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  1. That arrived to work in the new industries. For many years, the city's largest, employer ,was the New England Glass Company, founded in 1818. By the middle of the 19th
  2. Practitioners. As of 2004,nearly 50 % of Americans who were enrolled in, employer ,health insurance plans were covered for acupuncture treatments. Canada In
  3. Labor organization, or joint labor-management committee, and is generally an, employer ,engaged in interstate commerce and having 15 or more workers. Discrimination
  4. Did not receive royalties from his creation, as rights were owned by his, employer , the Soviet government, which distributed it throughout the USSR and Eastern
  5. Timber industry likewise declined; Astoria Plywood Mill, the city's largest, employer , closed in 1989,and the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway discontinued
  6. Of where the main business office is located or headquartered. *In Denver,the, employer ,is liable for US$4.00 per employee per month and the employee is liable for
  7. Who prevents the public adoration from becoming too much of a burden on her, employer , but does nothing to prevent her from becoming too much of a burden on others.
  8. By Republican Bill Huizen. Economy Manufacturing has been the greatest, employer ,in Cadillac since the logging industry. Presently, over 26 % of the city’s
  9. A foreigner must first have a job in order to move to the Cayman Islands. The, employer ,applies and pays for the work permit. Work permits are not granted to
  10. Arthur Referee was a bus driver whose BNP membership was unknown to his, employer , Servo, until he was elected as a councillor. His employer was concerned that
  11. Name "/IN"> google81"/> The railroad industry became the nation's largest, employer ,outside of agriculture. The American Civil War was followed by a boom in
  12. Some three quarters of Canadians and accounting for 78 % of GDP. The largest, employer ,is the retail sector, employing almost 12 % of Canadians. The retail industry
  13. According to the INGE): * Government – the public sector is by far the largest, employer , accounting for around 40 % of the city jobs. Government jobs include all
  14. And is paid over US$500.00 for that work in a single month, the employee and, employer ,are both liable for the OPT regardless of where the main business office is
  15. In the declining industry. This especially impacted BSC since it was a major, employer ,in a number of depressed regions. One of the arguments aired in favor of
  16. UAB Hospital is the only Level I trauma center in Alabama. UAB is the largest, employer ,in Alabama, with a workforce of about 20,000. Banking Alabama has the
  17. Both employer and employees are liable for US$2.00 per month. *It is the, employer ,'s responsibility to withhold, remit,and file the OPT returns. If an employer
  18. Columbia. In addition, the now defunct Silva Insurance was once a large local, employer , Columbia became a transportation crossroads when U. S. Route 63 and U. S.
  19. At Selebi-Phikwe, has had a troubled financial history but remains an important, employer , The soda ash operation at SUA Pan, opened in 1991 and supported by substantial
  20. System, CASS (Caixa Andorran de Seguretat Social),which is funded by, employer ,and employee contributions in respect of salaries. The cost of healthcare is
  21. Tennessee about selling the Tennessee Valley Authority, a large local New Deal, employer , The Goldwater campaign spotlighted Ronald Reagan, who appeared in a campaign
  22. Sexual predators, and employment issues, since a simple Google search by your, employer ,will reveal your online activities. Blizzard initially responded to some of the
  23. Between her brother and Mrs. Robinson. Bran well was sternly dismissed when his, employer ,found out about his relationship with his wife. In spite of her brother's
  24. As the largest employer since 2006–07. The retail trade is the second largest, employer ,in SA (2009–10),with 91,900 jobs, and 12 per cent of the state workforce.
  25. country's only refinery. BSP and four sister companies constitute the largest, employer ,in Brunei after the government. BSP's small refinery has a distillation
  26. For nearly half of exports, while the banana industry is the country's largest, employer , Belize has the most expensive electricity in the region. Trade is important
  27. Care and social assistance, surpassing manufacturing in SA as the largest, employer ,since 2006–07. The retail trade is the second-largest employer in SA (2009–10
  28. Per month and the employee is liable for US$5.75 per month. *In Aurora, both, employer , and employees are liable for US$2.00 per month. *It is the employer 's
  29. In the tertiary sector, with 1,461 businesses in this sector. The largest, employer ,in Aarav is the Canton government, the offices of which are distributed across
  30. Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, mandatory, employer , health benefits, environmentalism,and" discriminatory taxation to deter
  31. On the insistence of editor Archibald Ogden, who threatened to quit if his, employer ,did not publish it. While completing the novel, Rand was prescribed the
  32. Filings. With over 37,000 employees,Cleveland's largest non-government, employer , the Cleveland Clinic, ranks among America's best hospitals as tabulated by U.
  33. Do not have criminal histories. Embezzlers tend to have a gripe against their, employer , have financial problems, or simply an inability to resist the temptation of a
  34. Produces the GDP's largest output, agriculture is still the island’s biggest, employer ,; most notably rice cultivation. Crops grown in smaller amounts include fruit
  35. company's primary revenue stream. Pfizer, once the city's second largest, employer , operated a large pharmaceutical research facility on the northeast side of Ann
  36. Were similar to religious beliefs have previously been decided in favor of the, employer ,or potential employer . Under the new law, a strong argument could be made to
  37. Also have falsified how many hours he had flown in order to get a job with his, employer , Black hawk International Airways. Additionally, an autopsy performed on Morales
  38. Three years. However, Branwell was enticed into a secret relationship with his, employer ,'s wife, Lydia Robinson. When Anne and her brother returned home for the
  39. Engaging in the illegal use of drugs when that usage is the basis for the, employer ,'s actions. Part of Title I was found unconstitutional by the United States
  40. Beliefs have previously been decided in favor of the employer or potential, employer , Under the new law, a strong argument could be made to the contrary. " This has
  41. Business assets ", mostly owned by companies who function as" investor, employer , distributor and marketer ". While copyright was conceived as personal property
  42. Was unknown to his employer , Serco, until he was elected as a councillor. His, employer ,was concerned that he might endanger its contract with a local authority to
  43. Lufthansa Citywide have their main corporate headquarters in Cologne. Largest, employer ,in Cologne is Ford Europe, which has its European headquarters and a factory in
  44. Fanbase demanded an apology from Knight, which he gave on April 19 through his, employer , ESPN. Books about Bob Knight Books about Knight include A Season on the Brink
  45. Belief" after he was refused a job at a GP surgery. His claimed that the, employer ,was in violation of the Employment (Religious Discrimination) Regulations of
  46. 4 sitcom Peep Show (TV series) makes occasional reference to Aberdeen, as the, employer ,of one of the main characters has an office in Aberdeen. In one episode Mark
  47. Length of service, and demonstrated experience, via industry peer and/or, employer ,recommendation avoid some issues associated with purely passing an
  48. employer 's responsibility to withhold, remit,and file the OPT returns. If an, employer ,does not comply, they can be held liable for both portions of the OPT as well
  49. In the US, with 126,700 high-tech jobs. Delta Air Lines is the city's largest, employer ,and the metro area's third largest. Delta operates one of the world's largest
  50. While stuck in prison due to her refusal to turn states evidence against her, employer , While he was unable to prove that Author was behind the murder of Vesper

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