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  1. Road (exit Babelsberg). Three Bundesstraße (German federal highways), cross , south of Babelsberg: B 16,B 299 and B 301. Public facilities Schools Babelsberg
  2. Of the Greek anthrōpoussōzōn Haiti nylon,“ saving mankind by the holy, cross , ” *Isaac de Beausobre derives Abraham from the Greek habros and SAO,“ the
  3. With the advent of recorded music and radio," Amazing Grace" began to, cross ,over from primarily a gospel standard to secular audiences. The ability to
  4. Years of computers (cf. short code, speedcode). * A cross -assembler (see, cross ,compiler) is functionally just an assembler. This term is used to stress that
  5. Flight, from Newfoundland to Ireland. *In 1921,the British were the first to, cross ,the North Atlantic in an airship. *In 1922,Sahara Cabral and Ago Mourinho
  6. Penalty for the sins of the elect is paid in full through Jesus's work on the, cross , Thus, Christ's atonement is intended for all, but requires faith to be
  7. Sims, welcomed the first priests in Aruba and received from them a wooden, cross ,as a gift. In 1508,Alonso de Ojeda was appointed as Spain's first Governor of
  8. Musician (10,000 Maniacs) (d. 2000) * 1958 – Tor Halon Hole, Norwegian, cross , country skier * 1958 – Michael Penn, American singer and songwriter * 1958 –
  9. The name from a ford nearby where previously abbots of Melrose Abbey used to, cross ,the river. Scott then built additions to the house and made it into a mansion
  10. Dates from the early years of computers (cf. short code, speedcode). * A, cross ,assembler (see cross -compiler) is functionally just an assembler. This term
  11. The status of a suffragan of the patriarch of Jerusalem, with the right to a, cross ,but not to a mite nor a ring ". It long maintained its rigid austerity, until
  12. S burial site. While the two are heading a caravan from Allah, Oman,they, cross ,the border into Yemen and find the unexplored desert area that the Necronomicon
  13. Threatening pests such as the navel orange worm. AS researchers have managed to, cross ,breed the pest-resistant Too tree with California’s attractive Nonpareil tree
  14. And the Karakul and Gobi deserts formed barriers that the steppe horsemen could, cross ,only with difficulty. While the urban city dwellers were more advanced
  15. An old man catching fireflies on the porch at night watched the Herd Boy, cross ,the Milky Way to meet the Weaving Girl ... How can we war against that? " (
  16. Eventually reaching the Pacific Ocean, and so he became the first white man to, cross ,the North American continent north of Mexico. The extreme southernmost portion
  17. Same habit as his fellow monks, though by tradition he adds to it a pectoral, cross , Territorial abbots follow all of the above, but in addition must receive a
  18. Entire cell membrane that is constantly immersed in water. Excess water can, cross ,into the cytosol. Amoebas have a contractile vacuole to expel excess water.
  19. Days and 4,767 kilometers (2,962 mi),Tori Murder became the first woman to, cross ,the Atlantic Ocean by rowboat alone when she reached Guadeloupe from the Canary
  20. German musician, artist,and record producer *1942 – Galena Lakota, Soviet, cross , country skier * 1944 – Richard Kline, American actor and director *1945 – Tammi
  21. Spirit prison (1 Peter 3:18-20) and opened the gate for those who repent to, cross ,over to Paradise. " --- what Jesus’ immortal spirit did after His death and
  22. And fungi. Fission The isotope 242m1Am (half-life 141 years) has the largest, cross ,sections for absorption of thermal neutrons (5,700 barns),that results in a
  23. Real-time. An applet can also be a text area only, providing,for instance,a, cross ,platform command-line interface to some remote system. If needed, an applet can
  24. Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa. Roads Alabama has five major interstate roads that, cross ,the state: I-65 runs north–south roughly through the middle of the state;
  25. Is water. Ames is located on Interstate 35,U. S. Route 30 & 69,and the, cross ,country line of the Union Pacific Railroad, located roughly north of the state
  26. Inverted catenary arch shapes form perfect compression structures. The large, cross ,at the Park's high-point offers the most complete view of Barcelona and the
  27. When leading her community. The abbess also traditionally adds a pectoral, cross ,to her habit as a symbol of office. Abbesses are, like abbots, major superiors
  28. By two towers, rising from a stately flight of steps bearing a large stone, cross , To the south of the church lay the cloister-court, of immense size, placed
  29. http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/16ed/index.htm iron/runic, cross ,) character and the" ⏨" ( http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U2300.pdf Decimal
  30. Devil's Island is permanently closed. *1961 – Ida Riemann died attempting to, cross ,the Berlin Wall. *1962 – An attempt to assassinate French president Charles de
  31. Operations are non-associative; one common example would be the vector, cross ,product. Definition Formally, a binary operation *\! \! \! On a set S is called
  32. Palaces," the notion of forming such terraces in the streets not one likely to, cross ,the brain of a Parisian of that generation ". But it was generally neglected in
  33. In an airship. *In 1922,Sahara Cabral and Ago Mourinho were the first to, cross ,the South Atlantic in an airship. *In 1927,Charles Lindbergh made the first
  34. 1919,the American NC-4 became the first fixed-wing aircraft (seaplane) to, cross ,the Atlantic (though it made a couple of landings on islands and the sea along
  35. Nazarene, Gabon. His grave, on the banks of the Goose River, is marked by a, cross ,he made himself. His grandniece Anne-Marie Schweitzer Sartre was the mother of
  36. While these curb cuts enable pedestrians with mobility impairments to, cross ,the street, they also aid parents with carriages and strollers, shoppers with
  37. Upper jaw were much smaller than the rest, more closely packed, and D-shaped in, cross ,section. William L. Abler observed in 2001 that Albertosaurus tooth serrations
  38. Tobago, on a self made raft. *In 1980,Gérard d'Whoville was the first man to, cross ,the Atlantic Ocean rowing. *In 1984,Five Argentines sail in a 10 meters long
  39. The Atlantic Ocean. * In 1969 and 1970 Thor Heyerdahl launched expeditions to, cross ,the Atlantic in boats built from papyrus. He succeeded in cross ing the Atlantic
  40. Rounded feature to the left of center, terminating at the top in a turret and, cross , represents the lance of Saint George (patron saint of Catalonia,Gaudi's
  41. Signal instruments in valleys throughout Europe may indicate a long history of, cross ,influences regarding their construction and usage. Construction and qualities
  42. Field and saw the sheep but was stopped by a river-god, whose river she had to, cross ,to enter the field. He told her the sheep were mean and vicious and would kill
  43. The Preface or all of the Eucharistic Prayer. High Anglicans may genuflect or, cross ,themselves in the same way as Roman Catholics. Until the mid-20th century the
  44. Hakadōs; Siberia APO you (“ Father, Son,Spirit, holy; salvation from the, cross ,”). *According to a note of Isaac de Beausobre’s, Jean Hardwood accepted the
  45. Run an assembler itself, as is typically the case for small embedded systems. A, cross ,assembler must provide for or interface to facilities to transport the code to
  46. Also exists in heraldry the" Anchored Cross ", or Mariner's Cross, a stylized, cross ,in the shape of an anchor. The symbol can be used to signify 'fresh start' or
  47. Born one day before Apollo, on the island of Ortega and that she helped Let, cross ,the sea to Demos the next day to give birth to Apollo. Apollo was born on the
  48. Two straight, parallel conductors of infinite length and negligible circular, cross ,section placed one meter apart in a vacuum ". In terms of Ampère's force law
  49. The intersection; the third, sixth and ninth of these lines are marked with a, cross ,where they intersect with the vertical line. Roman abacus The normal method of
  50. Hague Convention. Thus, most Affidavits now require being Apostilled if used for, cross ,border issues. Ireland Affidavits are made similarly as to England and

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