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  1. Valued up to $100,000. Local political communities have often worked on issues, related ,to land use development, fishing,tourism, and individual rights. Alaska
  2. Executive function deficits have not been found in young autistic children. A, related ,theory—enhanced perceptual functioning—focuses more on the superiority of
  3. And at least four workers were killed. Eight anarchists directly and indirectly, related ,to the organizers of the rally were arrested and charged with the murder of the
  4. Changes. All known teratogens (agents that cause birth defects), related , to the risk of autism appear to act during the first eight weeks from
  5. That the concept was known. The Persian word for asphalt is room, which is, related ,to the English word mummy. Asphalt was also used by ancient Egyptians to embalm
  6. Of Afroasiatic to these other languages, but he considered it more distantly, related ,to them than they were to each other, grouping instead these other languages in
  7. Technique is a partitioning of the total sum of squares S into components, related ,to the effects used in the model. For example, we show the model for a
  8. And paper tapes when they are used in computer operations. All computers and, related ,equipment configurations brought into the Federal Government inventory on and
  9. May have a standard agreed-upon meaning. This form of ambiguity is closely, related ,to vagueness. Linguistic ambiguity can be a problem in law (see Ambiguity (
  10. Who searched a simple material-form behind the appearances of things, also, related , to the older animism, to the metaphysical theory of Pythagoras who believed
  11. Organisms) illustrate the complexity and importance of this debate. Fields or, related ,disciplines Alchemy is an ancient tradition, the primary objective of which was
  12. Gene replacement studies in mice suggest that autistic symptoms are closely, related ,to later developmental steps that depend on activity in synapses and on
  13. Have risen while the costs attributed to farming have declined. This is, related ,to the greater efficiency of farming, combined with the increased level of
  14. Academy Awards in any year. The form includes the production credits for all, related ,categories. Then, each form is checked and put in a Reminder List of Eligible
  15. Adverse effects, Experiments in mice have reversed or reduced some symptoms, related ,to autism by replacing or modulating gene function, Although many alternatives
  16. The application of agronomic research. *Agronomy is research and development, related ,to studying and improving plant-based agriculture. Agricultural sciences
  17. Such as physics, geology,and engineering, whose research interests are closely, related ,to astronomy. The International Astronomical Union comprises almost 10,145
  18. Level of fossil fuels. Here, algae based fuels hold great promise, directly, related , to the potential to produce more biomass per unit area in a year than any other
  19. Of avoiding ambiguity, especially lexical ambiguity. Lojban and Logan are two, related ,languages which have been created with this in mind, focusing chiefly on
  20. Are nevertheless given decent burials in the orchard, with a cover story given, related ,to their deaths.; The Cows: Their milk is stolen by the pigs, who learn to milk
  21. Intellectuals, free love and birth control advocates (see Anarchism and issues, related ,to love and sex),individualist naturists nudists (see anarcho-naturism)
  22. 2003,a three-disc DVD set containing all of NASA's TV and 16 mm film footage, related ,to the mission including all TV transmissions from space, training and launch
  23. Years ago. Etymology and study is obscure. Although some speculate that it is, related ,to Latin Alger," be cold ", there is no known reason to associate seaweed
  24. Agronomy, research in agronomy, more than in any other field, is strongly, related ,to local areas. It can be considered a science of ecoregions, because it is
  25. Burrowing habits (similar origin to the name groundhog). The aardvark is not, related ,to the pig; rather, it is the sole recent representative of the obscure
  26. On the background of the person using the term. Also, confusions may be, related ,with the use of atomic percent as measure of concentration of a do pant, or
  27. Examples of Assistive technology in architecture include the curb cut is a, related ,structural innovation. Other examples are standing frames, text telephones
  28. The etymology is uncertain, but a strong candidate has long been some word, related ,to the Biblical פוך (UK)," paint" ( if not that word itself),a cosmetic
  29. A science" of the outside ". In Italy, the development of ethnology and, related ,studies did not receive as much attention as other branches of learning.
  30. The laboring classes of both" worlds ". He abolishes practices and traditions, related ,to the Revolution, and changes the name of the farm to" The Manor Farm ". The
  31. Sometimes included in the Labyrinthodontia, which may actually be more closely, related ,to amniotic than Lissamphibia) * Subclass Lissamphibia (frogs, toads
  32. Five tens etc., essentially in a bi-quinary coded decimal system, obviously, related , to the Roman numerals. The short grooves on the right may have been used for
  33. Activated: the subgenus cortex/septal region. These structures are intimately, related ,to social attachment and bonding in other species. Altruism, the experiment
  34. Trace it to Layer, the Maghreb Arabic and Berber for" Algeria" possibly, related ,to the Aired Dynasty King IRI ibn-Manad and founder of the city of Algiers
  35. Shared vocabulary. This means that a language may appear to be more distantly, related ,than it actually is due to language contact, so it is only a starting point for
  36. Sole surviving genus in the family Orycteropodidae. The aardvark is not closely, related ,to the South American anteater, despite sharing some characteristics and a
  37. Heavy industry and mining were the basis of the economy. Industrial development, related ,to the demands of World War II brought prosperity. And the Voting Rights Act of
  38. And allegorize alchemical transmutation. These included the pantheon of gods, related ,to the Classical planets, Isis,Osiris, Jason,and many others. The central
  39. By the need to produce theories compatible with evolutionary origins. Two, related ,strands of research on altruism have emerged out of traditional evolutionary
  40. A 14 % average loss of annual income in families of children with ASD, and a, related ,study found that ASD is associated with higher probability that child care
  41. And plant anatomy (photocopy). In some of its facets' anatomy is closely, related ,to embryology, comparative anatomy and comparative embryology, through common
  42. Science, physical science or mathematics, as well as at least three years of, related ,professional experience (graduate work or studies) and an advanced degree (
  43. Grants have been controversial due to their requiring research or teaching, related ,to Rand. Selected works Alain Cones (born 1 April 1947) is a French
  44. Austin Automobile Company, short-lived American automobile company (not, related ,to the Austin Motor Company or American Austin) *Austin (brand),a brand
  45. Of political science. More problematic are words whose senses express closely, related ,concepts. “ Good,” for example, can mean" useful" or" functional" ( That’s
  46. Space cleanliness—primarily roadway and adjacent litter removals—from state and, related ,efforts. Ports Alabama has one seaport in Mobile on the Gulf of Mexico. The
  47. With collective use of the means of production, organised democratically, and, related , to other communes through federation. While some anarchist communists favor
  48. Of sociocultural processes. Linguistic anthropologists often draw on, related ,fields including sociolinguistics, pragmatics,cognitive linguistics, semiotics
  49. The figures may have an armature or wire frame inside them, similar to the, related ,puppet animation (below),that can be manipulated in order to pose the
  50. In whom systemizing is better than empathizing; These theories are somewhat, related ,to the earlier theory of mind approach, which hypothesizes that autistic

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