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  1. As an add-on. Along with the built-in floppy drive, the Apple III could also, handle ,up to three additional external Disk III floppy disk drives. The Disk III was
  2. The A-135. The Gorgon (SH-11/ABM-4) long-range missile was designed to, handle ,intercepts outside the atmosphere, and the Gazelle (SH-08/ABM-3) short-range
  3. Chosen by lot. There were two main categories in this group: those required to, handle ,large sums of money, and the 10 generals, the strategy. One reason that
  4. Left side facing the target, sight towards the target with their right eye and, handle ,the arrow and string with their right hand. Modern form To shoot an arrow, an
  5. Banks, such as the 1,000 or so hawaladars in Pakistan, some of which can, handle ,deals of up to $10 million. It also provides air tickets and false passports
  6. In BASIC, with a single parameter * Error-trapping, allowing BASIC programs to, handle ,unexpected errors by means of a subroutine written in BASIC Conversely
  7. Representation (an opaque record). Typedef stack_Rep *stack’T; /* Type:, handle ,to a stack instance (an opaque pointer). Typedef void *stack_Item; /* Type:
  8. Can systemize—that is, they can develop internal rules of operation to, handle ,events inside the brain—but are less effective at empathizing by handling
  9. To simplify the design. The fire selector acts as a dust cover for the charging, handle ,raceway when placed on safe. This prevents intrusion of dust and other debris
  10. On-line. Weighted incremental algorithm The algorithm can be extended to, handle ,unequal sample weights, replacing the simple counter n with the sum of weights
  11. And small packet switched networking. It was designed for a network that must, handle ,both traditional high-throughput data traffic (e.g., file transfers),and
  12. Directs each province. This person is chosen by the Algerian President to, handle ,the PPA's decisions. The administrative divisions have changed several times
  13. And to handle the sales and marketing plan, and Amway Services Corporation to, handle ,insurance and other benefits for distributors (Amway being an abbreviation of
  14. Eight times respectively. Because their methods of calculation could not, handle ,most fractions with a numerator greater than one, they had to write fractions
  15. And has the ability to cater for the Airbus A380. The airport is designed to, handle ,27 aircraft simultaneously and is capable of processing 3,000 passengers per
  16. People wanting him to explain" that theory ". He finally figured out a way to, handle ,the incessant inquiries. He told his inquirers" Pardon me, sorry! Always I am
  17. Actually has ended the game. Corner Cases These conditions can be used to, handle ,unusual situations. # Replacing permanently unplayable tiles - Per 1999 rules
  18. Has also created some special judicial bodies known as Article I tribunals to, handle ,some areas of administrative law. The actions of executive agencies and
  19. A defendant has been convicted and can prove that his lawyer did not adequately, handle ,his case and that there is a reasonable probability that the result of the
  20. Purpose, the solution of systems of simultaneous linear equations. It could, handle ,systems with up to twenty-nine equations, a difficult problem for the time.
  21. Culture and Service Magistrate" and" Children and Youth Magistrate" and, handle ,all the day-to-day operations of the city. Aarhus is the seat of Aarhus
  22. Of the sputtered material, i. e., the element of interest. Most lamps will, handle ,a handful of elements,i.e. 5-8. A typical machine will have two lamps, one
  23. Members from six districts. The council in turn selects a City Manager to, handle ,day-to-day affairs of the city. The mayor presides over and is a voting member
  24. It lacked a built-in display and battery. The IIC even sported a carrying, handle ,that folded down to prop the machine up into a typing position. It was the
  25. Core, the Amiga has a custom chipset consisting of several coprocessors, which, handle , audio,video and direct memory access independently of the Central Processing
  26. Of New South Wales. * In 1931 over economic issues revolving around how best to, handle ,the Great Depression. The ALP was essentially split three ways, between those
  27. Formed Amway Sales Corporation to procure and inventory products and to, handle ,the sales and marketing plan, and Amway Services Corporation to handle
  28. Scheduled flights to or from continental America or Europe the airport can, handle ,large narrow-body jets such as the Boeing 737 and Boeing 757. Regular ferries
  29. Gravity, but later estimated it actually went. Mitchell then used a lunar scoop, handle ,as a javelin, creating the first 'Lunar Olympics '. Before the flight, backup
  30. They saw White on the television monitors, reaching for the inner hatch release, handle ,as flames in the cabin spread from left to right and licked the window. Only 17
  31. Webb went to President Lyndon Johnson and asked that NASA be allowed to, handle ,the accident investigation and direct the recovery from the accident. He
  32. The Arabic text using the Latin script, sometimes known as IM Arabic. To, handle ,those Arabic letters that cannot be accurately represented using the Latin
  33. Who could fly an aircraft. The" Common Strategy" approach was not designed to, handle ,suicide hijackings, and the hijackers were able to exploit a weakness in the
  34. Shorter-range missile called Sprint with very high acceleration was added to, handle ,warheads that evaded longer-ranged Spartan. Sprint was a very fast missile (
  35. Became viable in the area once the grain trade had developed technologies to, handle ,the bulk export of grain, especially hopper cars and grain elevators. Oil and
  36. Or each state (in functional-style definitions) is usually represented by a, handle ,of some sort. Modern object-oriented languages, such as C++ and Java, support a
  37. By any consideration save budgetary, and the ships have increased in size to, handle ,the larger aircraft. The large, modern of United States Navy carriers has a
  38. Operator depressing the magazine catch and removing the magazine. The charging, handle ,is pulled to the rear and the operator inspects the chamber to verify the
  39. Like kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth) it became safer and more convenient to, handle , and this mixture he patented in 1867 as 'dynamite '. Nobel demonstrated his
  40. AGA) in 1992. Each chipset consists of several coprocessors which, handle ,raster graphics, digital audio, direct memory access and communication between
  41. Reaction. However, this cell also has some disadvantages. It is unsafe to, handle , as sulfuric acid, even if dilute, is dangerous. Also, the power of the cell
  42. State representation (an opaque record). Typedef stack_Rep *stack’T; /* Type:, handle ,to a stack state (an opaque pointer). Typedef void stack’T stack_empty (void
  43. Functioning government departments, such as a treasury. The Congress tried to, handle ,administrative affairs through legislative committees, which proved inefficient
  44. Itself. This also eliminated the need to design a single controller that could, handle ,many types of drives, since the controller could be unique for the
  45. Motrin. As of 2008 Andalusia has six public airports, all of which can legally, handle ,international flights; however the Málaga Airport is dominant, handling 60.67
  46. As hazardous; the emergency equipment (such as gas masks) were inadequate to, handle ,this type of fire; that fire, rescue and medical teams were not in attendance;
  47. Will have two lamps, one will take care of five elements and the other will, handle ,four elements for a total of nine elements analyzed. Electrodeless discharge
  48. After many years on KSLX-FM and DUS. Dave Patch, Ron Wolfe, and Paul Calais, handle ,the radio broadcast. Most preseason games are televised on KNXV, channel 15
  49. Rapidly. Beech craft, the tank subcontractor, did not upgrade the thermostat to, handle ,the higher voltage. The temperature sensor could not read above the highest
  50. Aberdour's harbor was improved by the addition of a stone pier to help, handle ,the coal traffic from nearby collieries. However, in the 1850s the traffic

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