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  1. Anime. In English, anime,when used as a common noun, normally functions as a, mass ,noun (for example:" Do you watch anime? "," How much anime have you
  2. By high local winds and torrential downpours. When the continental air, mass ,is weak, Mediterranean winds drop their moisture farther inland. When there is
  3. Out immediately between the three nationalist movements. The events prompted a, mass ,exodus of Portuguese citizens, creating up to 300 000 destitute Portuguese
  4. In 2007,during the construction of a stadium, constructors discovered the Cuba, mass ,grave. Studies by Azerbaijani and foreign scientists have confirmed the human
  5. But unlike its relatives, it does not hunt large prey. This unusual animal is a, mass ,killer of insects. It feeds mainly on termites and can eat more than 200,000 in
  6. 1,500 while each autographed can sold for $6. The exhibit was one of the first, mass ,events that directly confronted the public with both pop art and the
  7. Starting around 1000 BC, and experienced a large expansion following the, mass ,migration from Gordon, ( the capital of Phrygia),after an earthquake which
  8. Z + N. Since protons and neutrons have approximately the same mass (and the, mass ,of the electrons is negligible for many purposes),and the mass defect is
  9. Is often absent, and other fragment are often spaced by intervals of fourteen, mass ,units, corresponding to sequential loss of CH2-groups. Chemical properties In
  10. Endured fluctuations in popularity. The central tendency of anarchism as a, mass ,social movement has been represented by anarcho-communist and
  11. Death in the Mind of Someone Living follow this example and also manipulate the, mass ,media. Min slept (and engaged in other activities) in her bed before placing
  12. The familiar steeped roof as the native climate yielded more sun and heat than, mass ,amounts of snow or rain that would find use in precipitous roofs. Cement may be
  13. Gave a model of the atom in which a central core held most of the atom's, mass ,and a positive charge which, in units of the electron's charge, was to be
  14. The form of tower blocks such as Blanket, Eryaman and Güzelkent; and also as, mass ,housing compounds for military and civil service accommodation. Although many
  15. Adobe buildings offer significant advantages due to their greater thermal, mass , but they are known to be particularly susceptible to earthquake damage.
  16. Organic compounds in which the members differ by a constant relative molecular, mass ,of 14. Each carbon atom must have 4 bonds (either C-H or C-C bonds),and each
  17. It is orbited by four planets, including one terrestrial planet 6.6 times the, mass ,of Earth. * The orange giant star 91 Aquatic is orbited by a planet,91 Aquatic
  18. Drop their moisture farther inland. When there is a dominant continental air, mass , cold air spills onto the lowland areas, which occurs most frequently in the
  19. Use in the Soviet Union. Russian abacus began to lose popularity only after the, mass ,production of microcalculators had started in the Soviet Union in 1974. Today
  20. Before the Second World War,10 % of the city population was Jewish. The first, mass ,immigration in the 20th century were by people from Indonesia, who came to
  21. Kathak, Rahman Baba, Khalilullah Khalil, and Darwin Pathway. Media The Afghan, mass ,media began in the early 20th century, with the first newspaper published in
  22. Succeeds in withdrawing from the mass , or rather raising herself above the, mass , she grows ceaselessly and more than a man. " Heredity and eugenics
  23. Word about women. I believe that if a woman succeeds in withdrawing from the, mass , or rather raising herself above the mass , she grows ceaselessly and more than
  24. Giant star 91 Aquatic is orbited by a planet,91 Aquatic b. The planet's, mass ,is 2.9 times Jupiter and the semimajor axis of its orbit is 0.3 AU. * Lies
  25. At by, with an orbital period of 128.7 minutes. The effect of lunar, mass ,concentrations (" mass cons" ) on the orbit was found to be greater than
  26. In the country, peaking in the 1997 in an armed rebellion, that led to another, mass ,emigration of Albanians, mostly to Italy, Greece,Switzerland, Germany and to
  27. Atom; thus, A = Z + N. Since protons and neutrons have approximately the same, mass ,(and the mass of the electrons is negligible for many purposes),and the mass
  28. Have been severely autistic. Luther reportedly thought the boy was a soulless, mass ,of flesh possessed by the devil, and suggested that he be suffocated, although
  29. Dramatic declines in amphibian populations, including population crashes and, mass ,localized extinction, have been noted in the past two decades from locations
  30. For many purposes),and the mass defect is usually very small compared to the, mass , the atomic mass of an atom is roughly equal to A. Atoms having the same atomic
  31. And other climates typified by hot days and cool nights, the high thermal, mass ,of adobe levels out the heat transfer through the wall to the living space. The
  32. Inadequate. His failings were largely due to the absence of concepts like, mass , velocity, force and temperature. He had a conception of speed and temperature
  33. The number of electrons. The atomic number, Z,should not be confused with the, mass ,number, A,which is the total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of
  34. Other arithmometer, had not replaced them in Russia and likewise the, mass ,production of Felix arithmometers since 1924 did not significantly reduce their
  35. In Brave New World Huxley portrays a society operating on the principles of, mass ,production and Pavlovian conditioning. Huxley was strongly influenced by F.
  36. Craft a lasting harmony between his Macedonian and Persian subjects, he held a, mass ,marriage of his senior officers to Persian and other noblewomen at Susan, but
  37. Same atomic number Z but different neutron number N, and hence different atomic, mass , are known as isotopes. Most naturally occurring elements exist as a mixture of
  38. By the first known long-period Jupiter-like planet, Gliese 849 b. The planet's, mass ,is 0.82 times that of Jupiter and the semimajor axis of its orbit is 2.35 AU.
  39. And the mass defect is usually very small compared to the mass , the atomic, mass ,of an atom is roughly equal to A. Atoms having the same atomic number Z but
  40. Of the prevailing airflow from the Mediterranean Sea and the continental air, mass , Because they usually meet at the point where the terrain rises, the heaviest
  41. Low winter temperatures in the mountains are caused by the continental air, mass ,that dominates the weather in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Northerly and
  42. Occurring elements exist as a mixture of isotopes, and the average atomic, mass ,of this mixture determines the element's atomic weight. The conventional
  43. Are the angles of rotation in three dimensions about the vehicle's center of, mass , known as pitch, roll,and yaw (quite different from their use as Tait-Bryan
  44. Although many gecekondus still remain, they too are gradually being replaced by, mass ,housing compounds, as empty land plots in the city of Ankara for new
  45. Mass (and the mass of the electrons is negligible for many purposes),and the, mass ,defect is usually very small compared to the mass , the atomic mass of an atom
  46. They aired the demand for Wackel-Elvis fans grew among fans and the figure was, mass ,produced in China and marketed by Audi in their factory outlet store.
  47. In the open ocean ranges from 33 to 37 parts per thousand (3.3 - 3.7 %) by, mass ,and varies with latitude and season. Evaporation, precipitation,river inflow
  48. Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, linked by the interior, mass ,of the Central Asian steppes. The coastal periphery was home to some of the
  49. Is home to a vast variety of landscapes. Over half of Azerbaijan's land, mass ,consists of mountain ridges, crests,yields, and plateaus which rise up to
  50. Control systems for a vehicle's orientation (attitude) about its center of, mass , The control systems include actuators, which exert forces in various

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