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  1. Of needles in the body. Its proponents variously claim that it relieves, pain , treats infertility, treats disease, prevents disease, or promotes general
  2. And fever; perspiration; appetite, thirst and taste; defecation and urination;, pain ,; sleep; and menses and seborrhea. *Palpation includes feeling the body for
  3. And low risk treatment modality. A systematic review of acupuncture for, pain ,found that there was no difference between inserting needles into" true "
  4. The alternative and more effective preventive medication. And with sore throat, pain , for those who had it. The effects of aspirin were indistinguishable from those
  5. Been emphatic that he and his colleagues see acupuncture only as an analgesic (, pain ,reducer),not an anesthetic (an agent that blocks all conscious sensations).
  6. The pages of an old diary and told, with rekindled emotion, of the pangs of, pain ,and the sharp, clear sweetness of a boy's first love. " Helen Constance White
  7. Sham acupuncture may function as a true placebo, particularly in studies on, pain , in which insertion of needles anywhere near pain ful regions may elicit a
  8. For each. Compendium status Veterinary use Aspirin is sometimes used for, pain ,relief or as an anti-coagulant in veterinary medicine, primarily in dogs and
  9. When used at a high dose of 1000 mg (as compared to 275–325 mg when used as a, pain ,killer or 81 mg as an antiplatelet therapy),no significant differences were
  10. Had a short but dramatic run in his final US Open. Because of extreme back, pain , Agassi was forced to receive anti-inflammatory injections after every match.
  11. Concluded ibuprofen has the best risk-benefit ratio. Aspirin did not ease, pain ,during cycling exercise, while caffeine, surprisingly,was very effective.
  12. Traditional Japanese acupuncture styles. " An analysis of 13 studies of, pain ,treatment with acupuncture, published in January 2009 in the journal BMJ
  13. Took his life because he felt that Abraham did not need to go through the, pain ,of seeing Esau's wicked deeds. The Bible says he was buried by his sons Isaac
  14. Medications were used in the comparative clinical trials. Aspirin alleviates, pain ,in 60–75 % of patients with episodic tension headaches. It is equivalent to
  15. Oxycodone. A combination of aspirin and caffeine, in general, affords greater, pain ,relief than aspirin alone. Effervescent aspirin alleviates pain much faster
  16. The region where pleasure had meaning for her. She could only feel through, pain , and my own means of making her happy was to inflict physical cruelties as she
  17. Swabs soaked with honey to prevent infection, while opium was used to relieve, pain , Garlic and onions were used regularly to promote good health and were thought
  18. And signs of any kind of inflammatory process are redness, heat,swelling, pain ,and loss of function. Abscesses may occur in any kind of solid tissue but most
  19. Of the rage, of Pele us' son Achilles: the accursed rage, which brought, pain ,to thousands of the Achaeans. Achilles' consuming rage is at some times
  20. Was almost incredible; I believe a speck of dust would have caused him more, pain ,than a bullet wound. Yet this quaint dandified little man who, I was sorry to
  21. Aspirin is used for the treatment of a number of conditions including: fever, pain , rheumatic fever, inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis
  22. Gastrointestinal toxicity. The maximum dose of aspirin (1 g) provides weaker, pain ,relief than an intermediate dose of ibuprofen (400 mg),and this relief does
  23. Aesthetic contemplation allows one to escape, albeit temporarily, this, pain , because it stops one perceiving the world as mere presentation. Instead, one no
  24. Is effective for chronic low back pain . Conducting research on low back, pain ,is unusually problematic since most patients have experienced" conventional
  25. Certain acids are used as drugs. Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) is used as a, pain ,killer and for bringing down fevers. Acids play very important roles in the
  26. Combination. According to a 1998 meta-analysis of clinical trials for menstrual, pain , aspirin demonstrated higher efficacy than placebo, but lower than ibuprofen or
  27. In general, aspirin works well for dull, throbbing pain ; it is ineffective for, pain ,caused by most muscle cramps, bloating,gastric distension, and acute skin
  28. Of a public mourning. Doors recounts that Alexander was struck down with, pain ,after downing a large bowl of unmixed wine in honor of Hercules, and died
  29. Means" pain less, without sorrow" in Sanskrit (the privatized and soda ", pain , distress" ). In his edicts, he is referred to as (Pale or" The Beloved Of
  30. From bias. Whether needling at acupuncture points, or at any site, reduces, pain , independently of the psychological impact of the treatment ritual is unclear. "
  31. Published his belief that needling has been successful in treating some, pain ,in the acupuncture journal Medical Acupuncture, which is reviewed by other
  32. For Schopenhauer, human desiring," willing," and craving cause suffering or, pain , A temporary way to escape this pain is through aesthetic contemplation (a
  33. Gastric distension, and acute skin irritation. The most studied example is, pain ,after surgery, such as tooth extraction, for which the highest allowed dose of
  34. Later it was found that the patients selected for the surgery had both a high, pain ,tolerance and received heavy indoctrination before the operation; these
  35. Affords greater pain relief than aspirin alone. Effervescent aspirin alleviates, pain ,much faster than aspirin in tablets (15–30 min vs. 45–60 min). Nevertheless
  36. Effective for some but not all conditions. " A 2011 review of the literature on, pain ,concluded" numerous systematic reviews have generated little truly convincing
  37. An emergency appendectomy under standard anesthesia. Reston experienced, pain ,relief from the acupuncture and wrote it in The New York Times. In 1973 the
  38. Safe as surgical abortion in the first trimester, but is associated with more, pain ,and a lower success rate (requiring surgical abortion). Overall, the risk of
  39. Was still recovering from an ankle injury and also suffering from back and leg, pain ,and lack of match play. Agassi withdrew from the Australian Open because of the
  40. Studies testing acupuncture’s effectiveness. A peer-reviewed medical journal on, pain ,published an article stating that" acupuncture is a pain ful and unpleasant
  41. Not be made too sharp to prevent breakage, although blunt needles cause more, pain , Both peer-reviewed medical journals, and acupuncture journals reviewed by
  42. Willing," and craving cause suffering or pain . A temporary way to escape this, pain ,is through aesthetic contemplation (a method comparable to Zapffe's "
  43. Versus modern antivomiting medication. There is moderate evidence that for neck, pain , acupuncture is more likely to be effective than sham treatment and offers
  44. And Kawasaki disease. Pain In general, aspirin works well for dull, throbbing, pain , ; it is ineffective for pain caused by most muscle cramps, bloating,gastric
  45. Little truly convincing evidence that acupuncture is effective in reducing, pain , ". Several review articles discussing the effectiveness of acupuncture have
  46. Nixon during the visit, received acupuncture in China for post-operative, pain ,after undergoing an emergency appendectomy under standard anesthesia. Reston
  47. Found fair evidence that acupuncture is effective for chronic low back, pain , Conducting research on low back pain is unusually problematic since most
  48. Include heart palpitations, muscle weakness and tension, fatigue,nausea, chest, pain , shortness of breath, stomach aches, or headaches. The body prepares to deal
  49. Produced in the body and have diverse effects, including the transmission of, pain ,information to the brain, modulation of the hypothalami thermostat, and
  50. Bowel syndrome, induction of childbirth, rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder, pain , schizophrenia, smoking cessation, acute stroke, stroke rehabilitation, tennis

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