition parties to belonging to a
  34. IT-cluster in Scandinavia with nearly 100,000 employees. Shipping is also an, import ,business with Maersk, the World's largest shipping company, having their world
  35. Of suicide and crime because people conclude their choices have no moral, import , In any case, even if it is true that every possible outcome occurs in some
  36. With the United States, and in 2004 with South Korea, expecting a boom in, import ,and export of local produce and becoming a regional trade-hub. Continuing the
  37. And which would be excluded. Obligations In addition to conditions on the, import ,and export of the above wastes, there are stringent requirements for notice
  38. Hindi (due to its linguistic similarity to Urdu). Pakistan banned the legal, import ,of Bollywood movies in 1965. However, a thriving trade in pirated DVDs and
  39. These policies are often also designed to stimulate employment and reduce, import ,dependence and energy security concerns. Adopted in March 2011,China's 12th
  40. With government-connected individuals enjoying de facto monopolies over the, import ,and distribution of basic commodities and foodstuffs, and under-reporting
  41. Other major nations purchase costume jewelry from manufacturers and typically, import ,or export it to wholesale distributors and suppliers who deal directly with
  42. Government corruption. Major monopolies in Armenia include: # Natural gas, import ,and distribution, held by ArmRosGazprom (ARE) (controlled by Russian
  43. For shipbuilding or manufacturing charcoal and the nation was forced to, import ,lumber from Scandinavia, North America, and the Baltic. Most forest land in
  44. Taxation on personal or corporate income. The local tax system is based upon, import ,duties, payroll taxes and consumption taxes. The legal system is derived from
  45. Cow disease. This would enable them to sell again to Japan, which had blocked, import ,of all American beef that had not been completely tested. After the proper
  46. Powerful than King Cotton ", as US grain went from a quarter of the British, import ,trade to almost half. Name "/IN"> mcpherson72"/> When Britain did face a cotton
  47. Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas) was signed to eliminate tariffs and, import ,duties and promote investment as well as technical and educational cooperation
  48. As the sole import er of BMW and Mini in Egypt, with monopoly rights for, import , assembly, distribution,sales and after-sales support of BMW products in Egypt
  49. In age-long traditions, in present needs, and future hopes, of far profounder, import ,than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now inhabit that
  50. In use in Africa. Other countries such as Cuba required novel solutions to, import ,restrictions, with the creation of the“ camels” ( camel bus),a specially

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