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  1. S report on Music in Europe, this was the first of many pop acts that helped, inspire ,a backlash and the creation of an underground hip hop scene
  2. Imply an educated and intelligent commander who was able to attract and, inspire ,good subordinates, and who would have attracted considerable loyalty from his
  3. Became the new head coach. However, the well-traveled Brazilian failed to, inspire ,the team to the title as Real again finished the season in the runner-up spot.
  4. Update, New Blue, based on the 2007 Sport 1000S,and big enough to, inspire ,the crew at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum (see Barber Motorsports Park
  5. Open canoeing, mountaineering,sailing, mountain biking and rock climbing. They, inspire ,learning through adventure and have many programs for children and adults. In
  6. When placed at the beginning or end of a sentence, the ellipsis can also, inspire ,a feeling of melancholy longing. The ellipsis calls for a slight pause in
  7. Theory of ethics has been influential in modern day ethical theory, helping to, inspire ,various forms of exoticism, error theory and ethical expressionism and
  8. Civilization possible. In mathematics, the study of the circle has helped, inspire ,the development of geometry, astronomy,and calculus. Early science
  9. Urban decay and sought to provide stately civic buildings and boulevards to, inspire ,civic pride in the motley residents of the urban core. Modern anti-urban
  10. At Wembley coincided with Busby's return to work. However, his words could not, inspire ,a side which was playing on a nation's goodwill and sentiment, and Nat
  11. Although his exact guidelines are no longer rigidly followed they did, inspire ,this field of conservation. Ethics The conservator's work is guided by ethical
  12. Race aims to educate American students about the causes of global hunger and, inspire ,them to be a part of the solution. The educational component of the Race
  13. Team is seen as a symbol of unity and national pride, though local clubs also, inspire ,fierce loyalty and sometimes-violent rivalries. Colombia has" exported" many
  14. Been explored by missionaries, and since the fourth book was perhaps created to, inspire ,and guide future missionaries, its detailed descriptions make it one of the
  15. Particular type of music. " Kenya was raised Catholic and her faith continues to, inspire ,her music. " It's difficult when you've been brought up Catholic," Kenya says
  16. Meat after seeing the documentary The Animals Film (1982),which also helped, inspire ,his song" Pills and Soap" ( from Punch the Clock,1983). Humanitarian causes
  17. He told Time magazine," I may hear something I like on an old record that may, inspire ,me, but I'd rather use musicians to re-create the sound or elaborate on it. I
  18. An illustration of a winged devil labeled" D-EVOLUTION" and would later, inspire ,the song" Jock Homo ". However, the " joke" became serious, following the
  19. The brothers John, Nicholas and Moses of the Brown family, who would later, inspire ,the College's modern name following a gift bestowed by Nicholas Brown, Jr. The
  20. Sent to a" country day school" as well as given some education at home" to, inspire ,a love of home and domestic pleasures ". She also maintains that schooling
  21. Presley's rise to fame, a cultural shift was taking place that he both helped, inspire ,and came to symbolize. Igniting the" biggest pop craze since Glenn Miller and
  22. The twelve-star halo of the Queen of Heaven was first mentioned) helped to, inspire ,him. Is cited to explain the symbolism:" A great sign appeared in heaven, a
  23. Intelligent and cunning foes that feed off the negative emotions they, inspire ,in their prey. In the distant past of Earth dawns setting, an elf scholar
  24. From this spring was sacred; it was used to clean the Delphi an temples and, inspire ,poets. By Crane, Apollo had a son named Aristae, who became the patron god
  25. Faithful to the High King Asian the Lion. Lewis generally used the species to, inspire ,awe in his readers (see Narnia Centaurs). In J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter
  26. Or" Reformed Arminianism. " Through Methodism,Wesley's teachings also, inspire ,a large scholarly following, with vocal proponents including J. Kenneth Rider
  27. 33 years, and expressing the hope that" the achievement of this record will, inspire ,others to chase their own dreams. " Bidding began on August 28 and closed with
  28. And Bergman resolved to assassinate Brick, an action they expected would, inspire ,the workers to revolt against the capitalist system. Bergman chose to carry out
  29. Are about history or stories of famous capoeiristas. Other songs attempt to, inspire ,players to play better. Some songs are about what is going on within the road.
  30. Of Barack Obama during a Meet the Press interview, citing " his ability to, inspire , because of the inclusive nature of his campaign, because he is reaching out
  31. Religious milieu, plus Edvard’s poor health and the vivid ghost stories, helped, inspire , macabre visions and nightmares in Edvard, who felt death constantly advancing
  32. Time dimension to the equilibrium construction, and for his key role in helping, inspire ,the fields of growth theory, information economics, and the theory of
  33. Group through acts of violence, or " propaganda by the deed ", which would, inspire ,the workers as a whole to revolt and forcibly collectivize the means of
  34. Communicators, like Anwar al-Awlaki, the ability of al-Qaeda's" brand" to, inspire , motivate and instill fear has sharply declined. Characteristic techniques
  35. Science and history fairs, competitions or as a hobby. Catapult projects can, inspire ,students to study different subjects including physics, engineering,science
  36. His protector. From his behavior on stage" it was obvious that he hoped to, inspire ,the love of those who liked him as a man, and probably would not have done so
  37. Marijuana Reconsidered. The essay explained that marijuana use had helped to, inspire ,some of Sagan's works and enhance sensual and intellectual experiences. After
  38. As a true concept album, there is no doubt that its reputation as such helped, inspire ,other artists to produce concept albums of their own, and inspire d the public
  39. Suggested was the Hamilton–Jacobi equation of mechanics. This paper would, inspire ,Schrödinger's work of 1926. Bose–Einstein statistics In 1924,Einstein
  40. People. Moreover, since I was terrified myself of the horror that I should, inspire , I cut out a third from the proofs. They deny me everything, the spirit of
  41. And Danish infantry, as did the Essayer, waving a regimental color to, inspire ,his troops. This time the Prussians were able to storm the great Bavarian
  42. Supposed fundamental importance to life can be seen in words such as aspire, inspire , perspire and spirit, all derived from the Latin spiral. Greek and Roman
  43. Revealed his tactical skill, his capacity for bold decision, and his ability to, inspire ,his men to excel in battle against a dangerous foe. After a brief terror-raid
  44. Civilians in frontier settlements. These operations, the King felt, would, inspire , the Loyalists; would splinter the Congress; and" would keep the rebels
  45. Which helps professional athletes get involved in charitable causes and aims to, inspire ,all people to volunteer and support their communities. Recognition In 2005
  46. Assistant coach, Jim Jeff, an English teacher and rock'n'roll fan, thought to, inspire ,the team by playing Kiss music in the locker room. He also connected the team
  47. Number of explosives. Static or other electrical discharge may be sufficient to, inspire ,detonation under some circumstances. As a result, the safe handling of
  48. And Joseph Mallory William Turner, both of whose landscapes would serve to, inspire ,Monet's innovations in the study of color. In the spring of 1871,Monet's
  49. And Khan are both much older than the accordion and this type of reed did, inspire ,the kind of free reeds in use in the accordion as we know it today. Look at
  50. Went so far as to decorate his schoolroom with visual elements he thought would, inspire ,learning: paintings, books,comfortable furniture, and busts or portraits of

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