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  1. And a flow-through lung. Furthermore, an avian system would only need a lung, volume ,of about 600 liters compared to a mammalian requirement of 2,950 liters, which
  2. As its tidal volume would not have been able to replace its dead-space, volume , Likewise, the mammalian system would only provide a fraction of new air on
  3. II and III. The β-γ transition is accompanied by a 6 % decrease in the crystal, volume ,; although theory also predicts a significant volume change for the α-β
  4. 6 % decrease in the crystal volume ; although theory also predicts a significant, volume ,change for the α-β transition, it is not observed experimentally. The pressure
  5. Pope presented what was in effect a heavily revised version of Ramstein’s, volume ,on phonology that has since set the standard in Altaic studies. Pope
  6. Has been estimated at about 184 liters for a 30 ton specimen. Its tidal, volume ,(the amount of air moved in or out during a single breath) has been
  7. The Case of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Journal of Political Economy, volume ,109 (2001),pages 915–957. * Bush, George H. W., Remarks of President George
  8. Subsidies by the Armenian government (per WTO requirements). In 2010,the, volume ,of US assistance to Armenia remained near 2009 levels; however, longer-term
  9. Danny),Anthony Boucher, Vincent Sterrett and Howard Hay craft. In his 1944, volume , The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes, Ellery Queen wrote of Derleth's The
  10. Order in 1999. In 2003 the series reverted to the numbering order of the first, volume , The title has occasionally been published biweekly, and was published three
  11. Cannot be overestimated. Published in 1593 and subsequently,Hooker's eight, volume ,work is primarily a treatise on Church-state relations, but it deals
  12. And translations, reassemble the pieces into two solid balls each with the same, volume ,as the original. The pieces in this decomposition, constructed using the axiom
  13. 1876),and Chancellorsville and Gettysburg (1882),the latter being a, volume ,of the series Campaigns of the Civil War. However, there is considerable
  14. Their source. This results in several MeV being deposited in a relatively small, volume ,of material. This increases the chance of cellular damage in cases of internal
  15. Immunodeficiencies, loss of bone and muscle, orthostatic intolerance due to, volume ,loss, sleep disturbances, and radiation injury. A variety of large scale
  16. Prayers. In the United Kingdom, the publication of Daily Prayer, the third, volume ,of Common Worship was published in 2005. It retains the services for Morning
  17. Measurable. In general, area in higher mathematics is seen as a special case of, volume ,for two-dimensional regions. Formal definition An approach to defining what is
  18. Bellow, André Maurois, and Winston Churchill. One of the entries in Squire's, volume ,was Churchill's" If Lee Had No Won the Battle of Gettysburg," written from
  19. The bellows: some bellows effects as illustrated below: # Bellows used for, volume ,control/fade # Repeated change of direction (" bellows shake" ) # Constant
  20. Before a capacity crowd of 18,000. " Abbey plays with surprising power and, volume ,; but although they are loud,they're also clear, which does justice to the
  21. Only the first volume has appeared in the English Language. In the first, volume , In Sing divides medicine into two parts as he explains it throughout the
  22. S detective agency is located above the Poirot café. He's also highlighted in, volume ,3 of the manga, in " Gosh Aoyama's Mystery Library ", a section of the
  23. That Apatosaurus, like crocodiles, did not have a diaphragm, the dead-space, volume ,(the amount of unused air remaining in the mouth, trachea and air tubes after
  24. 0 ~. Conservation of mass The equation for the conservation of mass in a fluid, volume ,(without any mass sources or sinks) is given by: \franc + \tabla \dot (\rho
  25. And pro-United States foreign policies, are excellent. In March 2006,the trade, volume ,between the two countries amounted to $400 million. The Israeli ambassador to
  26. Ite mid 47&id 150&option com_content&task view Angola/Israel business, volume ,amounted at USD 400 million Angola Press,22 March 2006 *
  27. Worked specifically on the Altaic problem since the publication of the first, volume ,of Ramstedt's Einführung in 1952. The dates given are those of works
  28. Reeds and producing sound by their vibration, applied pressure increasing the, volume , The keyboard touch is not expressive and does not affect dynamics: all
  29. This basis, its respiratory system could not have been reptilian, as its tidal, volume ,would not have been able to replace its dead-space volume . Likewise, the
  30. That had been used in different parts of the country with a single compact, volume ,in the language of the people, so that" now from henceforth all the Realm
  31. Analog of the length of a curve (a one-dimensional concept) or the, volume ,of a solid (a three-dimensional concept). The area of a shape can be measured
  32. Of the language of logic and the correct rules of reasoning. There is one, volume ,of Aristotle's concerning logic not found in the Org anon, namely the fourth
  33. Of 2,950 liters, which would exceed the available space. The overall thoracic, volume ,of Apatosaurus has been estimated at 1,700 liters allowing for a 500-liter
  34. Thriller with the police procedural. Kurland's Perchance (1988),the first, volume ,of the never-completed" Chronicles of Else when ", presents a multiverse of
  35. In Altaic, an inclusion followed by most leading Activists to date. The first, volume , Lautlehre ('Phonology' ), contained the first comprehensive attempt to
  36. The Great Work. The" Theremin" philosophical position which he taught in this, volume ,(which is a series of letters of direct personal instruction to a student of
  37. Pile, a loose conglomeration of rock and metal that may be half empty space by, volume , The investigated asteroids are as large as 280 km in diameter, and include 121
  38. In Sina's Canon of Medicine which is written in 5 volume s, only the first, volume ,has appeared in the English Language. In the first volume , Ibn Sing divides
  39. 2011,Apple overtook Nokia to become the world's the biggest smartphone maker by, volume , Most recently, on the 4th of October, Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S,which is
  40. 2010,EU countries accounted for 32.1 percent of Armenia’s foreign trade. The, volume ,of Chinese-Armenian trade soared by 55 percent to $390 million in
  41. With June Whitfield as Miss Marple. Other appearances Marple was highlighted in, volume ,20 of the Case Closed manga's edition of" Gosh Aoyoma's Mystery Library "
  42. Is the specific heat at constant pressure, c_v is the specific heat at constant, volume , and c is the wave speed. The value of \gamma is 1.4 if the acoustic medium is
  43. Abilities are far greater than those shown in the books. A 256-page companion, volume , Shadow Knight, was published in 1993. This supplemental rule book includes the
  44. Is now Ar, but up until 1957 it was A. Occurrence Argon constitutes 0.934 % by, volume ,and 1.28 % by mass of the Earth's atmosphere, and air is the primary raw
  45. Become apparent. At home in his dreary flat, Alex plays classical music at top, volume ,while fantasizing of even more orgiastic violence. Alex skips school the next
  46. The Atlantic covers four times that of either the Pacific or Indian oceans. The, volume ,of the Atlantic with its adjacent seas is 354,700,000 cubic kilometers (
  47. London in the autumn of 1913,Crowley published the tenth and final number of, volume ,one of The Equinox. In December 1913 in Paris, Crowley would engage Victor
  48. Rand's ideas, including Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist,a, volume ,on Rand's ethical theory published by Cambridge University Press. Rand's
  49. Added to a single atom, the additional electrons tend to more evenly fill in a, volume ,of space around the nucleus so that the resulting collection (sometimes termed
  50. Scale production existed in Germany by Honer and Westminster, but these lost, volume ,by the end of the 20th century. Other audio samples Notes

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