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  1. He would play and sing during lunchtime, and was often teased as a" trashy ", kid ,who played hillbilly music. The family was by then living in a largely African
  2. Of this consummate superhero. The guy has been Batman's partner since he was a, kid , he's led the Teen Titans, and he's trained with everybody in the DC Universe
  3. Style:" 'grind core' was a legendarily stupid term coined by a hyperactive, kid ,from the West Midlands, and it had nothing to do with us whatsoever. ENT were
  4. Common as having brown eyes .... And in that small world, we talk openly and we, kid ,each other a lot. But in the larger world, gayness is controversial ... and so
  5. To Camp," didn't cost a dime in taxes and never had. I pointed out that a, kid ,could enjoy Sesame Street without learning how to read, but he couldn't enjoy
  6. The West End of London during casting for Oliver!. Foster said," I've got the, kid , " Jones then became more interested in being in show business and appeared to
  7. That vindictive 'We've suffered, and now we're going to take money from your, kid ,and watch you squirm' ... There's a minority which is an open target in this
  8. That there was a kid on the spaceship. Alas. — Will Wheaton, who played" the, kid ," Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation * I think it's a chillingly
  9. The U. S. version (e.g., Taichi having an adolescent's voice instead of a, kid ,'s) or completely original to the dubbing crew (e.g.,Gabumon's deep
  10. The problem. When we worked together it was my first film up, and I was the new, kid ,on the block. But we made a good movie. " Ford said of Scott in 2000:" I
  11. There, Lynch stated that" We lived cheap, but the city was full of fear. A, kid ,was shot to death down the street … We were robbed twice, had windows shot out
  12. Written by her sister Laura said," David was an upper-middle-class Cincinnati, kid ,who had studied communications at Notre Dame. ... and had joined the Peace
  13. This day I don't think that it was alcohol or depression. ... was like a bad, kid ,running around with ADD. " Spears lost physical custody of her children to
  14. She is certainly capable of taking her clothes off, crowdsurfing, grabbing some, kid ,and pulling them onstage — and rarely does it seem like artifice. " Love has
  15. Just so he could kinda crawl inside my head and see what actually made a, kid ,tick. " The final thing he realized of Bill's real-life father's death in
  16. Nobody wants to be the weird kid ; you just somehow end up being the weird, kid , It's kind of like that, but with metal you have all the weird kid s in one
  17. Father, and desperately wanted to play the part, feeling it would" fit like a, kid ,glove ". Ben Cross, who plays Harold Abrahams, was discovered while playing
  18. Since Harrison was the youngest member of the group, he was looked upon as a, kid ,by the others for another few years. Harrison left school at 16 and worked as
  19. Chests buried on the beach. Here, the name" Kidd" is a pun to the word ", kid ,", a slang term that has come to mean" child ". * In Cornea, Ontario,Canada
  20. It is quite common to eat and enjoy a dish known as Cabrini all Astor (roast, kid ,or goat) in the province of Córdoba. Northwest and CUO This region is
  21. At USC, I was a socialist myself — but not when I left. The average college, kid ,idealistically wishes everybody could have ice cream and cake for every meal.
  22. Slaves. Now,I'm not condoning slavery. It's just a fact of life, like the, kid ,who gets infantile paralysis and has to wear braces so he can't play football
  23. Detective Comics #38 (April 1940) with the introduction of Robin,Batman's, kid ,sidekick. Robin was introduced, based on Finger's suggestion Batman needed a "
  24. In 1982,I was DJing at a club called The Playground and there was this, kid ,named Leonard 'Remix' Roy who was a DJ at a rival club called The Rink. He
  25. 1956),Ginsberg writes:" America I used to be a communist when I was a, kid ,I'm not sorry ...." Biographer Jonah Rankin has claimed that, despite his
  26. In Lois and Clark, Kent (Dean Cain) is a stereotypical wide-eyed farm, kid ,from Kansas with the charm, grace and humor of George Reeves, but without the
  27. And that metal is" outsider music for outsiders. Nobody wants to be the weird, kid ,; you just somehow end up being the weird kid . It's kind of like that, but with
  28. Together, the brothers remade movies they saw on television with a neighborhood, kid , Mark Simmering (" Tamers" ), as the star. Their first attempt was a romp
  29. Currently written with a lowercase id, which is pronounced as in" did" or ", kid ,", and is presented by the company as a reference to the id, a psychological
  30. M),born 3 November 2010. North American–born pandas *Thou (Nahuatl word for, kid ,), born 21 July 1981,died 16 November 1993; female. Chapultepec Zoo, Mexico
  31. Older son would serve the younger. She quickly ordered Jacob to bring her two, kid ,goats from their flock, so that he could take Esau's place in serving Isaac
  32. Election campaign:" What does the Conservative Party offer a working class, kid ,from Brixton? They made him Prime Minister. " Major was often mocked for his
  33. In hard work, later stating," It was good for me. I feel sorry for the, kid ,who has too cushy a time of it. Suddenly he has to come face-to-face with the
  34. Kane's preference for a solo Batman, and it sparked a proliferation of ", kid ,sidekicks. " The first issue of the solo spin-off series Batman was notable not
  35. anymore at all. It was such a great feeling, and not just because I was a, kid , It was a really hopeful time, and things were going up instead of going down.
  36. Video replay showed he was out. A tearful Joyce later said" I just cost that, kid ,a perfect game. I thought he beat the throw. I was convinced he beat the throw
  37. Album:" There's just something about that whole record that, when you're a, kid ,and you're turned onto it,it's like a whole different world. It just opens
  38. Have me play a freaky fanboy who keeps screaming at the actor who played" the, kid ," about how awful it was that there was a kid on the spaceship. Alas. — Will
  39. Necromancer had been his Wind In The Willows, that he'd read it when he was a, kid , I went to London and we met. " Gibson is also quoted in the article as saying
  40. The world out of vengeance. On the surface, an inventor named Gore Kabuki, his, kid , brother Romero and their friend Hiroshi Okinawa are off on an outing near a
  41. Extend for up to six hours. Based on the Biblical injunction against cooking a, kid ,in its mother's milk, this rule is mostly derived from the Oral Torah, the
  42. I know of no other country in the world" in which" a sixteen-year-old, kid , broke and unable to speak the language" could achieve the successes he had.
  43. At the actor who played" the kid " about how awful it was that there was a, kid ,on the spaceship. Alas. — Will Wheaton, who played" the kid " Wesley Crusher in
  44. Autobiography," recruiting Hobbes to take pictures of him doing stereotypical, kid ,activities like playing sports in order to make him seem more well-adjusted. In
  45. One of the popular ones, because of his easy-going way of this crazy little, kid , " Prior to Bixby's promotion as the director, Brandon said," He was looking
  46. Hokum in 1953,and in 1954,the introduction of Abner's enormous,long-lost, kid ,brother Tiny Hokum, who filled Abner's place as a bachelor in the annual Sadie
  47. League this year in saves, ERA,and hit batsmen. This guy once threw at his own, kid ,at a father-son game. " * Satirical newspaper The Onion ran a story entitled "
  48. The White Sox Wolf' that advertised the ‘ Silver and Black Pack ’, the team, kid ,'s club at the time. The team's current mascot is called Southpaw. Quick facts
  49. As the best of Nirvana's songs, and was quoted as saying about Cobain," the, kid ,has heart ". Patrick Süskind, whose novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
  50. A Lizzie. It's not like I ever aspired to be here, but thank you. When I was a, kid , my mother told me that if you could not be a good loser, then there's no way

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