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  1. The Karaiskakis Stadium, a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment complex, host ,of the 1971 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup Final. In 2004 Greece's national soccer
  2. Who have their own stage in the city center is a notable example. Ankara is, host ,to five classical music orchestras: * Cumhurbaşkanlığı Senghor Orchestras (
  3. Algae in the Stony Corals are described by the term zooxanthellae, with the, host ,Stony Corals called on that account hermetic corals, which although not a
  4. Issues in anthropology, archeology,food chemistry, forensics,geology, and a, host ,of other questions of physical science. Analysts can discern the origins of
  5. Over 47 million people to 2060,nearly tripling It is estimated that Angola was, host ,to 12,100 refugees and 2,900 asylum seekers by the end of 2007. 11,400 of those
  6. Such as Limos, Palaio Fair, Elliniko, Voula, Vouliagmeni and Parking), host , a number of sandy beaches, most of which are operated by the Greek National
  7. By the host ing of magnificent games in Rome. It lasted a number of days, and a, host ,of exotic animals were killed, including elephants, giraffes,tigers
  8. Blasting gelatin, as it was named, was patented in 1876; and was followed by a, host ,of similar combinations, modified by the addition of potassium nitrate and
  9. Professional football player * 1958 – Howard Stable ford, English actor and, host ,* 1961 – Magda Szubanski, Australian actress * 1962 – Takata Nobuhiko, Japanese
  10. Clearly states that" in relation with their own government and with, host ,governments ... no secret research, no secret reports or debriefings of any
  11. Mitsuki Niagara, Japanese footballer * 1983 – Jade Sea, Singaporean model, host ,and actress * 1983 – Dash Shaw, American comic book writer and artist * 1983 –
  12. Of hot and cold, wet and dry, and directs the movement of things; an entire, host ,of shapes and differences then grow that are found in" all the worlds" ( for
  13. From the late 19th century to the present day. There are also galleries which, host ,guest exhibitions.: is the modern-arts museum of Ankara inaugurated in 01 April
  14. Contest 2011 with the song" Running Scared ", and Azerbaijan therefore will, host ,the contest in 2012,in Baku. There are dozens of Azerbaijani folk dances. They
  15. And sporting events, such as the Amsterdam Marathon. The city itself played, host ,to the road cycling events for those games. Eight years earlier, Amsterdam
  16. Odds Freeway. In addition to many multiplexes, Athens plays, host ,to a variety of romantic, open air garden cinemas. The city also supports a
  17. Ice field. According to Alberta Economic Development, Calgary and Edmonton both, host ,over four million visitors annually. Ban ff, Jasper and the Rocky Mountains are
  18. Cricket matches. Memorial Drive Park, adjacent to the Adelaide Oval, used to, host ,the Adelaide International, a major men's tennis tournament in the lead-up to
  19. Spaces, and small gallery areas. A number of its renovated buildings also now, host ,a wide variety of fashionable bars, making it a hotspot for the city in the
  20. Next series on English soil in 2013,Durham's Chester-le-Street ground will, host ,its first Ashes Test match. Cultural references The popularity and reputation
  21. Is the idea that the Jews are a distinct and inferior race compared to their, host ,nations. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, it gained mainstream
  22. And having many sports facilities. The city has also served as a, host ,of several sports events of international notability. Athens has host ed the
  23. Humans, exemplified in the novels of Goethe. The late 19th century then saw a, host ,of artistic movements, such as academic art, Symbolism,impressionism and
  24. Recent death. * Marc Stevens (radio host ): voluntarism essayist, talk radio, host , author and lawyer * Mark Thornton: economist of the Austrian School, taught
  25. OK Karabakh and Khazar Lanka ran. On March 19, 2010,Azerbaijan won the bid to, host ,the 2012 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup. Futsal is another popular sport in
  26. These symbioses, the algae supply photosynthesis (organic substances) to the, host ,organism providing protection to the algal cells. The host organism derives
  27. Is the world's second largest after Edinburgh's. Both Calgary and Edmonton, host ,a number of annual festivals and events including folk music festivals. With a
  28. Most cities have amateur astronomy clubs that meet on a regular basis and often, host ,star parties in their communities. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is
  29. Is incorporated as a new city. *1958 – Walter O'Malley's Los Angeles Dodgers, host ,the first Major League Baseball game played on the West Coast of the United
  30. 2008) * 1970 – Gilda De Laurentiis, Italian-born American chef and television, host ,* 1971 – Craig Finn, American musician (The Hold Steady) * 1972 – Overt
  31. S national soccer team won the UEFA Cup Finals in Portugal. They beat the, host ,nation Portugal 1:0. Athens has host ed the Euro league final three times, the
  32. The Universal Press Syndicate, until his recent death. * Marc Stevens (radio, host ,): voluntarism essayist, talk radio host , author and lawyer * Mark Thornton:
  33. City: * MEB Sure Salon (also known as the Festival Hall) The city has been, host ,to several well-established, annual theater, music,film festivals: * Ankara
  34. The group recorded a TV special, Dick Caveat Meets ABBA with the US talk show, host ,Dick Caveat. The Visitors,ABBA's eighth and final studio album, showed a
  35. That gives the imagination an incentive to spread its flight over a whole, host ,of kindred representations that provoke more thought than admits of expression
  36. Mike Greenberg, American sportscaster * 1967 – Julie Snyder, Quebec talk show, host ,and producer * 1969 – Elliott Smith, American musician (d. 2003) *1970 – M.
  37. Scrumhalf Mark Harris (Toronto Scottish RFC). The club was lucky enough to, host ,the HMS Iron Duke in September 2008 which saw a very spirited game going to the
  38. Being the premier venue. Electronic Dance Music The Heineken Music Hall is also, host ,to many Electronic Dance Music festivals, alongside many other venues.
  39. Czech-born American photographer * 1947 – David Letterman, American talk show, host ,*1948 – Marcello Lippi, Italian football coach *1948 – Jeremy Beadle, English
  40. And individualist feminist. * Stefan Milieux: blogger, essayist,author, and, host , of Free domain Radio. * Robert P. Murphy: Austrian School economist and free
  41. Occurs on mailing lists or discussion groups. Discussion group servers, host ,numerous astronomy lists. A great deal of the commerce of amateur astronomy
  42. Measles immunization. Some vaccines, later shown to have been contaminated with, host ,animal CNS tissue, have ADAM incident rates as high as 1 in 600. Treatment No
  43. Guitarist (Amen Corner) * 1948 – Dennis Prayer, American radio talk show, host ,and author * 1949 – Certain Parkas, Hungarian cosmonaut * 1950 – Sue Rodriguez
  44. Photosynthesis using incident light and the carbon dioxide produced in the, host , Endosymbiosis algae in the Stony Corals are described by the term zooxanthellae
  45. Almost entirely to the genus Symbiodinium. The loss of Symbiodinium from the, host ,is known as coral bleaching, a condition which unless corrected leads to the
  46. Champion *1958 – Normand Bathwater, Canadian comedian and television and radio, host ,* 1958 – Sergei Rivaled, Russian cosmonaut *1959 – Gerhard Berger, Austrian
  47. The main protagonist has a friend named" Hercules Poiret ". In the final, host ,segment of Mystery Science Theater 3000s episode" The Rebel Set ", Tom Servo
  48. Past decade. Aarhus (and especially Attention) has served or will serve as the, host ,of many sport events in recent years including: * GF World Cup; the world's
  49. CERN Euro Cup and in FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup. In 2011,Andorra will be the, host ,country to the 2011 European League Final Eight. The country is represented in
  50. Substances) to the host organism providing protection to the algal cells. The, host ,organism derives some or all of its energy requirements from the algae.

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