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  1. Predators, cats use their acute hearing and ability to see in near darkness to, locate ,prey. Not only can cats hear sounds too faint for human ears, they can also
  2. Of the abdominal cavity for direct examination of its contents, for example, to, locate , a source of bleeding or trauma. It may or may not be followed by repair or
  3. No one asked for this information or explained the reason behind the query, to, locate , the German fleet. The German battlecruisers cleared the minefields surrounding
  4. Third places at the Belgian Grand Prix and the Mexican Grand Prix. Unable to, locate ,a suitable engine supplier, the team missed the FIA deadline for entry into the
  5. Taken. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan,Mi-24 Hind gunships were used to, locate ,concentrations of mujahideen guerrilla, and these would then be attacked by the
  6. The team leader. In the short term, CERTs perform data gathering, especially to, locate ,mass-casualties requiring professional response, or situations requiring
  7. And lawyers and judges tend to use these treatises as only" finding aids" to, locate ,the relevant cases. In common law jurisdictions, scholarly work is seldom cited
  8. Camera at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, also worked with Naffer to try to, locate ,the missing tapes. The images were from tapes in Australia, the CBS News
  9. To lift the clapper bridge, but no inscription was found. However he did, locate ,nine out of the twelve stones that had made up the pedestal, as well as the
  10. Media by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. * May 31 - The military fails to, locate ,the bandits and the hostages despite search and rescue operations in Solo
  11. Range can also affect the number of locations in memory the CPU can address (, locate ,). For example, if a binary CPU uses 32 bits to represent a memory address, and
  12. Or tax regime with lower costs. For example, an insurance company may choose to, locate ,in Bermuda due to preferential tax rates and policies for insurance companies.
  13. Substituted alkenes in a manner similar to alkanes. # Number the carbon atoms, locate ,and name substituent groups, locate the double bond, and name the main chain.
  14. Netherlands. Amsterdam is currently one of the best European cities in which to, locate ,an International Business. It is ranked fifth in this category and is only
  15. Real estate concepts (land office, lot,outlands, waterfront,the verbs, locate ,and re locate , betterment,addition, subdivision ), types of property (log
  16. Is suspected then a more comprehensive test using a leak-down tester can, locate ,the leak. Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) engines Because cylinder bore
  17. Fires burning around the world. Those burning underground can be difficult to, locate ,and many cannot be extinguished. Fires can cause the ground above to subside
  18. Was extended to Detroit with plans to reach Chicago however CP was unable to, locate ,a suitable terminal. Loss of the small Detroit terminal and low US traffic
  19. What the precise law is that applies to a particular set of facts, one has to, locate ,presidential decisions on the topic, and reason from those decisions by analogy
  20. Own career success required him to leave the group. Bruce Johnston was asked to, locate ,a replacement for Campbell; having failed to find one, Johnston himself
  21. Beliefs and practice is too large to be fit into these labels. Many Anglicans, locate ,themselves somewhere in the spectrum of the Broad Church tradition and consider
  22. Operations Center. Additional teams may also be created to guard the morgue, locate ,supplies and food, convey messages to and from other CERT teams and local
  23. Sun. Several months later, when Ceres should have reappeared, Piazzi could not, locate ,it: the mathematical tools of the time were not able to extrapolate a position
  24. Years that followed the end of Calvin and Hobbes, there were many attempts to, locate ,Watterson in his hometown of Chagrin Falls. Both The Plain Dealer and the
  25. In breathing, the audiometer to detect minor hearing problems, a device to, locate ,icebergs, investigations on how to separate salt from seawater, and work on
  26. That might be read into Duchamp's Fountain or John Cage's 4′33″ do not, locate ,the works in a recognizable style (or certainly not a style recognizable at
  27. Behavior when mating, using such methods as pheromones for communication to, locate ,potential mates. Males may fight for females using very elongated mandibles
  28. Riddle and using all the answers to determine who Riddler is, Batman and Robin, locate ,the Riddler's lair, where both are separated upon reaching the island. Robin
  29. And many designs use more complex addressing methods like paging in order to, locate ,more memory than their integer range would allow with a flat address space.
  30. Aeroplane was used for reconnaissance in naval combat. Engines plane did, locate ,and report some German light cruisers just before 15:30,and received
  31. Meet every need, however. Role The CPAN's main purpose is to help programmers, locate ,modules and programs not included in the Perl standard distribution. Its
  32. To alkanes. # Number the carbon atoms, locate and name substituent groups, locate ,the double bond, and name the main chain. Cis-Trans notation In the specific
  33. Destination arrival time, and remember that a vehicle is much easier to, locate ,in an aerial search, than a person, so in the event of a breakdown, they must
  34. Replies to 4NT are more compressed than standard ones, and they also begin to, locate ,the queen of trumps. Although the replies to 4NT are more compressed, it is
  35. Of the last unexplored regions on Earth and much effort is put into trying to, locate ,and enter them. In well-explored regions (such as most developed nations)
  36. Reading from disk takes about 10 milliseconds. Naively, then,the time to, locate ,one record out of a million would take 20 disk reads times 10 milliseconds per
  37. Define narrowly the boundaries of this early land of Chaldea, and one may only, locate ,it generally in the low, marshy,alluvial land about the estuaries of the
  38. Keys, F and J, on the keyboard. * Scroll wheels on mice remove the need to, locate ,the scrolling interface on the computer screen. More ambitiously, and quite
  39. To assess relationships among members of large data sets, such as methods to, locate ,a gene within a sequence, predict protein structure and/or function, and
  40. Is" in a given situation. First, one must ascertain the facts. Then, one must, locate ,any relevant statutes and cases. Then one must extract the principles
  41. Be given as a constant value (called an immediate value),or as a place to, locate ,a value: a register or a memory address, as determined by some addressing mode.
  42. Lowlands in northwestern South America. Alternatively, some physiographic, locate ,its northern border at some point in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico.
  43. Cleveland Scene sent reporters in 1998 and 2003 respectively but were unable to, locate ,him. In 2005,Gene Walgreen from The Washington Post was sent with a gift of
  44. Or immunofluorescence to examine protein expression in tissue sections or to, locate ,proteins within cells with the assistance of a microscope. Proteins can also be
  45. Or a manually driven telescope. It involves the use of maps (or memory) to, locate ,known landmark stars, and " hopping" between them, often with the aid of a
  46. Well whether we are talking about an earthquake, a submarine using sonar to, locate ,its foe, or a band playing in a rock concert. The central stage in the
  47. Many others are so faint or inconspicuous that technical means are necessary to, locate ,them. Many methods are used in amateur astronomy, but most are variations of a
  48. In search of food. The arctic fox has such keen hearing that it can precisely, locate ,the position of prey under the snow. When it finds prey, it pounces and punches
  49. Hand-held transmitters used by air controllers on the ground to identify and, locate ,targets. The system was slaved into the targeting computer. The AC-130H's unit
  50. Are used in many applications. They are most commonly used to identify and, locate ,intracellular and extracellular proteins. Antibodies are used in flow cytometry

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