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  1. Marine invertebrates, where they accelerate host-cell metabolism by generating, immediately ,available sugar and oxygen through photosynthesis using incident light and the
  2. Room, he asked for a piece of film, and she handed him the wrong one, he would, immediately ,recognize the error, though she had taken detailed notes on each shot and he
  3. In the Battle of Manifest. The Human mercenaries among the Byzantine forces, immediately ,defected to the Turkish side; and, seeing this," the Western mercenaries rode
  4. Who have had near-death experiences, speak of a life review period occurring, immediately ,after death and before entering the afterlife's planes of existence (before
  5. Meets Poirot during Poirot's years as a police officer in Belgium and almost, immediately ,after they both arrive in England. He becomes Poirot's lifelong friend and
  6. Readers unacquainted with its reputation as a satirical work often do not, immediately ,realize that Swift was not seriously proposing cannibalism and infanticide, nor
  7. The screenplay alone. Although its estimated budget was lower than the films, immediately ,preceding it, Japanese studios were still unwilling to back one of his
  8. The soul is brought for judgment. Those who have led pristine lives enter, immediately ,into the" Slam ABA" or World to Come. Most do not enter the World to Come
  9. Injunction, or an order holding a person in contempt of court, can be appealed, immediately ,although the case may otherwise not have been fully disposed of. In American
  10. With several monochromatic themes for the" bitten" logo, and Jobs, immediately ,took a liking to it. While Jobs liked the logo, he insisted it be in color to
  11. In most MSA accents, emphatic coloring of vowels is limited to vowels, immediately ,adjacent to a triggering consonant, although in some it spreads a bit farther:
  12. The most effective mouthwash when used on an already clean tooth surface or, immediately ,after surgery. As chlorhexidine has difficulty in penetrating plaque biofilm
  13. Cited, Zeus lay with Métis, the goddess of crafty thought and wisdom, but he, immediately ,feared the consequences. It had been prophesied that Métis would bear children
  14. While he was dying. The entire stock except for three copies was destroyed, immediately ,after his death, being regarded as scandalous and blasphemous. The first
  15. Grasps what is at stake and warns the authorities that unless steps are taken, immediately , the epidemic could kill off half the town's population of two hundred
  16. Was so sudden that when reports of his death reached Greece, they were not, immediately ,believed. Doors, Curtius and Justin also have the more plausible story of
  17. The tick and took of a mechanical clock. " The accurate automatic machine" led, immediately ,to" mechanical automata" beginning in the 13th century and finally to "
  18. Into the" Slam ABA" or World to Come. Most do not enter the World to Come, immediately , but now experience a period of review of their earthly actions, and they are
  19. To another paper of Albert Einstein and coworkers (see EPR paradox),almost, immediately ,contradicted by Niels Bohr, concerning the interpretation of quantum mechanics.
  20. Campaigning north, the The bans and Athenians rebelled once more. Alexander, immediately ,cut short his campaign and headed south with his army, but,while the other
  21. Where the included primitive connectives are only" \neg" for negation of the, immediately ,following proposition and" \to\," for implication from antecedent to
  22. Unemployment because there are too many industrial workers laid-off to be, immediately ,accepted into the consumption sectors of the economy. Hummel notes that this
  23. Agency or particular events or states of affairs. More simply again that which, immediately ,sets the thing in motion. So take the two dominoes this time of equal weighting
  24. Back to his home in New York City, after a leisurely summer day in 1882,and he, immediately ,wrote it down. He was so anxious to capture the tune in his head, he asked
  25. Alexander personally defeated the Scythians at the Battle of Jaxartes and, immediately ,launched a campaign against Stamens and defeated him in the Battle of Babies;
  26. Postulate the existence of a prestige Kline dialect in the one or two centuries, immediately ,following the Arab conquest, whose features eventually spread to all of the
  27. The 1973 Swedish entry; it came third in the preliminary round. Sting Anderson, immediately ,started planning for the 1974 contest. Slaves, Andersson,and Sting Anderson
  28. Independence abroad. In Angola, a fight for the conquest of power broke out, immediately ,between the three nationalist movements. The events prompted a mass exodus of
  29. In 1905, he was appointed merited professor and got the right to retire which he, immediately ,used. Till 1910,however, he continued to lecture calculus of differences. In
  30. Advises the reader that" the best way to learn an algorithm is to try it..., immediately ,take pen and paper and work through an example ". But what about a simulation
  31. Comedies and tragedies, and thus references to tragedy were highly topical and, immediately ,relevant to the original audience. The comic dramatist also poked fun at comic
  32. Precise definitions have been given to date. His footnote #5; see discussion, immediately ,below. The simplest of these to state (due to Post and Turing) says
  33. Another adaptation of a classic European theatrical work followed almost, immediately , with production of The Lower Depths, based on a play by Maxim Gorky, taking
  34. Emphatic" allophones are the pharyngealized consonants;; and, if not followed, immediately ,by. Frequently, the fricatives also trigger emphatic allophones; occasionally
  35. Punishment due to venial sins and from attachment to mortal sins cannot, immediately ,attain the beatific vision in heaven, and that they may be helped to do so by
  36. In note-taking scenarios if there was insufficient time to make corrections, immediately , To conserve memory and storage space, alternative recognition hypotheses would
  37. He bought the book on its publication day, devoured it in one sitting, and, immediately , asked Too to secure the film rights. Kurosawa's initial instinct proved
  38. The story. Because the gang wore masks during the assault, the writer does not, immediately ,recognize Alex. The writer, whose name is revealed as F. Alexander, shelters
  39. First logo, Wayne,depicts Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. Almost, immediately , though, this was replaced by Rob Janoff's" rainbow Apple ", the now-familiar
  40. Would have been necessary, but never took place. The renewal of civil war, immediately ,after the elections, which were considered as fraudulent by UNITS, and the
  41. Of colloquial varieties with moderate-distance harmony may only harmonize, immediately ,adjacent vowels in MSA. ) Vowels Modern Standard Arabic has six pure vowels
  42. Who would later be portrayed as Professor Henry Higgins in Pygmalion). Ellis, immediately ,wrote back indicating that the experiments were similar to existing work in
  43. Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard for the refrigerator. Their invention was not, immediately ,put into commercial production, as the most promising of their patents were
  44. Both were Democrats. In Alabama, the members of the Legislature take office, immediately ,after the November elections, but the statewide officials, such as the Governor
  45. From South America not being arrived — makes it improper for us to declare, immediately , " Meanwhile, Grimaldi reassured Lee, stores of clothing and powder were
  46. Him, Warhol declined the use of a small scale practice model, instead opting to, immediately ,paint directly onto the full scale automobile. It was indicated that Warhol
  47. Set forth in the Code of Justinian still applies, whereby most abbots are, immediately ,subject to the local bishop. Those monasteries which enjoy the status of being
  48. Split-adjusted shares) of Apple at the pre-IPO price of $10 a share. Jobs was, immediately ,convinced that all future computers would use a graphical user interface (GUI
  49. When he visits a victim in the person's home, because he knows that he must, immediately ,call for an ambulance and have the person removed from the house. Often the
  50. Including Algiers and Anna. Almost all of this population left during or, immediately ,after the country's independence from France. Housing and medicine shortages

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