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  1. Tools for mass production were first introduced in the 17th century. The, french ,word for factory Fabrice was inspired by the silk (fabric) production
  2. Pacifist and naturist press of the time. Perspective influenced by Nietzsche, french ,post-structuralists thinkers such as Michel Foucault and Gilles Delete; and
  3. Is owned by the Cuban government and has a business joint venture with the, french ,company Pernod Richard. The Bacardi legacy lives on in Santiago and Havana
  4. Typically from Mar del Plate or Chub),pieces of Salome, olives in brine, french ,fries, maníes (peanuts),etc.; cicadas are eaten accompanied by an alcoholic
  5. deep-fried chicken, and sausages. These are often accompanied by baked beans, french ,fries, cole slaw, or toast. Soups and chili con care are generally available.
  6. California attorney general Bill Locker filed a lawsuit against top makers of, french ,fries and potato chips to warn consumers of the potential risk from consuming
  7. Scrambled eggs, bacon,country potatoes and choice of Swedish pancakes or,French, toast sticks. In the Netherlands it consists of a croissant, a small bread roll
  8. Tomato, onion,and often sliced pickles (or pickle relish). Coleslaw and, french ,fries usually accompany the burger. Cheese (usually processed cheese slices
  9. Reopened it in 1948 as a walk-up stand offering a simple menu of hamburgers, french ,fries, shakes,coffee, and Coca-Cola, served in disposable paper wrapping. As a
  10. Slices of ham or bologna, pastrami or teriyaki-seasoned beef, tartar sauce, french ,fries, onion rings or potato chips. Standard toppings on hamburgers may depend on
  11. All the crimes of Heliogabalus. " *http://heliogabale.free.fr/ Heliogabale,a, french ,rock band, a French rock band which has released five albums since 1995,among
  12. Of plastic),specifically designed for the eating of chips (known as, french ,fries in North America).: A small fork resembling a trident, used for spearing
  13. Almost requiring hospitalization. Mandrill Linux (result of fusion of the, french ,distribution Mandrakelinux or Mandrake Linux and the Brazilian distribution
  14. Potato-based items (including potato wedges formerly known as Kentucky Fries, french ,fries and mashed potatoes with gravy),biscuits, baked beans, macaroni and
  15. Veux of TU vex pas (1970,Barclay) with the hit" Tu vex of TU vex pas ", french ,version of the Brazilian" NEM OEM Que Na's TEM" directed by François Burnham
  16. Bassoon and horn and the brass quintet, consisting of two trumpets, one, french , horn,a trombone and a tuba. Six or more instruments Classical chamber
  17. Movement Social and it was published in New York City between 1858 and 1861 by, french ,anarcho-communist Joseph Jacques. " The next recorded use of the term was in
  18. The Louisiana population contributed to the founding of the modern Cajun (, french ,word" Acadian" evolved to" Alien" then evolved to" Cajun" ) population.
  19. In 1894–1900,Texts et monuments figures relations aux mysteries de Mithra, french ,:" Texts and Illustrated Monuments Relating to the Mysteries of Mithra ". An
  20. The name in some European languages to the blue color (azure in ENG., azur in,French, ),is taken by the Arabs from Persian language, where it comes from the
  21. Acrylamide is generated in fried or overheated carbohydrate foods (such as, french ,fries and potato chips). Studies are underway at the FDA and European
  22. De Georges Palate, portrait d'un Nietzsche de gauche which focuses on, french ,individualist philosopher Georges Palate. Illegalism Illegality
  23. Ireland chips are potato chips while chips refer to thick strips similar to, french ,fries (as in" fish and chips" ) and served hot. In Australia, some parts of
  24. This claim which, even if true, is unrelated to the later history of the, french ,fry, as the potato did not arrive in the region until around 1735; also, given
  25. Half-sack, Poverty-pack or Six-pack: a case of 6 beers * Poutine: a snack of, french ,fries topped with cheese curds and hot gravy. * based on a brand of crunchy
  26. And head of the short-lived Dominion of New England. In the 1800s, wealthy, french , Émigrés set residency in the islands fleeing the revolution. Many of the town
  27. S interior (called effluent). Most of this dust consists of cornstarch, french ,chalk, or talcum powder, which are used to lubricate the airbag during
  28. Of something (material or not),for example," Man, I just ate a ton of, french ,fries back there ". *In Britain, a ton is colloquially used to refer to 100 of
  29. Father (Robert) to tell the French what SOE did at that time. Robert, was a,French, teacher based in the south-west of France, and he worked with the famous SOE
  30. Resistance? This is the purpose of this documentary. Jean Marie Barrier,the, french ,director, uses the story of his own grandfather (Robert) to tell the French
  31. In 1885,died on 25 April 1886 in the prison) * Minahikosis (Little Pine, french ,: ‘ Petite Pin ’, Chief of the Plains Cree, born about 1830 in the vicinity of
  32. After hurricanes destroyed their estate in 1766. Esmée (Desiree for the, french ,),Joséphine's paternal aunt, had been the mistress of François, Vicomte de
  33. Of the Upstream People) * Kamdyistowesit (Kanaweyihimitowin, ‘ Barely ’, french ,: ‘ Barb ’, Chief of the Parkland or Willow Cree, born 1828 near Duck Lake
  34. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the usual boiled potatoes have been switched to, french ,fries. Besides these Swedish staples, hot dogs and drinks are also sold, along
  35. Full E-Books of Rousseau in, french ,on the website 'La philosophies' *
  36. In this sense, the theoretical positions and the vital experiences of, french ,individualism are deeply iconoclastic and scandalous, even within libertarian
  37. Kapapamahchakwew (Kā-papāmahcahkwêw, Kapapa Machine, Papamahchakwayo, french ,: ‘ Esprit Errant ’, better known as Wandering Spirit, war chief of the Plains
  38. Term for large cuts of potato that are deep-fried or baked in an oven, known as,French, fries in Canada and the U. S. * Banana chip, a deep-fried or dried slice of
  39. Famous for beer, chocolate,waffles and french fries. Contrary to their name,French, fries also originated in Belgium. The national dishes are" steak and fries
  40. Outlets include fish and chips, sandwiches,pitas, hamburgers,fried chicken, french ,fries, chicken nuggets, tacos,pizza, and ice cream, although many fast food
  41. Switzerland,19 August 1923," among a menagerie of cats that he and his,French, lover kept" in their villa;" the local divorce laws prevented him from
  42. In lard, and usually accompanied by a hot rice dish, vinegar coleslaw and, french ,fries. Chicago The ethnic mix of the people of Chicago has led to a distinctive
  43. The students' goal is not a democracy but to better the conditions in the, french ,galleys. Marius says himself:" We are not revolutionaries. " * In the movie
  44. Chain. * September 28 – promulgation of the law on the emancipation of the, french ,Jews. * September 30 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's sing spiel Die Zauberflöte (
  45. 1998: Apprends-moi Céline, by Maria Come, director Raymond Acquaint, french ,tour * 1999: Readings from Colette, director Roger Hodge man, Melbourne Festival
  46. Or strips, fried,and served as a snack, similar to potato chips, wedges or, french ,fries. Another method is to boil large blocks until soft, and serve them with
  47. Frame. One structural unit that is still useful to playwrights today is the ", french ,scene" which describes any character entrance or exit. Thus, motivations and
  48. Such as the Michelin Guide. Belgium is famous for beer, chocolate,waffles and,French, fries. Contrary to their name, french fries also originated in Belgium. The
  49. Oboes (both doubling oboe d'more),2 clarinets, bass clarinet,2 bassoons,2, french , horns,2 trumpets,2 trombones, tuba,percussion (3 players),celesta (
  50. Included a recording called Joplin: The Red Back Book by Gunther Schiller,a, french ,horn player and music professor. Marvin Heimlich lightly adapted Joplin's

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