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  1. 1,2010,Aon replaced troubled American insurance company AIG as the principal, sponsor ,of the club. The Aon logo is prominently displayed on the front of the club's
  2. In nature, about products (goods & services) or ideas by identified, sponsor ,through various media. (Arenas 1996) #Any paid form of non-personal
  3. Hero, the film was a failure both financially and critically. ABEL was the main, sponsor ,of the 1996 Miss World beauty pageant, Bangalore but lost millions. The fiasco
  4. About an organization, product,service, or idea from an identified, sponsor , (Beech & Beech 1998) #Paid non-personal communication from an identified
  5. The stadium was linked with a non-existent bank. In February 2010 a new main, sponsor ,was found: construction works service provider BUBO from Beverwijk. A year
  6. It would cut its 1850 workforce by 600. On 16.9.2011 Aston Martin became head, sponsor ,of German soccer club 1860 Munich. 2009—Return to Le Mans In January 2009,it
  7. The Center includes galleries, art classes, art studios, and retail shop. They, sponsor ,the local street fair, The Octagon Arts Festival. Also have the Annual National
  8. VIP and sponsor and media facilities will remain in place. In October 2009, sponsor , DSB Bank was declared bankrupt. The stadium name temporarily changed from DSB
  9. Two weeks. Shortly thereafter, at the urging of Peasant, who had become their, sponsor , they traveled to Chicago to attend a Nutritive seminar. The meeting was at a
  10. Took over as official shirt sponsor , also taking over duties as stadium, sponsor , The current external name of the ground is AFAR Station. Honors: Winners (2
  11. Facility *Clean and Sober – a cocaine addict visits an AA meeting to get a, sponsor ,*The Answer Man – AA meeting at 0:59 (" burning desire "," newcomer" ) *When
  12. Stayed off the air for seven months, creating a legal battle with Kraft, his, sponsor , that was settled out of court. Crosby returned to the air for the last 13
  13. Emirates Stadium until at least 2012,and the airline will be the club's shirt, sponsor ,until the end of the 2013–14 season. Arsenal's players train at the Sheila
  14. Sign off on the system as satisfying the contract (previously agreed between, sponsor ,and manufacturer),and deliver final payment. User acceptance testing User
  15. Allowing the buying and selling of shares in the ETF directly with the fund, sponsor , ETFs trade in the open market, with prices set by market demand. An ETF may
  16. In AA benefit as much, if not more, from their relationship than do those they, sponsor , Helping behaviors correlate with increased abstinence and lower probabilities
  17. Motor sport BMW sponsor s many other sports beyond motorsport. It is an official, sponsor ,of the London 2012 Olympics providing 4000 BMWs and Minis in a deal made in
  18. First season's episodes, complete with their original theme music and opening, sponsor ,plugs. Vol. 1 has, among its bonus features, the alternate, un-aired version of
  19. May market products directly to potential customers and may also recruit (, sponsor ,) and train other people to become IBO's. Each IBO may earn income both from the
  20. Just air, that this is no time for talk, but for action. Global Progress is a, sponsor ,of the Equalization of Opportunity Bill. *Gerald and Ivy Stares are the two
  21. Is a banking program just launched by ABN AFRO who wanted it to be the shirt, sponsor ,for one match. The shirts have been manufactured by Umbra (1989–2000) and
  22. AMD Athlon X2 chips in their desktop line-up in September 2006. AMD is also a, sponsor ,of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro F1 Team since 2002 and the Discovery Channel
  23. To the 2011-12 season, Amway signed a three-year deal to be the presenting, sponsor ,of the National Hockey League's Detroit Red Wings. Politics and culture
  24. Backs of event tickets and supermarket receipts. Any place an" identified ", sponsor ,pays to deliver their message through a medium is advertising. Digital
  25. 2K Tour, was considered a prelude to her future world tour. The leg's main, sponsor ,was Got Milk?. Media director Peter Gardiner explained," Britney is magic with
  26. World based on brokerage revenue. Aon is known internationally as the principal, sponsor ,of the English Premier League team Manchester United. Aon was created in 1982
  27. Off their boards and checkers. Cigarette, liquor and car companies began to, sponsor ,tournaments and Hugh Hefner held backgammon parties at the Playboy Mansion.
  28. Beech & Beech 1998) #Paid non-personal communication from an identified, sponsor ,using mass media to persuade influence an audience. (Wells, Burnett,& Moriarty
  29. To each question, the catechumen, or,in the case of an infant, the parents and, sponsor ,(s) (godparent (s) ) in his or her place, answers " I do. " Then the
  30. Having one's advertising agency actually writing the show. The single, sponsor ,model is much less prevalent now, a notable exception being the Hallmark Hall
  31. Advertising campaign to be shown before her performances began. The secondary, sponsor ,was Polaroid and the corporation released the Polaroid I-Zone as the official
  32. In the United States. However, it was still a common practice to have single, sponsor ,shows, such as The United States Steel Hour. In some instances the sponsor s
  33. See List of Dutch football transfers summer 2011 Out on loan Stadium and, sponsor ,AZ play their home games at the AFAR Station, located in the southern part of
  34. Channel Pro Cycling Team since 2004,in 2009 AMD also became the jersey, sponsor ,of the US expansion team Austin Aztec FC. In June 2011,HP announced new
  35. With the caption," The official candy bar of Major League Baseball, and proud, sponsor ,of the Chicago Cubs. " Continuing the baseball-oriented theme, during the
  36. United F. C. and CA Boca Juniors will compete against each other. Audi also, sponsor ,the New York Yankees as well. In October 2010 they agreed to a three
  37. Start in July. On May 12, 1999,Tommy Hilfiger was announced as the main tour, sponsor , During the time of the announcement, Spears was being featured in the "
  38. Of the marketing communication mix that is non-personal paid for an identified, sponsor , & disseminated through channels of mass communication to promote the adoption
  39. At Lafayette. Many of the SIG's, like DIGRAPH, SIGPLAN, SIGCSE and SITCOM, sponsor ,regular conferences which have become famous as the dominant venue for
  40. With Europe are reestablished, and the death of this antipope and his secular, sponsor , his followers are reconciled with the Church. * Ralph McInerny's novel The
  41. Later, in the season 2010–11,AFAR ERP Software took over as official shirt, sponsor , also taking over duties as stadium sponsor . The current external name of the
  42. Museum of Art and New York's Grand Central Terminal. BMW was the principal, sponsor ,of the 1998 The Art of the Motorcycle exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim
  43. Team Luna Ross during the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series and also is the primary, sponsor ,of the Merges 20 sailboat. Further, Audi sponsor s the regional teams ERC
  44. For a period of at least seven years. On 1 April 2007,Ajax wore a different, sponsor ,for the match against Heracles Almelo: Florins. Florins is a banking program
  45. And by ABN AFRO from 1991 to 2008. ARGON has replaced ABN AFRO as the new head, sponsor ,for a period of at least seven years. On 1 April 2007,Ajax wore a different
  46. To three of the four stands. The main stand with all technical areas, VIP and, sponsor ,and media facilities will remain in place. In October 2009 sponsor DSB Bank was
  47. May either be rejected or accepted on conditions previously agreed between the, sponsor ,and the manufacturer. The objective is to provide confidence that the delivered
  48. Presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified, sponsor , (Kohler et al.,2006) History Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages
  49. Is generally regarded as the father of mass production. He was not. He was the, sponsor ,of it. " As a result of these developments in method,Ford's cars came off the
  50. Persuasive message carried by a non-personal medium & paid for by an identified, sponsor ,whose organization or product is identified in some way. (Sigmund & D'amino

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